Tuesday, May 16, 2006


My remodeled bathroom

Good taste :)
Beautiful & clean
NICE JOB Dot ... was sure a LOT of work, right? Thanks for sharing!!
Lovely! and all your own work! You seem to have inherited both your parents ' gifts for DIY.
Thanks mindinside. I wish I had posted a picture of how it looked before I started and you sure would see the great difference.
Thanks Karin. Yes it was a lot of work and took me lots longer than when I was younger, but I am pleased with how much better it now looks.
thannks Hillgrandmom.
I didn`t mention that the small floor cupboard between the tub and seat and the floor standard to hold the paper were items I made in my shop during the winter. I wanted to move the paper over some on the wall, but hated the thought of making more holes in the wall, so decided to see if I could make a floor standard holder. I surprised myself when it turned out ok as I had no patterns for either the cupboard or the holder. Just decided what I would like them to look like and then set out to try and make them.
It's cool to see the pictures after all the visions your words spun in my head. I had it pictured completely different...lol. You did a great job there, Dot!
Thanks Skye. I`m no pro, but it does look lots better than it did, and lots brighter , not so dismal.
What a nice job Ms. Dot such a pleasant room and all that hard work.

You must feel great to have done this yourself.
Thanks Ms Vickie. It was hard work, but I did enjoy doing it.
Seeing it looking better make it well worth all the hard work. And doing it myself was lots cheaper. But, I could have let my son do it and he wouldn`t have accepted any money. But I will let him help with the other floor in the other room. I need things to hang onto to get up and in the bathroom is the sink, tub, seat and the stool I could use to help me get off the floor. The other room will have nothing so handy and therefore would be easier to let my sonm help with that floor. Just waiting to find a floor covering I like so he can get started.
Thanks for stopping by.
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