Friday, May 26, 2006


My it is getting warmer today!

We are expecting a thunderstorm this afternoon and tonight. So I Figured I better head off to the grocery store early. Fed Sassy at 7am and then off I went. This early in the morning the Hannaford grocery store is usually quiet and I can get in and out much faster. Got hung up at the check-out counter due to buying a watermellon section. Lady at the counter headed to the back of the store to get a price. When she came back she told me that the workers in the back are not adding the price sticker any more and from now on they need to weigh the mellon at the register and code it there. Noone seemed to know the correct code, so waiting some more for the head of cashiers to come give the code. Her first set of numbers wasn`t the right coke, so she tried a second set of numbers. Thank goodness this code was correct. I was trying to be back before the younger kids were on the bus corner. The laugh was on me as after arriving back home, I discovered there was no school today, so my rush was for nothing. When you have no kids still going to school, you don`t get to see the school vacations or days off. You don`t know there is no school until you don`t see the kids walking past your house heading for the buss corner, or you just see them riding their bikes up and down the road. I also had to get a Symphathy card for a friend who just lost his Mother. He used to be one of my daughters bosses. Since he showed up for me when I lost Walt, I wanted to do the same for him and his family, but the doings for his Mother is out of state. So, the best I could do was to send him and his family a thoughtful card.
Today my back is still telling me off from swinging the grass trimmer so much again yesterday. But, I did get that job finished till it grows tall again. After this week-end we should be able to start our outside gardens-- and my stand-up vegetable garden. I so love having my own fresh garden vegetables. I am still using green peppers from last years garden-- still more in the freezer. Most of those in the freezer are now small peppers, but they are fine for anything you like cut peppers added to. Even added some into my breakfast omelet this morning. One daughter bought me the new Magic Bullet advertised on TV . for Mother`s Day. So I used it to chop and mix the fillings for the omelet, then I also used the bullet to make a banana/milk drink. I also have an omelet pan for the microwave, so breakfast was ready in no time. Yesterday I used the microwave to cook aome old fashioned oatmeal and then added cinnamon, fruit and milk for my breakfast. I`m getting lazy and finding fast meals lately. Just wanted something besides cereal for a change.
After breakfast, I decided everything else could wait so I could check my e-mails before the thunderstorm arrived. Everything else can be done during the storm, but I don`t touch electrical equipment or phones during thunderstorms. But, I can always find lots more housework jobs to do. One thing will be to wash down the doors where the little hands touch them. Just noticed the finger prints on the front door when I went out to the mailbox to add my cards. Besides the Sympathy card, I send an Anniversary card off to my older sister and her nice hubby. They are celebrating their 58th Anniversary on the 30th. Last month we were worrying about her husbands health, and he is still hopefully recovering after having 3 stents put in to open his arteries. Now we are hoping his lung problem gets better.

OH, there goes the mailman now. So I will be able to go after my mail before the storm starts. That will be nice, picked up the mail 3 times last week in a storm.
The sun is shining brightly still, but the clouds are off in the distance and will probably reach us soon. It is supposed to reach the 80`s this week-end. What a change from the 40 F`s nights and 50 F days we had all last week.
Guess I better get things moved around in the laundry room so I can get the large window air conditioner set up ready to go into the window. After all this chilly weather, not sure my system is ready for the heat wave. A few years ago I made a table on casters to hold the heavy air-conditioner during the winter months. I have a table that sits in front of the laundry room window and holds plants all winter. Those plants are now sitting in my large flower box on my side porch railing. So, I can just push the table on castors over to the plant table, push the conditioner off one table onto the other one. I have a section of floor tile- the rolled out style- sitting on the table to make the conditioner slide off easier. Then it is easier to slide it into the window from there. Before I made the table with casters, it was hard for both my husband and I together to put thar air-conditioner into the window. Now, I am able to do it myself. Wish I had thought of making that table years ago. Think of all that hard work it would have saved us.
Well, guess I should end this and get moving if I don`t wish to run out in the thunderstorm to pick up my mail. Here we still have the mailbox in front of our homes for mailing and receiving our mail. One of the old fashioned mail routes thats still in service. I sure hope they never stop the home box pick-ups. Some districts near us just have the small boxes on the porch for receiving mail and have to go to the post office for mailing things. Their mailman or woman walks the route while ours is still vehicle delivered and picked up.
I`m off to see what bills or advertisements were left in my large mailbox.
Lucky me, just some ads for the trash. No Bills today.

