Saturday, June 03, 2006


Damp raint Days don`t like me.

Still another rainy day. Temperature down to 56 degrees F. This chilly damp weather really doesn`t like me, or is it just that my body doesn`t like this damp chilly weather. Some days I think it is trying to win, but I`m just too stubborn to give in.
Hey, that reminds me of something a Nurse told me years ago. She was trying to get my pulse in my left wrist. There my pulse is so deep that no one can find it. I had told her before she tried to use my right wrist, but she was certain that she could find it even if others couldn`t. Well, she finally gave in and read my pulse in my right wrist. Then I still remember her reply to me. Here is what she told me:
" Dorothy, you are still here only because your right side refusses to give in." Told her I am usually the one who gives in, but in this case it is good that part of me is too stubborn to give in. So, guess there are times when you just have to be stubborn. And if that wasn`t enough, next the nurse took my tempature and when it read only 94.6, she decided her thermometer wasn`t working, so out she went and came back with a brand new thermometer and took my temp. again. Of course it read the same 94.6. Then she told me she was glad I was too stubborn to give in. You see, I often leave the Hosp with a fever because when my temp reads the normal 98.6, I have a fever. But, I know it is not high enough to worry about. One of my best friends was a head Nurse years ago and she tried to read my pulse in my left wrist and she also had to admit it couldn`t be read. Lost this wonderful friend a few years ago, then lost her Mother who was like a second Mom to me, and last year was the sister of my friens. One beautiful fa,mily that i will always miss.

But to get back to the weather and how it affects me, my Dr had given me a prescription for Celebrex, but i soon learned my heart didn`t get along with it. It had my heart running like a race horse, so i decided not to take tyhem anymore. So, last Sept. my Dr gave me another prescription for pain pills-- only started out with 40 pills and still had about 6 of them when this rain started last week. Have had to start using them again and today I finally had to give in and refill that prescription. I am one who hates taking and medication unless I have to. But the arthritis is now reminding me that it is still in my joints playing havoc with them. My back , hips and legs are also fighting with me. I spent almost 2 hours playing my organ yesterday. My fingers were getting so stiff they just didn`t want to listen to me anmore and had a mind of their own causing me to keep dropping things. They are moving a little better today, so the organ playing exercising must have done some good.
I learned years ago that exercise is the only thing that seems to help your body fight arthritis. The more you give in and just sit, the more the joints go stiff. Can`t let it win. Had a cousin who got so bad she spent her last few years in a wheel chair. I felt so sorry for her. She was a great person who was always trying to help someone else.
Well, right now I have Banana bread baking in my oven. One way to heat up the house and remove some of the dampness without having to turn the furnance back on.
I`m back again. First I had to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, and then the oven timer went off. My trusty toothpick tells ,me that the Banana bread is done. So, now it is sitting on the rack cooling off a little so I can remove them from the pans. Yes, I made 2 loafs. Couldn`t see running an oven for almost an hour for just one loaf. Someone will stop by and help me eat them, and if they don`t, I can send one next door to my daughters home. I had been wanting to bake it all last week, but it was so hot I new I wouldn`t be able to stand the heat of the oven. So, today it is warming my kitchen up.

I hope it stops raining long enough for me to get my car out of the garage without getting soaked. I reordered the pain pills and now need to drive down to Hannaford to pick them up.
Well, now I have another reason for running out in the rain. My mailman just left mail in my mailbox out in front by the road. But, that isn`t as far to walk in the rain as it will be from Hannaford parking lot to the store. So, even though the weather man says it will rain all day, I am still hoping it stops even if just for a half hour or so. I`ll wait a while to see if it does at least let up before heading off to Hannaford Store.

