Thursday, May 11, 2006


Still working, not completed yet

The weather has been nice for the past few days. Guess it is all supposed to change tomorrow and then rain for the next few days.
My youngest granddaughter will turn 2 in a few days and her parents are having a Birthday party for her on Sat. Here I have great grandkids already old enough to be going to school, and here is this little Darling granddaughter so much younger than most of her her nieces and nephews. I always expected more great grandchildren, but another grandchild-- I really thought the new grandchild days were done. So, I expect to get away from the house on Sat. for her 2nd birthday.
I often wonder how other people with large families handle all those birthdays. I decided to continue giving gifts to all my grandchildren up to when they graduate from High school. I figure that way I will be giving each of them the same number of years, plus I had it figured that there wouldn`t be so many by the time we retired. There was just 2 left in school, then my son and his wife adopted 2 children, making 4 still in school, and then here came this beautiful new little granddaughter, so those 4 are now 5 to keep buying for. I always buy and make gifts for each new Great grandbaby and buy for everyone every Christmas. But I knew on retirement it would get hard to keep up with that many birthdays, so I don`t buy for the great grandkids birthdays. The way I figure it, they already have two sets of grandparents to buy for them. But they don`t mind as gram usually has treats when they visit. But, I am hoping I can continue to get Christmas presents for them all as the years go by. I often wonder what I will do when I can no longer drive off to the store to buy gifts. I know that day will arrive as I get older. I buy year around to accomplish it. I never was one who could take advantage of others and don`t like asking them to run me places. They are all willing to drive me if I need them. One son usually drives when i take Sassy, my dog, to the vets. One of the daughters takes me to the eye drs if I am unable to drive home due to the drops. They are all great kids. I even have some take my
car to the station to fill it with gas because my hands can`t work the gas pumps very well.

Well, I was away from the house the past couple days. Yesterday I rode with my bro when he went to Best buy ( Store) where he had boughten his new computer tower. He was having trouble getting his mail-in-rebates. But, while there he mentioned a comp problem he was having and they suggested bringing in the tower for them to check it out.
Well this best buy store is located about 40 miles from my home. So, the first trip down and back was 80 miles, and then back we went with the tower, so in all we traveled about 80 miles only for them to tell him he had some spyware messing things up. Well, he did buy the spyware cd while there, but he could have boughten that just a couple miles from my house. So, was it really worth the cost of gas?, Oh, Well, it wasn`t my car, or my gas money, I was just the company so he didn`t have to drive alone.
Then on our way back home the first trip we were stopped by the sherriff Dept. When my bro saw his flashing light, he said " I know I wasn`t speading". The officer asked him if he was losing his muffler as his car was loud. Since we had the windows open, I knew his exhaust wasn`t loud or I would have heard it. But he does have a ball bearing gone in one front tire and hasn`t had the money to get it fixed yet. His heater doesn`t shut off on the riders side and he says that is an expensive item to fix. Won`t be a good car for summer riding if he doesn`t get that fixed. So his car has problems, but not from the muffles.
This morning I heard some people complaining on TV-- their complaint was over a certain officer in the same town we got stopped in. Now, I am wondering if this was the same officer who was stopping others for no true reason. People in that town want him removed.

Went back to the wood place this morning and bought the wood to finish the area where I had moved the wall out even opver the tub enclosure. Got the board and trim cut and painted this morning and nailed up this afternoon. Then there was no way to match the wallboard plastic sealer that goes between the wall sections. They had nothing at the wood shop I could use without removing the wallboard and I wasn`t going to do that.
So, I started hunting around to see what else I could use. Those sealers are just plastic with the same wall pattern on them to match the wallboard pattern. The background color is an almond shade, so I found the extra plastic venetian blind slats from when my new blind was cut. I cut it to fit the area, then painted the slat piece almond and then added some gold vine effect to match the gold vine amongst the flower design. I even surprised myself when it matched so good and looked like it was boughten to match. So, one more problem solved. Since I already had the slats and the almond paint, plus the small bottle of gold paint my son gave me last winter, it didn`t cost me anything to do that part.

