Monday, June 26, 2006


Getting wet from the rain?

How many of you have left your car door opened and wish you hadn`t?

One of my older bros stopped in a while ago to use my telephone. Guess he didn`t intend on staying very long. He had gone after a new rubber enclosure for his frig door, but the fellow who does that work had moved since he was last there. So, he came to my home to look it up in the phone book and called to see where he was now located. Turned out he had moved off another road that isn`t too far from where I live. Bro had the model no and brand name, but forgot to look up the serial #, so had to go back home ( about 20 - 30 minute ride from me) to look it up.

Well, what this title talks about is what he did while here. He had only closed his door part way , so when he got back out to his car his drivers seat and seatbelt were soaked. When he saw the partly opened door, his remark was " My car door is open, how could that have happened?". I`m thinking "He never shut it up, how else?", but I didn`t answer him. He is one who always finds something else to blame, so I`m glad he was riding alone this time. It was so bad that I gave him a large garbage bag to lay over his shoulder and lap to keep the wet belt off his clothes. When I think about it, I feel like laughing. Not over the wet seat as I wouldn`t like that to happen to anyone. He had stood outside in the rain trying to brush off some of the water on his seat and squeezed lots of water from the fleese shoulder pad on the seatbelt. All this time while he was bent over , his back was getting more and more soaked. Funny thinking about keeping the soaked seatbelt off his clothes when the back of his shirt was already soaked and he was going to be sitting on a soaked seat. He didn`t seem worried too much about sitting on the wet seat, just about wearing that wet seatbelt.
Me, I would have wanted the garbage bag to sit on.

I told him , now you know how I felt the time you picked me up to ride with you and you had forgotten to close the window on the riders side door and that seat was soaked. He said he tried to dry it off some. I used a store plastic bag to sit on that time and grabbed some of his paper towels to wrap around the seatbelt. I told him that time was worse because we were heading for the Wake for a friend`s Father. This time he is heading home where he can change his clothes. If he is smart , he will use some large bath towels to soak up as much water from the seat as he can and then find my Mothers old hair dryer and use it to dry off the seat before heading out again. He also has the heater on the riders side that won`t shut off while the drivers side is ok. So he puts on the air-conditioner on the drivers side and keeps his window shut, while I am dying with the heat from the heater on the riders side. Here it was, almost 90 degrees outside and I have the car heater running all the way to and from the Grad Party. He said he couldn`t afford to get it fixed yet because they need to remove the whole dash to fix it. I just had the air-conditioner fixed in my car last week, plus the long exhaust pipe that goes from the front of the car to the catalic converter. I am lucky as my daughter`s boyfriend does the labor for nothing. I tried to give him extra money again this time and the next day he gave it back to me. I feel he deserves something for all his work, but he never agrees.

Still pouring out, but the thunderstorm warning have changed to flood watch warnings. So, looks like we might be saved from the thunder storm and my road is far enough away from any water that I don`t have to worry about flooding here at home.
I have been knocked off already by Internet explorer, hope it posts ok this time.

I have left a window open on the car and gor my seat soakedbut I have done an even more brilliant stunt.
One winter during a blizzard I couldn't get the drivers window down to see out and went to tap it to see if it got loose.
Well that did it and my hand went through the window and all of a sudden there was a blizzard in the car because the window shattered and I had none now.
Not to mention I have to cover it when i got home to keep the snow out.

Yes I have 40 tomato plants about 3 feet high already and yes the rain in still coming bown nbut it has cooled the air down so sleeping should be pleasant tonight. :)
u back?? glad to c u here..

evthing alrite? hows the weather now? here also its raining cats n dogs ..
It's been raining here the last couple days, but I don't mind it much. We need it bad, and it cools it off somewhat. We have had a lot of flash flood warnings, but I haven't heard of any as of yet.

My hubby has a habit of leaving the car windows down, and the seats get wet.

Have a great day.
We are getting rain, but it hasn't really cooled down that much. Unless I am planning to get right back into my car within 5-10 minutes I always close my windows. It saves me having to run out and close them when it starts raining. My dad was a stickler that way and I guess I got it from him.
Walker, that`s how I got a broken window upstairs in my house. There was one of those fuzzy looking large bees on the window and my youngest son hit the bee with his fist and broke the window. I had a board and plastic over it for three days trying to find a window pane to fit. I was about ready to take the window frame to a fellow who cuts glass to fit, but wasn`t sure that fellow was still doing windows, when one of my twins happened to find another top section exactly like the broken one. So, I lucked out this time. It happened while it was snowing outside.
Sounds like your tomatoes are growing great. Wish I could still have the large garden like we used to have, but have to settle for using the earth boxes, but things do grow good in them. Hope everything is going well for you.
Hello DewDrop, Yes everything is ok. Just too much going on so didn`t have much free time last week. Hopefully this week I will find more spare time to do things I enjoy doing.
Sounds like it`s been raining hard almost everywhere lately.
I use that same expression " raining cats and dogs".I wonder how this saying first got started?
Most of those old sayings have been around so long, I wonder if anyone remembers how they started.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a nice week-end.
Thanks Deni, hope you also have a great day. Sunday the rain made it feel muggy, and yesterday it was in the 80`s, so there was the heat along with the rain for thunderstorm conditions. Was raining most of the night, and still raining earlier this morning. Right now, the rain has stopped and the sun is coming out brighter, but the sky is still looking gray like more rain to come. Not bad right now, but starting to get warmer out. The wind is blowing enough to move the tree branches pretty hard. I have a daughter who used to forget her car windows were down till I either phoned her or ran next door to tell her. Couple yrs ago she bought a new car and so far she hasn`t left those windows open.
Itisi, you are probably right. my dad was the same way, and maybe thats why I always remember to shut them. My Hubby was always leaving them open and I`d usually be the one to run out to shut them if it rained. But, I don`t remember him ever leaving my car windows open when he used my car, only on his own car. He never liked having to get his car out of the garage, so I ended up using the garage for my car. Even in the garage I don`t dare leave the windows open for fear of bees fying in. I do leave them a teeny crack on real hot days to be sure the heat doesn`t break a window.
Have a nice day.
I actually have 20 tomato plants in 5t gallon pails and 20 more int the garden. I found they grow just as good in them as they do in the garden
II've done this to myself a couple of times, cos it looks fine when I go inside and suddenly it started raining. Luckily it's only been when I was going home:)
Walker, sounds like you plnted more like I did. Then a friend gave me some of his from his hot house that were started earlier than mine. I have a lot of smaller ones with no place to plant them, so gave away some and now need to transplant more into larger containers. Sounds like you also love the garden fresh tomatoes. Have 1 plum, lots of reg. and cherry ones. So much better than store bought.
Yes, Hillgrandmom, the weather is so unpredicitable. It can often fool us into thinking it is going to be nice out, and suddenly it starts raining. Glad you were already home before it happened.
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