Back again. Just rushed out to the mailbox wearing Walts spring jacket to keep me dry. Just read where my Prescription coverage is being changed to a provider I have never heard of. Just hope they don`t charge more . I will have to read up about this "Medco Health Solutions" and see what I find on line about them. Wish me (and all others that are receiving this change)_ luck that the prices don`t go higher with this new place. The paper says that this other Co. is the Nations leading prescription drug provider. Well. I will just have to wait and see.
I asked my Daughter yesterday, how much she was charging for her parking lot. She just bought a van to carry all her day care kids in, already has a 2 yr old car and the fellow she is engaged to has a new truck. Then a Niece was there with her car. Then 2 other cars stopped to drop of their kids. So it did look like a parking lot. She just laughed. Today there is just the three vehicles that belong to them. When I asked her yesterday, she had come home from the store and couldn`t drive into her driveway, so parked her car in my driveway. Doesn`t bother me as my driveway is wide enough for 2 cars. Had the fellow ask me how I can steer my Mazda without having power steering on it. I am so used to it that it doesn`t seem hard to me. I have been driving it since 1994 and so used to it that it doesn`t seem hard to me. He said I must have stronger arms than he does. He had driven it over to the fuilling station and filled it with gas for me. Pushing to use the gas pumps is hard for my hands to do. Then later a grandson stopped by with his son. The great grandson was trying to climb into a kitchen chair, so i picked him up and set him in the chair. His Dad looked at me ans said " Do you know how much he weighs?" Then he told the great grandson to tell gram how much he weighs. He said 37 pounds. I told his Dad that he is easier to pick up than the dog food bags that I get every week. The bags get heavy because they flop over whikle carrying them, plus i hgave to carry them up the porch steps.
Well, guess I should stop writing and get this posted. I find that writing it under new message in outlook express, I am less apt to lose it before posting it. I have tried some other good writing places, but still find outlook the easiest. There if company shows up I can just send it off to myself and finish it later. I am sitting here with my sterio playing music. I do enjoy music, especially Country love songs.
Guess it is time to think up something for lunch, and remove the bread before it sticks to the loaf pans. They should be cool enough now.
Definitely have to go on line and post this now as the dryer is buzzing to tell me the clothes are dry and should be removed from the dryer if I don`t want then looking wrinkled from setting in the dryer.
So, I off till next time.

excuse my poor spelling in the title. Just noticed that my crocket finger hit the "t" instead of the "y" in writing rainy and I`m too lazy to delete and redo it. Hope there aren`t many other misspelled words. Fingers feel a little stiff today, but better than yesterday morning. Can`t complain as at least I can still work with my hands, so I feel blessed.
Don't you worry at all about the "t" instead of the "y"!! I absolutely love the fact you are such a tough cookie and for nothing in the world ready to give in - I am just the same! What meds do you take against arthritis?
Keep on ploughing along ... you're GREAT!!
Gee, my fingers sure were stiff when I wrote this one and I hit more than one wrong key. Glad none of my old English teachers is reading it. :)
As for the arthritis, first Dr gave me the Celebrex and that bothered my heart. Then he suggested trying Alev, but the aspirin in it bothered my stomach.
So most of the time I use the tylenol extra strength or the maximum strength Arthritis foundation pain reliever which has no aspirin. Neither one stops the pain, but they do make it bearble. But the pain pills are just cyclobenzapr. When the Dr gave me the prescription he told me to first try just a half a pill as he said they are real strong. So, I won`t take them if I plan on driving. At one time I was on Arthrotec pills, but they didn`t help with the pain.Another pain pill they tried me on was PROPO-N/APAP which was just a substitute for Darvocet which also didn`t handle the pain. The cyclobenxapr does help. It doesn`t completely stop the pain, but it relieves it enough for me to be able to do things and thats good enough for me. Nice warm showers seem to help a lot. I used to just sit in the warm tub for relief,when Walt was here, but with the sleep apnea I don`t dare while I am alone for fear of falling asleep. Walt was forever standing at the door asking if I was ok so I wouldn`t fall asleep with the nice warm water. I also use the heating pad as it helps some.
When the Dr wanted me to start taking a baby aspirin every day for my heart, I reminded him that I was alergic to aspirin. Then he suggested I try the Ecotrin aspirin which are safety coated and I was able to tollerate the coated ones. Must admit that I don`t take them very often unless my heart starts beating too fast or I feel weird and then it does seem to help for some reason.
Dr also had me on Pravachol for my high cholesterol. I had taken it for over a year and all that time i was having more and more problems with my legs. It got so bad that I was holding on the wall in the mornings just to get from the bedroom to the bathroom. I would probably still be taking them if I hadn`t run out and it was a few days before I got to the store to pick up more. By then I noticed my legs seemed stronger for some reason. But after I was taking the Pravachol for about 5 days my legs got weaker again. So I stopped and started the pills 4 times and finally realized it was those pills that were taking away the use of my legs so I stopped taking them. The Dr told me that all the statens would react the same way on my legs. So, instead of just 1 pill, I now have to take 6 WELCHOL football shaped pills every day for the cholesterol. Not as good, but they don`t affect my legs. Dr wanted to put me on water pills, but I told him I didn`t think I was bad enough to need then just yet. Eventually I know I will need them, but hope not for a long long time.
Surprised your posts are so long; you never seem to be sitting long enough to write them :)

I could almost smell your banana bread baking. Sure wish I had bananas in the house to make some myself.

