Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My Trellis

I started making the flower trellis a few days ago, but then it got too hot to be working in the Shop. I had a couple large boards left from my last project, so I decided to cut them into two different size slat boards to make a trellis.
I had planted some climbing flowers beside my side porch and had planned on making the trellis over a week ago. But that idea got put on hold due to the wedding. Then we had thunderstorms and I don`t use my electric tools in those storms. I finally got the slat boards cut, primed and 2 layers of white paint. Then two days ago I headed to Curtis lumber for enough bolts, nuts and washers to connect the boards together. It was way to hot before I finished and then I noticed I had the last two upright slats in the opposite place from where they were meant to go. Thats what I get for wanting the tops of the slats to slope upward so the center slats were the highest.
So yesterday I went out real early and removed those two boards and re-screwed them where they belonged. Then it got so hot, I knew I better head back indoors.
So early this morning I headed off to Curtis again to buy some of those braces that are rounded in the center with a screw hole on each side. I had decided not to let the very bottom of the wood trellis touch the ground. I still had long bars left from when we sold yard ornaments and used them to put into the ground to hold the yard items upright. These were very long and from just one I was able to make 4 long posts to drive into the ground, but needed the attachment brackets to hold the bars to the back of the trellis in 4 different places. I can`t recall what these bars are really called professionally. They are like softer steel, round shaped and quite long when you buy them. It took a lot of work cutting them with a hacksaw, but once they were cut over half way I was able to bend them and finish the breaking.
Since I was able to bend the braces so they fit the bars snugly, I decided to only put them on with just the one screw and leave the other screw out. This way, I figure Ii should be able to slide the trellis up off the long bars and put it away for the winter. I figured that way the boards won`t be so apt to rot, since they don`t touch the ground to sit in any water and would be safely put awat thru the winter.
So, if all goes as I have planned maybe the trellis will last for as long as I am able to use it.
I had planted a package of mixed climbing flowers. Now i am waiting to see which kind is actually growing so good.
I also finally cut and painted the half round to fit in front of the tub. Then I cut the other piece of thin board ( like wallboard) and finished the back of the 4 shelf case I had built a couple years ago to hold canned goods. So, finally that is finished. I didn`t have enough to finish it back then. But I had enough left from making the paper basket top and the small cupboard in the bathroom. Seems there is always a use for left over pieces after a project is done.
Now, here I am with nothing planned to do next. But something always pops up that would be of help to me, so---
It might be cooler tomorrow. If it is then I need to go out and trim the grass around the flowers in the front yard and those along the front of the house where the riding tractor can`t do. My future son-in-law did the tractor grass cutting for me this last time.

du have a pic of the whole thing?
Dew drop, I haven`t taken a picture of it yet, but will when the flowers get tall enough to cling to the trellis slats and start to bloom. They are just starting to reach the bottom slats now. It isn`t anything fancy. I didn`t add any special cutout on it like I usually do. This trellis is just made of 6 wider slats going upward with 6 narrower slats going across the upright ones.
Thanks for stopping by.
Good for u dot. can u post a picture.I would like to make one for my grape vine.Good job.
that sounded like quite a bit of work but you managed to handle it. i knew you would though. you never seem to give up on any thing you start.
have a good one dot.
Dew Drop and Starry nights, I did take the picture of the trellis and posted it for you to see.

Mr Haney, Yes it was a job cutting a board down into the thin slats as the uprights are just 1 1/4 inches wide and the side slats were cut into slats just 3/4 inches wide. Thats why I decided to use bolts, washers and nuts and first drilled the holes. I was afraid that pounding in nails or brads might crack one of the narrow thin boards. The thickness of the wood I cut the slats from was only 1/2 inch thick. So the boards are 3/4 x 1/2 inch and 1 1/4 x 1/2. I made the trellis the width to fit the lingth of the porch and wanted the height to fit under the flowerbox so it wouldn`t look awful extending in front of the flowerbox.
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