You're ONE BUSY LADY .. I love that! Just watch your back .. I know what I'm saying - mine says "hi" rather often lately as well! I like your attitude to things ... it is not frantic nor too serious - but easy going and nice! BTW ... weather here in Munich is awful right now ... rain, wind, much too cold for the season (everyone is DYING for some sun!)! Take care ... and keep posting - I love reading your stories!!
u keep busy even at this age??!!!! i cant' get up from bed on sundays. u r an admirable lady ;)
I am having a terrible time adjusting to the heat here in NC, my body just ain't used to it. The other day I actually said I wanted snow, which I never thought I would ever say. :)

I have a mail box like that, it's so neat to be able to put my mail in the box and put up the little flag. Back at home, I had one of those little boxes on the house, fortunately there was a big outgoing mail box across the street on the corner. My MIL has a mail slot right in her front door, the problem with that is her little dachsund, Daisy goes nuts and grabs it when it comes through and rips it apart. LOL
Yes, ILMunich, I do try to stay busy. Must admit I didn`t accomplish much yesterday inside, I meant to get things ready for the air-conditioner, but it is still waiting for me. it was still way to cold here till yesterday and supposed to finally warm up this week-end. Hope your weather turns better also.
deni, I get the weather for around granit Falls and hickory as i have relation there and it is warmer than here. Penn was just a little warmer than where i live, but NC is lots warmer. Not sure i could take your heat after all my life living where it is cooler.
I have a huge mailbox, and I love being able to put out the envelope with the check and have them deliver the posage stamps to my box. Also having small packages left in the box, or left on my porch when too big to fit the box. I would feel lost without home delivery.
Your poor MIL,- think she needs to add a small wire basket on the inside of her door under the slot to catch the mail where her little Daisy can`t get at it. Daisy must love catching anything that is moving. I bet she would be like a kitten when someone is crocheting or knitting with the yarn flying thru the air- like when the mail flies by.
Everytime I read your blog Dot, I think wow! About your postbox and pick ups from your home--I can't believe there's such a thing. First time I'm hearing about it.
thanks DewDrop, But I live alone except for Sassy, my dog, don`t work outside the house, so can stop and rest whenever I wish and just find it easier to handle life by staying busy. Leaves less time for thinking or feeling sorry for myself. I don`t want to become one of those who sit and complain all day-- I think just sitting around doing nothing can cause that.
Hill grandmom, Here we have the mailboxes out beside the road and the mailman, or maillady drives the postal truck ( small closed in vehicle simular to a van only smaller and just the drivers seat) and our mail and packages are left in the box. Or if the package is too large for the box, they will carry the package up and sit it onto your porch. Plus to mail a letter you just walk out to the road and put your out-going mail into the postbox for the mailtruck driver to pick it up when they are delivering. They come once a day. Mine is delivered in the mornings, some places get it in the afternoons. On some streets all the mailboxes are put next to each other on the corner, but on my street we have our mailboxes in front of our home. In the cities they don`t have mail pick-up, they have to walk to a corner that has a large box to drop letters into and they have to go to the post office to pick up their packages. I am like in a rural area of the town, too far to walk to a drop off box, so we get home delivery. In the city areas they usually have small mailboxes on their porch and the mailman walks on those streets and leaves their letters in their house boxes. I am only about 2 miles from where they don`t have delivery pick-up, so I am one of the lucky ones. Most mailboxes are much smaller than mine and only real small packages fit into them. I have a much larger one so most medium sized packages will fit into it.
How are the mail and packages delivered where you live?
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