Saturday, June 17, 2006


Saturday, june 17th, 06, Another new great granddaughter!!

I just received a telephone call from my oldest daughter that her oldest son has became a Father .
Normally in good weather I would drive down to the hospital to see the new Great GrandDaughter. I think her name will be Kayleona Elizabeth. What a long name it will be for a little kid to learn to spell. But today is another rainy day and they are still saying possible thunder storms. You usually have to park a long ways from the hospital as all the closer places are usually always filled. I just don`t want to be walking that far in the rain. This makes my 13th great grandchild from my own kids, plus 4 more from the step grandchildren- totaling 17 G Grandchildren in all. No wonder I am starting to feel old. :)

Yesterday I went to the Mall with a bro. My daughter had picked up a replacement battery for my cordless electric drill. It had the same voltage as my old batteries, but this battery wouldn`t fit my Drill. I couldn`t find the receipt so couldn`t return it. I checked and found out the Sears Store doesn`t still handle the one I need. So, I had to order the right one and figured I might as well order 2 batteries while I was ordering. Now, I will have to wait for it to be delivered by mail. Hope I can find the receipt for the other battery so I can take it back for the money.
This morning I wanted to beat the thunderstorm (if it happens), so at 7am I drove to Cumberland to buy new minutes for my cell phone while it was still just raining lightly. The fellow a daughter is engaged to bought me the cell phone for last Christmas. He felt my driving an older 1990 Mazda I should have some way to contact someone if I ever needed to. Wasn`t that real thoughful of him?

Next Saturday should be a busy day. My Niece`s daughter is graduating from High School and I am invited to her Party at 3pm on Sat.. Then I received an e-mail from a cousin saying she would be in town on Sat and planned on stopping to see me by noon at the latest on the same day. I haven`t seen her since last spring, so it will be nice to see her and her husband again. She grew up a few miles from where I grew up, but after she married she moved to a different section of our state. Now we live about 6 hours drive apart. Walt and I often drove across the state to visit his relations in Buffalo, NY and would stop at my cousins and also sisters on the way. Now, alone, I don`t take those long drives anymore.

The rain has stopped, but the sky is still very gray looking and the wind is starting to blow harder. So, it won`t surprise me if it starts raining again soon,

Seems I have needed a bandaid every day for the past three days. First I was replacing a rotted board on my garden support and a screw in the end left a small cut. Next day I was putting away a box of Saran Wrap after wrapping a dish with a piece of Banana cream Pie (actually a cake) to give to a Granddaughter to take home with her. While sliding the saran wrap box in the small rack I accidently hit a finger on the cutting side and cut another finger. My granddaughter looked worried and asked if it was deep because it was bleeding. I had to put it under cold water to wash off the blood to show her it wasn`t deep. Then yesterday I was playing with sassy ( my dog) and once she jumped up and her toenail cut my right arm- she weighs over 50 pounds. So there I was with a bandaid on my middle finger, one on my pointer ( first) finger and one on my arm just below the elbow. Middle finger is healed enough to remove that bandaid. Now waiting for the others to heal. If Walt were here he would be telling me to sit down and rest before I get hurt again. He was always worrying about me. All bandaids were on the lefthand and left arm.

Seems like the older you get the easier your skin breaks. I remember one time when I was helping my Mother get out of a lawn chair and a fingernail verily touched her skin and cut it. She was 90 yrs old back then. Here I am about 15 yrs younger than she was and already my skin seems to cut more easily. I remember one time years ago, when I was washing dishes for my mother and one of her forks was so sharp it stuck into the end of a finger when I was just moving my hands around in the sink checking to see if there were any more silverware to do. When I pulled my hand out of the water, that darn fork stuck right there in my finger. I was so surprised and never heard of such a thing happening before. I showed the fork tong to my Mother and she never realized she had a fork with that sharp a prong on it. She told me to throw it away, but I felt funny about doing it so I placed it across the end of the drawer behind the silverware container so noone would use it. I told my Mother where I had put it so she could later toss it out if she wished to.