Sorry to hear about your arthritis being so bad. I'm hearing more and more of that these days, but that could have something to do with the fact that I'm getting older myself and older people are mostly who surrounds me I feel real bad for this one particular woman, who is dear as can be and always presents herself so well. She was well known for her beautiful white hair. Unfortunately, her arthritis got so bad that they put her on some kind of chemo medication that caused her hair to start falling out, and she's taken to wearing knitted caps to hide the bald spots. But she doesn't let either the arthritis or going bald stop her. She's like you, she won't give in. God bless you both.
Skye, Good for her. There used to be a white haired lady that often came into our grocery Store years ago. I loved her hair. It looked as soft as cotten and seemed to shine. It was so beautiful. I have always said that when my hair turns grey, I hope it actually turns white just like that beautiful lady we all called Aunt Emma. God Bless your friend, she sounds like the great person that my friend Aunt Emma was.
Since both my parents had arthritis, it was fairly certain that I would also get it. I do pretty good when it isn`t damp and chilly. Thinking of your friend and the cousin I had who ended up spending her last few yrs in a wheelchair, I know how lucky I am to be able to get around and still do things. I get some bad days where I don`t accomplish anything, but then the better days show up and I get a lot done. This damp chilly weather should warm up soon.
Busy mom, that why I like this blog, I enjoy reading about ur life :)

the weather in Jordan is too Hot! it's summer time, it's getting hotter everyday...

yumm, I want some of these Banana bread :)
Abed, Our summer will start this month on June 21st. We have had a few hot days, but then it rained most of last week and now it is cooler here again.
All my kids are grown up now with kids and grandkids of their own. So, I have a big family to enjoy. I have always loved being a Mom, a Grandmom, and a great Grandmom.
i love rains when i can sit at home and ejoy. but if i have to travel its #%^#$&^%$&
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your bad weather over there. I know how it can affect you. Both my mom (she sends heartly greetings to you) and I get affected with extra pain in these cases. I'ts just to hang in there until it gets better as you also know well. Sometimes we have to relay on the medicines, there are no alternatives unfortunately.

Reminds me of a quote that I like very much:

"Only one sunray is enough to drive away many shadows". (Franciscus av Assisi, 1181-1226)

I do admire your positive view of things anyway. And your ability to keep going. It's a good quality you have.

Sounds like you've been bodybuilding in your own way. *smiling*

Banana bread sounds delicious, you're getting me hungry, I'm off to a kitchen raid as usual now :-)

Take care.

*swinging my magic stick to make your weather warm and sunny*
Dew Drop, I like the warm summer rains, but not the cold chilly ones. But, like you i hate driving when the rain is coming down so haed you can`t see very well.
thanks for dropping by.
Lifecruiser, Thank you, I think your magic wand worked. In the middle of all those rainy days, yesterday was real nice out So nice I got in my car and took off right after lunch. I might have left earlier, but I hate showing up at others homes at meal time. . Think I need to borrow your magic wand again as today the rain is back.
I took one of the loafs of bananna bread next door to my daughters home, but I did keep the other loaf and there is still one more piece in the frig.

Nice quote as one ray of sunshine can do wonders.
Give your Mom my best. She is one remarkable woman. As for courage to keep trying, your Mom has taught me a lot about handling hard times. I hope I can always have the faith and ability to keep trying like she does. She is someone to be very proud of.
Thanks for the nice post.
You are tireless speedboat. Keep blogging, dot!
Thanks Jac. Had a little trouble trying to post today. Lost the connection due to the storm, but I finally did get off a shorter post today. Thunderstorm is off in the distance right now. Hoping it stays there, but still pouring hard and hearing the thunder over the mountain now. Had the storms off and on all last week, so wasn`t on the comp as often as I usually am. Have a nice day.
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