Monday, May 01, 2006


My flowering tree/bush-before and after

Here are the before pictures and the after the freeze picture. So, I had the blossoms for just a couple days before the weather went back down into the 20`sF at night. First freeze turned all the blossoms brown and killed them all. I broke off all the dead blossoms, hoping it would help.
Today I noticed that a couple branches have some new buds starting on them, so if it doesn`t freeze again, I just might see a few more open blossoms. As you can see, there are no leaves yet on the tree, or bush as that was how it re-grew a few yrs ago when the tree was frost killed. For some reason I never see any leaves until after the blossoming is finished, and then it fills the branches with leaves.

I have also noticed that my Rhodendron Bush has more new purple buds starting to open, so hopefully I will still get to see some blossoms again. I had lost all the buds when we had the freeze nights. I removed all the dead buds here also. I have been covering it every night since then and uncovering it during the days. The white plastic bags seem to be holding in enough heat to keep it from freezing at night.

So, I am relieved as I think both plants will keep growing ok. Keeping my fingers crossed that they keep improving. I really thought I would see no more buds or flowers this year. I am so glad to be wrong.

At least the frost didn't kill the whole bush. And hopefully like you say, you will get more blossoms! They sure were pretty!
Very pretty tree. I love spring.
Thanks itisi. There are new flowering buds appearing on some of the newer branches that didn`t have buds before. I am just hoping that we don`t get another freeze over night to kill these buds. I was surprised because once the buds died in former years there were never any more new ones till the following spring. So, this realy surprises me. I am hoping they last to open.
Thanks for stopping by.
Nan, I also love spring. I causes my allergy to act up, but still it is so nice seeing the early flowers and trees starting to bud and blossom.
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Pardon my ignorance (and lack of reading your last few previous posts), but is that a magnolia tree? I'm not so good at picking what's what in the tree/bush kingdom. I've always loved it when the magnolia trees blossom around here, and although I might be wrong, it looks that way to me, so there lol

Glad the frost didn't get the second lot of blossoms, they really are quite beautiful.
Yes Liza, you are correct. What still puzzles me is why it never has any leaves until after the flowering is done. Wouldn`t the blossoms look even prettier with some green in the background? It started as a tree, died one winterand came up more like a bush.
I never took any pictures of the Rhodendron, but if it keeps growing I might take some later.
I didn't actually realise that (about the blossom-no-leaves thing) until I read it in your post. I just loved looking at them, but you're right, they certainly would look prettier with those blossom amongst leaves.

I have a rhodie(I call it that cos it's easier to spell lol) that is doing a good job of trying to die on me. But every year in October it blooms, even just a few...the flower is a beautiful rich red with a white centre. Just need to nuture it to a bigger bush is all lol
Lisa, your Rhodie sound real pretty. My new bush is a purple Gem and i can`t wait to see what the purple flowers will look like when they open. The two I lost were a dark pinkish color. rich red with white center sound so pretty. This is the first time I have seen a small bush with so many buds. It was loaded before the freeze. They are acid loving plants from what i have read. I
use Miracid soil plant food for it since I have white sand. I also added compost , mixed in with the soil when I planted it, plus added a little more on top to help hold in the moisture, I just don`t pile the compost near the stem so it won`t keep the stalk too wet.
Mine is an early bloom type. They like well drained acid soil.
Good luck with your. I would love to see the flowers when they open in the fall.
Dogwoods are the same way, without leaves until after the flowers die off. But on them, I kinda like it.

Your posts gave me an idea for a gift for my mom's birthday that's coming up on Sunday...a flowering tree of some sort. The Magnolia one might be the perfect choice, as she's never had one before.
You will see that in a month, it will all be flowers around you.
Yes Skye, some flowering trees do look great filled with just the flowers. Especially when they have loads of flowers. Probably the Magnolia would be prettier if the origional tree hadn`t died and came back up like more than one tree. The first year i tried cutting off all but the best stem one to try getting it back like a tree, but it just came back with even newer small stems around the main one, so I gave up and started trimming it like a bush. I did make the mistake of planting it too close to the back porch, so a tall tree there would not be wise. They do require a lot of room once they get larger. But the flowers are pretty. I just wish they lasted longer in our area.
My Mother`s birthday would have been the 14th, and she died on the 10th. I wish you many more wonderful years with your Mom. It was great that you spent your B. with her also. I wish her a wonderful Birthday.
jac, I can hardly wait for all the flowers to start blooming. There are a few tiny one blossoming now, plus 3 red and 1 yellow tulip has opened so far. Have a nice day
I hate it when the frost kills things in my little garden.

We are experiencing really really hot weather at the moment. It is beautiful. All the bluebells are coming out in my garden. Also whereever I go there are trees weighed down cherry blossom and mayblossom. It is absolutely beautiful . A lovely time of year
fizzy, I love the cherry blossoms, but they don`t grow well here in the north. I do have a few apple blossoms on my apple tree and I love their apple smell. Yesterday I went out and tried to spray the tree, but my hose and sprayer only reach about half way up the height of the tree. I am thinking of taking out the tall stepladder to see how much further the spray will reach.
Thanks Dot. Mom's turning 64 this year. Or is that 65? Well, whatever it is, she's young yet and hopefully I will get many more years with her.

Hope your thoughts of your mother this coming week are filled more with happy remembrances than with sadness at missing her.
resembeling the spring time peach blossoms :)
I want to get a magnolia tree for my fron yard. They have them here now that are genetically enhanced to handle the weather.
It's nice that they are still alive and growing and when they are if full bloom it should be a sight. :)
mindinside, I bet the peach blossoms have a nice smell. Too cold to grow them this far north. My apple tree has a lot more blossoms today and I like their small.
Walker, I think they become quite tall as they get older. But, I keep mine trimmed down after it came back with so many stems. Every year I have more new stems starting around the base of the main trunk. I should have planted it a lot further from the house and protected it better that first year. Good luck with getting one for your front yard. The blossoms are pretty.
Thanks Skye.
Yes your Mom is still young and I hope she is enjoying her life to the fullest. The years fly by so fast.
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