Saturday, May 20, 2006


Sassy, my Border Collie

what a nice pup. border collies are the coolest. they are so smart. they are exceptional around children when trained properly. i used to have a house clenaing business and one of my clients had borders. they were awesome. used to make sure the grandkids would not go near the road, like herding sheep i guess.
have a good sunday!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sassy is very protective and love almost everybody. Strangers can`t pet her until I go out and tell her it`s ok, but once she knows she never forgets them..
Stop again anytime.
What a cutie!!! She looks like she has a very kind character - just watch her well!
Nice pictures. I really like your garage door scenery too. Did you paint it?
Oh, you can be sure i watch out for her. She is my sole companion and I love her. Would feel lost if i ever lost her. Here we have to keep our dogs all chained up. i hate chaining her up outside, but the law is enforced and i sure wouldn`t want her taken away.
HillgrandMom, Yes, I did paint the garage doors- back in July, 2002 when I first lost my husband. Needed something to do to hold myself together for the family.
You can see more pictures under " October 2005, Oct. 29th post".
I had never tried painting anything that huge before- 8 foot x 8 foot total size. I just kept adding whatever came to my mind, plus a few others mentioned.
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