Monday, July 10, 2006


My three day week-end and the Wedding.

We took off from home around 1:30 pm on Friday. We stands for my oldest daughter Linda and my middle daughter Theresa plus my youngest sister and myself. We arrived at the motel about 2 miles from my older sisters home around 5:30 - 6pm in the evening. We had stopped along the way for a bite to eat. Wearher wasn`t bad. Was a little hot out, but with the car being air-conditioned, we never had to worry about it. We only hit road construction once where we had a detour. it took us a bit out of the way, but we found our route again very easily. My daughter Theresa did all the driving and used her VW Golf which rides nice.

The motel we stayed in was nice and they also served breakfast each morning. Their breakfast consisted of your choice of food-- make your own waffles, english muffins, cinnamon or lemon filled danishes, cheerios cereal, - toppings were - butter, jam, cream cheese or maple syrup, -drinks were, apple juice, orange juice, fresh made coffee, tea bags or hot cocoa packets plus the hot water. Even a toaster to use. I would sure like to own one of their fast griddles for making waffles. You just poured in the fresh waffle mix, closed the cover over the waffle maker, took hold of the handle and turned it over once and when the light came on, it meant the waffle was cooked. Cooked real fast and tasted good. This surprised us because we figured the breakfast would just be a continental breakfast and just have a box of cereal, juice, coffee or tea and possible a Danish.
After breakfast we walked across the road to a Dollar Store and spent some money. Then we got ready and headed for the nephews Wedding. This wedding had origionally been planned for next April, but my brother-in- law ( nephew`s dad) has been quite sick so the nephew and his wife -to- be decided they wanted to rush the wedding date to be sure his dad would be able to attend their wedding. The wedding was held at 1pm at the home of this nephews brother. There was no way they could do much on such a short notice, but they had the yard all decorated real nice and a white arbor for them to stand by to say their wedding vows.

In this ceremony they did something I had never heard said before. The Minister added a part about a single rose. He told them to get 2 single roses and find one special place to lay them in their home on a small table. Then he said that anytime they had a dissagreement, before they day was over, one of them, or both of them should put a single rose in their special place to represent saying " I`m sorry". I had never before heard using the single rose for solving problems before. It might not solve the problem, but it might make for a peaceful talking out the problem between them.

After the nice wedding and the reception with way too much food as they always have at wedding receptions, their was the cake cutting and I was able to get many more pictures before the day was over. Best part for me was being able to get pictures with my older sister`s family all in one picture. Two of their sons and wifes live way off in N. Carolina which is 17 hours drive one way from where the wedding was held and even further from where I live. So, I don`t get to see them or their families very often. It has been years since Walt and I used to drive to N. Carolina to see our daughter-in-law and the grandchikdren and great grandchildren. Now that I am alone, I probably won`t be making that long trip anymore. I miss not going there to see everyone and my daughter-in-law has been on oxygen for a few years and also had triple by-pass heart surgery and i worry a lot about her.

Then after the reception it was back to the motel for the night.

Next morning we went to another store- called "Wise Buys" , where we got some more small items to bring back home. Tell you more about that in another post as this one is getting long.

They were having a large fair that day, but since my daughters car was already packed tight, we decided not to go to it. Couldn`t see getting tempted to buy something that we had no way to carry back home with us.
But we did head over to my older sisters home to visit with everyone. I left there being afraid it might be the last time I ever see my brother-in-law again. He looks so bad and is one wonderful fellow. I hate seeing someone that nice being soo bad off. I feel so bad for him and his wife ,children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He is so loved by all of them. it wouldn`t be the same there without him.

We left there to head home around 2:30 and arrived home before 6pm. We all had a great time and today I am a bit tired, but so glad I went. I could keep talking about the wedding and reception, and how great it was to see them all again, but then it would take twice as long to read about it. So, this tells a brief report of my three day week-end . OH, yes, the bride and her bridal party all wore beautiful dresses and the flower girl was so cute and the gentlemen and groom also looked great.

As they say, A good time was had by all!!

looks like u had a fun weekend.weddings are always fun.interesting thing about the roses.never heard it done before, maybe it will help to end a fight and go to bed without being mad at each other.
i think the rose thing is interesting. will try wen i get married ..... it is so warming to read ur posts, about the smallest pleasures of life.
It seems that you had real fun.

Enjoy yourself, dot
Yes, Starry night, we did have a nice time at the wedding. Thanks for dropping by me blog. I had never heard the rose used that way before this wedding.
Dew drop, it was even more impressive when it was being said during the ceremony. When my youngest daughter got married they used candles. First the bride and groom went up to the alter and each lit one candle. Then the grooms mother and I (brides mother) walked up together and we each picked up one of the lit candles and together we lit the single candle sitting between the two lit candles. This was supposed to represent the two families joining as one family thru our childrens marriage. I had never seen eiother the rose one or this candle one done before. Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks Jac. Hope you are also enjoying yourself on your vacation.
Thanks for stopping by.
Your breakfast sounds yummy! Looks like you had a great time.
Thanks Hillgrandmom, we did have a great time. When I first told one of my daughters that it said free breakfast, the daughter said she had never heard of a Super 8 Motel serving breakfast and we were surprised to see all they did have. We had figured it would be just cereal, maybe juice and coffee. We didn`t eat the free breakfast Sunday morning because a Nephew and his wife were taking us all to a nice restaurant for Breakfast before we left for home. This nephew lived in N. Carolina and was staying with his parents for a couple more days before going home. Another brother of his left for N. Carolina a few hours before we went to breakfast. It was their bro who got married. It was nice seeing them as we don`t get to see those two and their wives very often. There are 4 boys in this sister`s family, no daughters. My daughter Theresa was born on that sisters Birthday so I picked on her- telling her I would share my daughter as a Birthday present, but she had to stay living with me. LOL
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