Sunday, May 28, 2006


Sunday- window washing day!

Today it turned so warm that I felt it was time to bring down the smaller window air conditioner. So up to the attic i went and carried it down stairs. I was just about to put it into the window when I noticed they needed cleaning first. I sure didn`t want to remove the air-conditioner later just to wash that window.
So, this morning became a window washing day. I only did the inside of the window for the conditioner, but did walk all around the house and washed all the downstairs outside windows. By then I was tired, so the rest of the inside windows will just have to wait for another day.
Feels much better in this side of the kitchen now with the air conditioner running. Before it gets much warmer I should finish in the laundry room so I can add the large air-conditioner into that window. The kitchen is on one end of the house and the laundry room is on the other end of the house. I found out that if I put the large air-conditioner in the laundry room where the largest furnace cold air intake grate is I can cool the whole house. When we bought the new furnace years ago I insisted they run a switch for the fan so I could turn it on from the top of the cellarway stairs. So with the furnace fan running along with the large air-conditioner it cools the whole house enough to keep it more comfortable on real hot days. The fan draws the cooler air from the laundry room, into the furnace and then it blows that cooler air up into all the floor registers in all rooms. never gets real chilly like the furnace air-conditioners would. I don`t breath so easy in homes with the chilly air, so my way works better for me.
I did get all the tomato supports out and put them into the garden boxes that I filled yesterday. So, if the wind should blow hard or we get a strong storm, the tomato brackets should protect the plants so they don`t get bent over and broken.
The fellow my daughter is engaged to drove his truck and we went after good potting soil to fill my 7 earth boxes and now the garden plants are in the boxes. i have 2 kinds of tomatoes, burpless cucumber, 2 kinds of leaf lettuce, green peppers growing, plus planted some green string beans. Not sure yet if I will plant anything else this year or not.
Today I dragged all 4 long water hoses out and checked them for any leaks. I added a double hose connector to the faucet and connected the double hose to one opening, and a shorter hose to the other opening. No leaks, so I hooked up 2 of them together to reach half way around the house to wash the windows. I bought a long handled window washer last year. First time I used it one of the rivets pulled thru , leaving just one side of the washer connected to the handle so I couldn`t use it. Well, this morning I decided to fix it. So, using my Dremel with a cutter in it, I was able to cut off the end of the rivet and remove it. Then I added a short screw and nut where the rivet used to be. Now I have a useful window washer again. It is one with the washer sponge on one side and the rubber scraper on the other. It worked real well. I still had to carry the larger step ladder outside inorder to reach to spray the window cleaner onto the window, but needed no climbing while using the long handled cleaner which was nice.

I`m back. It is starting to get dark and I still needed to take the scraps out to the compost piles. That only took about 5 minutes to dump it and cover it with leaves. But, on the way back to the house I noticed the flowers growing in containers needed watering. I still need to plant them into the flower gardens. Well, as I mentioned before I have a double connector onto the faucet. One has the double hose I used this morning and the other has a shorter hose for watering the earth box gardens. I turned on the wrong side ot the connector and the hose that I had left in one of the boxes flew out of the earthbox tube , hit the ground and turned straight at me. So, I just had to stop and change my shorts before I could get back to finishing this post.. Even my socks and shoes got wet.

OH Dear, I must stop again as I forgot to lock up the garage and shop after getting out the hoses and tomato supports. So, I better run and do it right now while I`m thinking about it. Well they are both locked up for the night. Gee, years ago I would never have even thought of putting locks on things, but today you need to. I never needed to give my kids keys to get in the house as we never locked them till after the last two came along. bring back those good old days where you trusted almost everyone. I am lucky in having very nice dependable trusting neighbors who I
i can depend on if i should ever need them. Even the younger lad in the trailer down the road told one of my sond to tell me that if there is anything he can help me with just to let him know. Neighbors across the road are the same way.

Took me a little longer after locking up the garage and shop doors because my daughter drove in and we chatted a few minutes. If I were writting this in my blog it surely would have dissappeared by now. But I am using the new message place on outlook express and even if the internet should shut off, this page will still be here waiting for me to post it.
Guess I better stop or it will be so long I won`t want to re-read it to check for any misspelling. i won`t look too hard, haha.