OH Well, at least I didn`t get burnt last week when I baked the cakes for the Banana Cream Pie . Wonder why they call it a pie when it is actually a 2 layer cake with lemon pie filling in the center and dark chocolate frosting all over the top and sides. Haven`t made it since I lost walt and that will be 4 years ago on July 19th. After making it I worried who I would get to help me eat it. I send almost half of it next door to my daughters home, then the next day I gave a piece to a granddaughter, plus a second huge piece for her to take home. I only had three real small pieces myself. Walt was the sweet tooth in our family.

Well, that the news so far, but it is only 3pm now, so who knows what the rest of today might bring. If it didn`t still look like rain I would head off to the hosp to see that new Great Granddaughter. Maybe it will be nicer tomorrow, but Week-ends are always packed at the hosp parking lots.

Congratulations on the new baby great Granddaughter!!!
Congratulations on the new baby!! And just in time for the new Dad to celebrate Father's Day.
It is great occation, Dot ! that too the 17th time.
Congrats !!
It calls for a celeberation.
Congratulations for the new great granddaughter. Hope you get to see her real soon.
Just wanted to thanks each of you:
I haven`t seen the new baby yet. Hoping for better weather this afternoon so i can drive down to the Hosp withoput getting soaked. The sun is coming out and it looks like it might clear up.
Thanks again.
Congratulations on being a grandma again. hope all your cuts and bruises are healed.
lucky for 17th time??? congratsssssss n hugs & kisses to ur small bundle of joy
I have so many things to do around my house I don't know where to start. I really do need to put a list together and start slowly don't I? *sigh*

You're an inspiration to me Dot. Each time I'm in here you've been out flexing those DIY muscles and leaping hurdles to get the job done.

And now you're 17 times over a great grandmother! That alone must make you feel like lying down lol I doubt you're ever going to feel old at the rate you're going!

Congratulations and all the very best to the wee girl. 17 great grandchildren, wow, you truly are blessed.
Thankyou everyone:
Starry nights Everything is healing nicely. Just had a little infection where the dogs toenail left the cut, but it`s looking ok now.
Dew Drop, I finally made it to the hosp Sunday. I waited till almost 5pm hoping more visitors might have left to go home to get supper for their families, but I still had to park in the 5th isle and had quite a walk back to the hosp. I gave her lots of Hugs and kisses and sat and held her all the time I was there.
Lisa, Look around for a small job that won`t take very long for the first job. Once you see how good that job looks, then you will feel more like doing more work. I think we have to see how good it looks after we finish a repair, and that gives us the energy to start doing more repairs. So, start with small repairs that you think will be easier don`t get discouraged if you wish it looked better. The more you do the more you learn and the easier it becomes. Good Luck.
I can always find a little one to hug with so many.
Thanks to everyone for their nice words and for coming to my blog..
you can always send any left over pies here because i happen to love pies and deserts in general. the only pie i really don't like that i know about is rhubarb pie. when i lived with my parents there was five people in the family. my mother loved to cook and she made lots of deserts. when she would decide to make a pie she would make two of them. on for her and my father and my brother and sister and one whole pie for me. my siblings did not have to much of a sweet tooth but she knew that i did.
Mr Haney, I would be glad to have shared it with you if you had lived closer. As for Rhubarb pie, if you turn it into Strawberry rhubarb pie, I would like it better. I had a Mother who was always baking- either choc or applesauce cake, apple pies, molasses cookies or something else. Until she turned almost 90 she continued to have something baked for whoever happened to stop by. She never stopped till after she broke her hip and the last couple years she wasn`t able to do much. I never was a sweet tooth, but Walt was so I used to bake lots for him, not so much now that I have noone to help eat it.
Congratulations to you and your family.
Thanks Kat. She is beautiful.
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Congratulations on the new member of the family.
17 grandkids eh well one more to love is just a little more happiness in you life.

P.S. I removed that last comment, I was working on someones template :)
Thanks Walker. I am sure Bennu appreciated your help with his blog. If you wonder how I knew, it must have came into my e-mails before you deleted it. That`s nothing to worry about. Afterall, you also helped me when I needed it. It is great to have such wonderful friends that are there to help us when we need it. It`s all the wonderful blog friends we make that makes the blogs so much fun.
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