Saturday, July 22, 2006


My Garden

Cucumbers, green lettuce on left middle under cuke leaves
tomatoes, growuing real tall but not doing good.
string beans are doing great
lettuce and peppers, already eaten most of this lettuce
a repeat- can`t remove without all of them being removed.

Jac asked to see pictures of my garden-- so Jac, here they are. Tomatoes are not doing very good this year. I think we had way too much rain. I have already canned 10 pints of string beans, have two more in the frig and ate one pint of them. I use pints instead of quarts and that way they don`t spoil before I get them eaten. Have more almost ready to be picked. Have brought in one cucumber and 4 more are getting large enough now. A few of the peppers are large enough, but letting them grow larger. Had two kinds of lettuce and have eaten a lot of both kinds.

My dad also has good garden back home. and he is so priud of that. he even shows off it to my mom ;) they hav kinda a competition in gardening
Thanks Mr Haney. I try. I miss the old large gardens where we grew lots more. One year we had enough potatoes to last us ( with 5 kids at the time) all the following winter, and how sweet the homegrown corn used to taste. Now, I can`t get up from the ground easily , but didn`t want to give up my gardening completely, so settled for using the earth boxes sitting up on a platform-- no bending down to care for it this way. One thing I forgot was to plant succhini and didn`t leave room to plant it. So, no succhini bread this time.
Hi Dew Drop, I think it is great that both your Mom and Dad love gardening. It is very good exercise and the fresh home grown vegetables are so much better and Healthier for you than those from a store. You never know what kind of sprays other farmers might have used on their gardens and you do know about your own garden. I am glad your parents have fun competing for the best garden. Gardening is less like work and more like enjoyment when we enjoy what we are doing.
Your garden is looking great.
I have cucumbersbut myu topmatoes need some time still and the are going to be big.
I have a story for you. I was at a friends place today and she took me to show me something she considers weird.
It seems that she has tomatoes growing her her flower bed in the back of the house and couldn't figure out why.
Then it clicked in,.
She uses compost from her composter and she must have had sone tomato scraps in there and they have now grown in the back LOL
You have a beautiful garden and a green thumb.
Thanks a lot walker. You just solved it for me. I have a tomato plant growing behind a flower plant in the flower bed that goes across the front of my house. I was wondering how it could have gotten there. And , yes, I did add soil from my compost before planting the flowers. I never would have thought of it starting from the compost soil if you hadn`t mentioned it. You are probably right. I was telling one of my sons about the tomato plant our front and when he showed up today I told him that a friend from Canada has solved it for me. Glad it also happened to your friend or I would still be wondering how it could have gotten there.
Thanks starry night. As I get older, my garden seems to be getting smaller, but I still enjoy growing some of my own vegetables. I just wish carrots and beets grew better in the boxes as I do miss them.
Wow ! That is a lovely collection.
Thanks Jac. Wish there was a way to keep cucumbers for a long time since they are growing so much faster than I could ever eat them. But, there are always others to give them to, so they won`t go to waste.
I bought some spray for the tomatoes last week and this week they seem to be doing much better. I don`t like using sprays, but guess I needed to this time. I have loads of cherry tomatoes since I took the pictures- now just have to have patience till they ripen. I also sprayed my apple tree again. And I added the fertilizer sticks aroung the apple tree. Hope it does some good.
I miss having a garden. Nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables.
I agree with you Nan. My standard is getting into bad shape, so I will need to build a new one before next summer. I re-inforced it to get thru this year, but had to set two of the earth boxes onto the ground and I prefer having them all up where I can reach them easier. I carry most of the wood in my car, but it takes too many 2x4`s to build the platform, so I will need to have someone pick them up with a truck- either my son or my future son-in-law.
Thanks for dropping by.
Is it an insecticide spray, dot ?

If the answer is positive, I want to make a suggestion.
Jac, It is a dusting type so you can put it just on what you want to and not hit everything else in the boxes. But, I still don`t like using it.I don`t have any bugs that I could just remove. this dusting is safer than most sprays.
Always willing to listen to any ideas others have. Thats how we get smarter, isn`t it? HaaHaa. We won`t live long enough to learn everything the hard way, so best to learn from others when we can.
ok. Here is it.
Buy a cheap plastic liquid sprayer.

dissolve some soap(cheap washing soap)in water, add some waste chewing tobacco in it. Fill enough water to cover tobaccos.
Boil it until the soup is dissolved in water and a colour changes to dark.
Filter the solution and spray it where ever you want. It is harmless and it does solve your pest problem.
Jac, I have read that one before, just never wanted to waste money on the chewing tobacco and I don`t have any friends or family that do buy it. Know I am wasting money on the spray, so probably wouldn`t be much different when you think of it.
Thanks for taking the time to tell me as I had forgotten it. Maybe it is time for me to drag out my old garden books I haven`t used in years and re-read them.
You just reminded me of when I worked at a Dept. store and used to take some soapy water and wash off all the plant leaves, both the real plants and the fake plants. They really were not in my dept., but when they were looking for someone to do it, I didn`t mind the extra work as long as I still had time to keep my own dept.looking neat and priced and filled up. I just asked that they don`t call me to the registers till i was finished cleaning the plants.
Thanks again. Always interested in learning new ideas, or even be reminded of some I had forgotten about. Like when an Uncle used to blow his pipe smoke into my aching ears and how the heat actually did help. We are never too old to keep learning.If we stop learning, we let boredom set in and that is a waste of a good mind, don`t you think?
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