AT home, sunday was the cleaning day. with evone assigned to specific tasks. i had to mop the entire house with my dad. ;)

i love readin ur post. simplicity is the beauty of ur writing. keep posting ;)
dew drop, I bet your Dad realy appreciated your working with him. I think all families would be much happier if they learned to work together in the home. I think we appreciate our homes more when we help out. Some of my friends never had to do any work in their homes and they often said they wished they had parents like mine.
When I was a kid, Saturday morning was our day to help clean up the house. While my older sister was sweeping all the floors, I was busy shining up all the varnished furniture. I used to love seeing how shiny it looked when I was done. Took longer doing the varnished stands and dining room table than sweeping the floor, but I didn`t mind.
There was a rule in our home that you couldn`t go play with your friends until the house chores were done. That got us up early so we could get it all done before noon and have the afternoon to be with our friends.
Every day I was the dish washer as my sister`s hands broke out from the dish detergent. So, I washed and my older sister did the drying and putting the dishes away. Sometimes I thought it was worse on me since I washed all the heavy pots and pans which were harder, but I knew enough not to complain as I would have still had to do them. I remember one time the Dr told my Mother to buy some rubber gloves for my sister and let her do her share of the dish washing, but my Mother never did buy the rubber gloves.
I think working together to keep our home clean and neat looking is why we are still a close family today.
Thanks for telling me about your family working together to clean the house. I love having you post here.
My oh my, you are always so busy.
yes Nan. When you live alone there is noone else to help do what needs to be done, so it is always my job to do. But keeping busy is what I think keeps my body going. I feel if I ever stopped working for a few weeks then I might not be able to do as much afterwards. I think it is important to keep doing things to keep your body strong. just need to know your limits and ask for help when it is a job too much for you to do.
Kodakara is in Kerala, a state in India. Do you know that Kerala is famous for its scenic beauty. It is called God's own country.

I just read ur post about your step daughter. In our place we can't imagine about a divorce. Yup, it happens these days. Till date a marriage is supposed to be the most sacred institution. And family is the most precious part of your life. There are clashes between generations and the values are changing.

I think, u belong to the generaton that beleive in the bond of relationships.

I think you are elder than my Grandmom. I love reading your posts. It is gr8 to have met you here.

Thanks for visiting my blog. As I have mentioned there, it really is a privilege.
Window cleaning is my job once in a while :)

Dew drops is right, Kodakara is a cute place and dew drops is cuter person.
Dew Drops, I have to say that I agree with you. Marriage should be held sacred. I think some jump too fast to get married and thats why we have some of the divorces. In my step D`s case, she was always looking for someone with more money. Money does not bring happiness, loving and sharing do.
I can see someone getting a Divorce if they are married to someone who abuses them or their children. Thats why I believe you should take the time to get to really know someone before you marry them. Every Marriage has disagreements, but if they work together they can usually solve the problems and make their marriage even stronger.
Family is very important to me.

Thanks for telling me that Kodakara is located in India. Wish I was able to travel there and see it`s scenic beauty. I do enjoy reading your blog. keep posting.
Hi Jac, think of how much faster we could wash those windows if we had help. If there was someone washing the inside of the windows and someone else on the outside of the windows we could make lots less steps finding if the spot is on the inside or outside. Ever get one side cleaned, then washed the other side and found you missed a spot on the first side and had to do that side again?
As for Dew Drop, you are so right, she is a very cute girl. Also she sounds real grown up for her age and very intelligent. I know if we lived closer, I would enjoy her company.
thanks for dropping by.
My parents never locked up our house unless we were all leaving the village for the day. I would say that you can't do that these days but I have occasionally left the house and forgot to lock it. One day I returned from work to find my front door open and swinging in the wind but nothing was missing. I think I was lucky.
Thank you for your visit to my blog & kind words on what I have written about. I enjoy the photography & probably post too many of them. It is harder to find things to write about while I am at home & not out on an RV trip, with new things to see & do all the time.

