Monday, June 26, 2006


A Busy Week

Hi everyone. I might need to make this one a short one as we are expecting another thunderstorm this afternoon. It is just raining hard out right now.
I have had a real busy week or so. Here is part of how i spent the last week.
One day a cousin from out of town was here and we had a nice visit. I hadn`t seen her since she stopped in last summer. We grew up about 5 miles from each other and were real close all our growing up years. After High School she left for a Nursing career, then got a job in a Hospital out in Rochester, met a fellow, Married and decided to live out that way. It is about a 6 hour drive from where I live. We used to see each other more often before I lost Walt, as we used to drive to see his relation in Buffalo, NY and often stopped to visit them on the way.

Another day I took off to the Hospital to see my newest great granddaughter. She is beautiful like all babies are. Both Mom and baby are doing good and are back home with the daddy.

One day I attended a High School Graduation party for a niece`s daughter.

Yesterday I was gone from 10am in the morning till after 8 pm at night . I attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary Party for the parents of the nice fellow that one of my daughter is marrying sometime next year. They are a great family and I had a nice time. There is something about his parent and his Mother`s sister that made me feel I belonged from the very first time I ever met them. Funny how sometimes you meet someone and you just click together like you have been good friends for years. They are like that. It rained the last half of the day, but the Pavilion they held the Party in was still nice and dry. There was way too much food, all delicious, think everyone left feeling stuffed and there was still way too much. Some later played volley Ball, others threw horseshoes till the rain started. It was about 1 1/2 - 2 hours drive each way , so it was a long car ride just to attend the party, but well worth it.

This morning I took off early for the Hannaford grocery store before the rain got harder. Right now it is pouring out. It is starting to get dark in here so the thunderstorm must be getting closer. TV said the power is out about 30 miles from me. Hope it isn`t that bad when and if the thunderstorm reaches us. I am hoping it holds off till I get this written and posted and maybe read a few more of the e-mails that have been piling up while I was so busy. I had gone shopping a couple days ago, but forgot to buy milk and a couple other items, so needed to go back today.

Guess I better make this a short post and write more later as the thunder storm is already just across the mountain from me now and should be here real soon.
Hope not too many errors in spelling as I don`t have time to re-read it or won`t have time to post it and get off the computer in time.
Hope everyone is having better weather today. We have had a lot of rain and expect it most of this week.
Hope it posts thia time as the last time it didn`t post and i had to reconnect again.

Sounds like you were busy but it sounds wonderful too.

Have a good day and don't get wet with all that rain!
My goodness Dot, you have been busy. Thank you so much for the kind words about the pictures of Palo Duro Canyon and others on my blog. Hope you will drop by again soon... and I will as well...
Always the busy bee. We've had a lot of rain here too but the sun has finally ocme out and I hear it's going to stay awhile.
I thionk we got the tail end of what was hitting you becuase we got as pounding last night and through the early morning.
You have been busy butg I have become accustomed to your busy days.
Its to bad you dont see you friend as much but I guess thats what growing up and moving forth does to best friends when they are kids
Deni. I was lucky as it was pouring when i left for the store, but just as i parked the car, the rain let up. Then I heard it downpouring as i entered thre store. When I came back out it was raining lightly till I started backing out of the lot, and down hard it came again. So I drove in the downpour and walked in the lighter rain. Just like someone was watching out for me.
Deni, thanks for dropping by.
Hi Bennu, I did enjoy seeing your pictures. We have Walker to thank as I found out you had a blog by accident. I will be back again to your blog. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Come again any time.
Walker, I am glad you made the post while helping Bennu as it gave me another great place to read and see some great pictures. So, even though you deleted the post, the name remained. I figured I would check out her blog and i`m glad I did. So, your helping her also helped me to find another interesting blog.
Are you still getting the rain? It hasn`t let up here yet. Sure felt muggy on and off yesterday with the rain.
They just gave more flood warnings on TV, but the thunderstorm warning seems to be over-- at least for right now. Getting way too much rain for the garden earth boxes. They are made for you to keep the bottom section filled so the plants can draw just what water they need. Rain is drowning out the top of the soil making to much water. Hope we soon get a day without rain so the soil can dry out some. Do you have a garden this year? Tomatoes are real tall with blossoms now.
Hi Nan, I was just checking and noticed my reply to you never posted. That was when I got knocked off by Internet Explorer acting up, but I hoped it posted first, but I see it didn`t.
Thanks for dropping by. In my first reply, I had asked you to send some of your sunshine our way. We sure could use it. Even when it wasn`t raining, it has been overcast and dismall most of the time. It was the same way last year, too much rain in the beginning of the garden season, then hardly any later on. Starting out the same way this year. It is only 5:21pm and getting so dark inside I need to put on the light to write. Hope that doesn`t mean the thunder storm is on it`s way back.
Nan, was just reading my e-mails and received the blog reply I wrote to you here earlier. Funny how it never posted here but still was sent to my e-mail showing what was posted. Well, here is the origional reply:

Nan, It seems like all it does is rain, but it was nice Saturday afternoon for the Graduation party. So guess we can`t complain.
I`m going to keep looking for your sunshine to reach us. Need a dry day so I can pick some lettuce from my garden. I bought everything to make a tossed salad except for the lettuce. Always nice seeing old friends still dropping by. I need to slow down so I can find time to visit all the blogs of my wonderful friends.
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