Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Happy 4th to all in the USA!!!

"Happy 4th" to all who are celebrating it here in the good old USA.

Hope those from Canada had a great "Canada day".

Is there some special Day you are celebrating in your Country?
If so, tell us about it.

What country are you from, and what special days does your country celebrate?
Hope your Country`s special Day is also a great one when it is celebrated. .

Happy Fourth Of July

Canada Dau was great I hope yours is just as good :D
Canada Day was really good. I watched the fireworks from my deck at home.
Happy 4th to you!
Thanks Walker. Glad your special day was a great one. Hope everything is going great for you.
Nan, sounds like fun. They used to hold the fireworks at our local firemans field just about a half mile from me and we could just grab a lawn chair and sit outside and enjoy the fireworks. This went on for many years, till a couple years ago when they moved the fireworks to the ski center on the mountain. I live just about 3 to 4 miles from the mountain, but we are just far enough away for the trees to block out our view. I miss us all sitting out in the front yard together to watch the fireworks. Some good memories with Walt out there siting with us.
Glad you got to enjoy your fireworks.
I hope you had a wonderful 4th.

No kittens yet, but she is restless!
Deni, I feel sorry for her. I hope she has her kittens soon.
Yes I did have a nice 4th. Only one bad incident that was very uncalled for, but guess thats not so bad with such a large group.
This week-end will be off to a nephews wedding.
Hope that the Canada day was hopeful and wonderful for you.

Take care.
other than our Independance day and republic day, we have regional celebration. each region or state has its own festival all colorful and lively. lotsa them. in my place it is Onam(which comes in september), vishu (in april), Id and Christmas. My mom and dad are coming down to meet me for Onam. eagerly waiting for that.
I care about poeple disregarding nationalities.
I wish you well & long happy life
Jac, on berhalf of all from Canada, I thank you. I`m fron the USA which borders the edge of Canada. We just celebrated the 4th of July which was the date of our Independance. Canada celebrated their Canadian Day. What special Days does your Country celebrate?

For the benefit of those from other countries who might not know, Canada and America ( also called the USA) are two separate countries. But, we can drive from one country to the other across bridges, but there are guards that check the cars and some requirements required before crossing the borders from one country to the other. When I was younger, if you wanted to go visit the other country, there were no requirements, you just crossed the bridges. I often wonder if that happened to stop people from leaving one country to hide in the other. Maybe a Canadian , such as Walker, might better explain it. I have only been to Canada from the United States Side at Niagara Falls and saw the Falls from the Canadian side and ate in a Canadain restaurant and drove thru a few places. I still remember the beautiful flowers that lined the streets in that area. I also remember how polite and friendly the Canadians were to us.

Thanks again Jac. Come back again, but enjoy your vacation.
DewDrop, Thanks for telling us about the special Days in your Country.
I hope you and your Parents have a wonderful time together in Sept. celebrating "Oman" Day. I hope you will be able to take some pictures then for us to see. I think it is great to see and hear about what other countries celebrate. Looking forward to hearing more.
Mindinside, my feelings exactly. I believe everyone should be treated the same regardless of their race, religion or what country they come from. People`s actions towards others is what truly matters.
Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime.
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