I should have had the bathroom finished a long time ago, but I needed some rest time while I got other things caught up. There is very little left to do now. I guess all that riding yesterday is making me feel tired today. After I rest a while, maybe I will feel more like getting more done. If not, I can do it another day. I can remember when I would have had everything done in just a couple days, guess old age is slowing me down. HaaHaa.

One of my daughters runs a day care in her home next door to me. A couple of her little ones saw me heading to the house from the shop and asked if they could give sassy a treat. So, as soon as I set the boards inside the house, I took out some chews for them to feed her. They used to be scared of her and the treats are helping them feel more comfortable around her, The little boy asked me if he could pat her. So, he can`t be scared of her anymore which is good.
Well, this is getting to be more like a book than a posting, so guess I`ll quit till another time.

Always good to hear how you're doing, Dot :)

I'm lucky; I don't have to worry about buying a whole bunch of gifts. Out of the 7 kids in our family, there are only 8 grandkids, and 3 of 'em live out west and we stopped buying for them years ago. You're smart in limiting how long you buy for. Kids get too much nowadays anyway.

I hope you'll post some pics of the projects you've been working on. I'd love to see them.
Who said it is boring ?
We love it.
keep on writing, Dot.
Skye, I am just back trying to finish up the odds and ends in the bathroom. I should have taken a picture before I started so you could see the mess I was up against. That is one room that had no mopboards or ceiling trim. We had added part of the other bedroom to the bathroom and made the tub set into that area to make the bathroom larger. We started it years ago, but then Walt`s empasema got real bad so I didn`t want to do any inside painting or repairs that would cause more dust in the air. He only had 19 percent use of his Lungs for a number of years so my home was starting to get a bit rundown. He used to tell me " the house will last as long as we need it, so let whoever gets it next do the repairs". Well, guess I was the one to get it next, so I am the one doing the repairs. He would laugh at how his words backfired, as he meant whoever got it after we were both gone. He was always telling me to sit down and rest before Zi get hurt doing so much. I`m sure glad that line didn`t backfire. So far, so good, and I`m enjoying working with my tools. To take a picture after I am finished might be a bit hard unless I can take one standing on the cellar stairs which are across the hall from the bathroom. We1ll see.
Thanks Jac. Been so busy with the raking and starting the seedlings for my garden, plus getting all the dead tree limbs cut and out by the road before the town picks up, and other yard work that I haven`t found much time for posting. Today after more sawing, painting and nailing on, I needed a rest, so I decided to post. Still tired from all the car riding yesterday. Still needed the heater in the shop running inorder to warm itenough for painting. It also helped to remove the damp air while I was working. If it rains tomorrow, I might finish more inside. Have one more place that need the seam covered, so more blind cutting and more painting on the design so it will match. Maybe tomorrow if the dampness doesn`t interfere with my hands.
Rained here today, too. Good day for inside stuff. Sounds like you were busy working on the bathroom. It is good to go for a ride, but 80 miles would get tiring. It is nice that you help the kids get used to your dog. I am always surprised when kids are afraid of dogs, I guess cuz we always had dogs. I'm sure your dog loves the extra attention, too!
Enjoy your grandaughters birthday - I bet she will.
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every time I come to your blog I am amazed at your energy. Bless you!
Please put a picture of Sassy for us to see.
Best wishes on your grand daughter's Birth day.
itisi, My dog loves everyone as long as i am outside, but he must know them before he lets them come onto my porch. He will bark loudly to let me know if someone is outside, a completely different, more harsh bark than her usually friendly bark. But, she loves all children, My daughter next door runs a day care center and she tells the older ones that if anything should happen to run next door and get her mother. So, that is why I work so hard to get the kids to trust Sassy. My only worry is if she should jump up, her weight would surely knock them down, but she wouldn`t intentionally hurt them. Sassy is spoiled. When my daughters friend shows up, Sassy will keep barking for him to come over and pat her and he usually does. She is spoiled, but i would feel lost without her.
thanks Kat, I am sure I will love being there. This will be her second birthday, but the first one where she will really have fun.
