Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My Bathroom

Just some notes about the bathroom.
That long pipe that is in the corner behind the door is actually a 4 inch round heating pipe that goes from the furnace down celler, up thru the bathroom to the upstairs. It was actually just one of those silver colored heating pipes. I hated the look of that homely silver pipeing and decided to paint it an almond to match the background in the wallboard. Then I decided to paint on the flowers and the gold branches to match the design in the wallboard. Now, I don`t hate seeing that awful silver color.
I also repainted the white air cover over the window that carries the air outside. It doesn`t show well in the picture, but that cover also matches the wall color and designs like the heating pipe. This cover actually had both of those tiny thin screw holders broken off, so I cut some oval plastic pieces from a clear soda bottle, made small holes in the doubled layer plastic pieces , painted them to match and this plastic is supporting the screws to keep the cover in place. I figured as long as I had the cover off I might as well remove the motor and fan, clean and oil it, and now it runs much quieter. One more job done for a while.
I still haven`t decided whether I want to add the small half round trim board along where the tub touches the floor. I did buy the boards Monday when I went to get the new floor heat registercover to match the color in the floor tiles. I also replaced the old curtain rod for a nice white one.
Yesterday my youngest son said " I see you also painted the bathroom ceiling". Told him, no, I just got ambitious and washed it.

The door, door casing and the window are still waiting for new paint. Actually the door is varnished, and needs to be re-varnished. I just felt it was better to wait till I could open the window to air it out while the paint and varnish dries. It is still cool enough for my furnace to keep running, so it might be a while before I can do the painting. I am getting impatient and want to finish it as soon as I can. Must admit that I am one of those who hates leaving a job part done. I like to finish what I start.

Still haven`t found any floor tile or rolled tile type that I would like for my room where my organ, daybed, horse collection. plants and etc. are located. Not sure what to call that room. It once was a kitchen and dining room combined, then when we added on the new kitchen, we turned the room into a dining room. Then we connected the closed in porch to the kitchen and moved the table and chairs into that area. So, it`s not really a dining room anymore either. That room is my next project, but my son will help do that floor once I find what I think will look nice.

Bravo Dot.You really are great!
It is amazing what you have done. That makes me want to get busy and get things done that I have put off around my place. suemamma said it best: YOU REALLY ARE GREAT!!!
HEY! Thanks for visiting and comment! :) I am ok now and everything seems to be safe. I am heading ot bed now but I am reding your blogger tomorow. I PROMISE! (eh eh ehe) And probably link to it so that I can keep on visiting! See you! and thanks again for the support
Thanks Suemamma, but there are many people who could have done much better. I just did my best with what knowledge I was able to pick up over the years.
Thanks for stopping by.
Chet, you probably don`t have all day every day like I do just to putter around the house. Being retired and having noone to care for gives me lots of free time. If I didn`t find things to do, this empty house would drive me crazy.
Goos luck with what ever project you decide to start with.
flying boy, I am glad everything settled down in your town and hope it never happens again.
Thanks for stopping by.
wow... I wish I knew how and could do HALF of what you have done to your bathroom. I have to pay people to get it done tome.... but it's fair. Since I have no idea how to do it, I'll have them DONE for me... good luck with the varnish.. It's already cold in Brazil (basically in the south).. and I know how dreadfull paiting and varnish can be....
BTW.. here was I, as I promised yesterday... ehheeh
flying boy, we all have something that we can do and other things we need done for us. like your flying, not everyone knows how to do that. I have never been in an airplane, except when it was on the ground.
Sounds like you are either having Fall or winter weather. We are heading into the warmer summer time here. Some days are a bit chilly and other days are warm in the area where I live. We are expecting a thunderstorm here tonight.
I don`t mind varnishing and painting, but would like it warm enough to open a window. Not so good to be breathing the varnish or paint odor. Hoping the weather will be warm enough next week.
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