Families are complex. I think Annie & I were lucky with ours as they have given us no trouble and only minor worries, like when the older one was out in the deserts of Kuwait with the Marines during the recent war. Some of our friends have not been so lucky & one couple my age, early 60s, is now raising their 4 G-kids ranging from 5 to 12 YO, one of which is a Downs Syndrome child.
Kat, I never locked my shop or garage either till one day I came home and found things moved in my garage. Never noticed anything missing and never found out who was in there. Thats when I bought locks for both the shop and the garage. One time I found an aluminum stepladder leaning by the back window of the shop. Still have the ladder as couldn`t find out where it came from. Guess they didn`t dare come back after it. i reinforced around the windows to be sure they couldn`t be forced opened from the outside. Things sure are different from when i was a child.
Dick, that has to be very hard for your friends starting over raising kids when they are ready to retire. I feel for all those who have lost loved ones from war and also for all those who came back with injuries.
If you own your own home, then you must be kept as busy as I am keeping the home up. You never realize how much you had depended on your better-half`s help till you are doing everything alone. Walt had bought a van so we could travel, but then he started having breathing problems before we had the time, so we ended up selling the van. We did get to see a few states before he retired.

We were also very lucky where our kids were concerned. My kids are always asking me if there is anything they can do for me. They keep telling me they are only a phone call away if I need help. Guess I just got too used to doing things myself. But it is still nice knowing they want to help me.

As for posting too many pictures, no way. I enjoyed every picture.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.
We just put in our AC's yesterday. I was reading about your garden. I love leaf lettuce fresh out of the garden. We don't plant that cuz all the rabbits would eat it before we could get to it.
I am glad you have such good neighbors. My mom's neighbors are like that. Sometimes they just stop in to say Hi and ask her if she needs anything. In the winter, after a storm, one of them always goes over and cleans out her driveway for her. She says in return that she gets to sit out on her porch in the summer and listen to the neighbor lady playing organ music.
Hi itisi. Nice hearing from you.
I just realized yesterday that I forgot to plant succhini and I do love making succhini bread, plus some of the family looks forward to the succhini I always give to them. I also like to
bake the succhini . Hope I can find enough room somewhere in the 7 Earth boxes that I have already planted. My standard can`t hold any more boxes as it is crowded now.
Gee, since your mom loves organ music, too bad she doesn`t own an organ. I own a lowrey genie 88 with the double keyboard and a slew of instruments. It is an older model with the foot pedal. My husband wanted to trade it in for the newer model that has no keys to push, it is more like pushing on a microwave. He thought it would be easier for me with the arthritis in my fingers. But my older sister got one and I prefer the sound of the old organ over her more modern one. So I was glad I kept the one I had. Besides it is good exercise for my fingers. I loved him for thinking of me that way. I also find playing the organ is good for removing tension. Bet the neighbors can sometimes hear my playing as when I am upset, I do play louder. The Daughter who lives next door asked me about a week ago if I still play the organ because she hasn`t heard it at her home. Told her thats because all our windows and storms are still on and it wasn`t warm enough to open any windows yet.
All that has changed as it has been in the high 80`s the past few days.
I did get the laundry room changed around and the large AC put into that window. So, have the smaller Ac in the kitchen, the larger one in the laundry room and with the furnace blower running it is comfortable here now.
Glad your Mom also has such caring neighbors.
Busy lady yuou are all the time but I guess thats the only way to pass the time as I know.
Having finished spring cleaning pthhhhhhhh yeah I enjoyed it, NOT. I sould have a garage sale.
The garden in the back is planted and the tomatoes are already 2 feet high and whem I am done with this comment I am off to get plants for the front.
It never seems to end.
I wish I had and air conditioner but I have alot to do before I can get one. This house leaks air in more places than a politicians brain.
Have a good one Dot
hi Walker. If you are outside today, keep your eyes peeled twards NY as the post I just wrote to you has dissappeared off into space. maybe it is on it`s way to you thru space. :):)
Your tomatoes might be a little taller than mine are now. What else have you planted in your garden?
I am glad I bought this AC a few yrs ago as I am sure the price has doubled or even tripled since then. I insisted on getting it when Walt was having so hard a time breathing on the hotter days. He had emphasema and only 19 percent use of his lungs. So hot weather or very cold weather make it even harder for him. So, I felt it necessary to but the larger window Ac.
I did a lot of corking up air spaces last year to make the heating cost less. So, I know what you mean by leaks.
Well, if you ever get too bored, I have a house that could still use more spring cleaning. HaaHaa.
Have a nice day and don`t overdo in the heat. Are you in the high 80`s there like we have been this week?
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