mindinside, Thanks for dropping by, and a big Happy Hello to you also
mattkline, Sorry, but I will be 75 in 5 months and am not interested in that much education any more, just satisfied with the everyday type of learning that happens. Thanks, but I am satisfied with the way my life is.
Suemamma, I now have the bathroom all done except for re-painting the door casing, plus might also re-paint the window casing, but these will have to wait till it gets warm enought to be able to open the window so I don`t breath the paint fumes. I finished everything else today and rehung the shower curtain and the curtain that hange over the shower curtain. I am glad to have the hard work finished in there. just in time for all the family to show up on mothers day.
PS, I will post another picture of Sassy sometime after mothers day is over.She is looking older than the pictures i had posted in the past-- now 10 years old .
Thanks Jac. She is the one I sent you the picture of. Isn`t she a cutie.
Dot you're the busiest person I know.
I have gone back and did some catching up and I think you are amazing in every aspect of your life from mother, grandmother and wife and person.
Happy Mother's Day Dot
Walker, thanks for the nice words. I do my best. But must confess I wasn`t satisfied with one mopboard corner and decided to improve on it. To do that I had to remove the mopboard off from the two walls where they fit into that corner, got my little dremmel out and did some light sanding and now it looks better. The floor isn`t perfectly level in that corner,( we built this old house back in 1955), making it harder to fit properly.
Then there is a heating pipe that carries heat upstaitrs that is behind the bathroom door in that corner. I hated that awful silver look, so I painted the pipe an almond to match the almond in the wallboard background and added painted flowers and gold branches to match the wallboard. Now it doesn`t stand out like a sore thumb- looks lots better. I could remove that piping since noone is using the upstairs bedrooms now, but then it would cause a draft coming downstairs into the livingroom. So, I feel it best to leave it there.
Ps, I like to think I was a good wife and wish he was still with me. Guess I couldn`t have been too bad as he stayed with me the whole 50 years. LOL. I always told him that he was stuck with me and he would laugh and say- you better know it.
He is still with you Dot @-;--
Dot - I just found your blog through Jac's ... I LOVE IT!! Your writing is so lively .. it feels someone is standing right by you, peeking over your shoulder! Can I invite you to join in on out tour through Munich? I am introducing my hometown through the eyes of a native .. together with some stories and personal touch of course! I'd love to see you around so - you're MOST WELCOME!!
My you are a busy bee aren't you?
I have that pic for keeps.
Karin, I have just visited your blog and enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your wonderful pictures of Munich. I enlarged every picture to get the full view of what you were explaining. Gread blog., Interesting information.
Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime.
Yes, Nan, I seem to do better when I have something interesting to do. I find the days that I just have to sit and rest up have a way of letting me feel lonesome for the good old days when my home was buzzing with laughter and noises made by having others living here with me. I am enjoying seeing the improvements in my home and hope I can continue working in my shop for many more years.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks Walker.
Jac, glad you enjoyed seeing her picture. She is one smart little girl. She was throwing me kisses as we backed out of the driveway and another great granddaughter came running to the car yelling " I want to hug you goodby". So my daughter stopped the car and we opened the doors to receive our hugs and kiss goodby from my 3 year old great granddaughter. First it was my children, then my grandchildren and now my great grandchildren giving hugs and kisses. Boy, it sure is fun being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I get smothered with huge hugs and cheek kisses. Now what could be better than that?
Great post, I love what you write. Especially about the grandkids. I have a few of my own.
thanks Chet. There is nothing like grandkids and great grandkids. They bring so much pleasure. I have a place on my wall by my organ where I keep posting drawn pictures from the little ones. Some are their drawings, others are colored pictures, only problem is I have another one and haven`t found room for it. Right now it sits on my organ. Most pictures have horses in them since they know their gram (Great gram) is a horse lover. Give your grandkids an exttra hug for me.They are all so special. thanks for stopping by.
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