Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Expecting a thunderstorm again today., hoping it misses our area!

Here I sit trying to catch up with some e-mail before the storm starts. Then I decided to add another post. Not much to tell about today. Yesterday we received severe thunderstorm warnings. We did get the heavy rain and wind, but the worst of the thunder storm was off in the distance. It was in the other end of our town, but not bad in the section where I live. So I spent the day working in the house. i must admit that I find it easier to work outside in the fresh air when it isn`t too hot out. Today is another day with both AC`s going. Now we are getting those same severe thunderstorm warnings. Right now they are up in Stony Creek. That is where one of my sons live and about an hours drive from me. He stopped to visit on his way to work so i cooked us some dinner- spare ribs, mixed veggies and baked potato which made him happy. He lives alone with his youngest daughter so has been doing his own cooking for years. So, it is a treat to have someone cook a meal for him. He cares for his own home and raised his 3 kids alone, the oldest - a son is in the Marines, the middle child is a school teacher in Virginia, and the youngest , after graduating got a local job, but still living at home. He did a great job as they are all good adults. Hope we are lucky again today and the storm stays aways off.
I hurried and got the work done outside this morning to beat the rain. I finally planted the rose bush my S& DIL gave me for Mothers day. The danger of frost is finally over-- at least it should be. I had bought some mums last week and I also got them planted this morning. I have a 3 bin compost frame over in the other lot. So, I got out the wheelbarrow and shovel and carried some of that nice black compost to use for planting. Hopefully it will make the rose bush and mums grow better. Suppose I should stop and run out and take care of the shovel and wheelbarrow as I keep them in the garage.
Back again. Now I won`t need to run out in the rain to take care of things.
Just got another report and the storm is getting closer.
I am not crazy about thunderstorms as I once had a reason to worry. Years ago when we lived on the farm I was outside hanging diappers onto an outside clothesline when a storm hit. When the lightning hit, I was blinded for a while and couldn`t even see the line I was trying to hang the diappers on or the clothespin in my hand. I am normally not afraid of thunder storms, but that day scared me as i wasn`t sure if I was ever going to be able to see again. It seemed like ages, but I know it probably wasn`t more than 15 minutes or so before my sight came back.
When I could see there were lots of small fires. It looked like the lightning hit the tree and bounced off in both directions setting fire each time it hit the ground. There was fires in the night pasture and also in the field outside the fence. It couldn`t have happened at a worse time. I had two girls who were burn`t bad when the step D found a bottle with mercuric acid and battery acid combined , She spilled some and burnt her arm, then she threw it and it hit a board causing it to spatter all over the other D who was then just 2 1/2 yrs old. So they had to stay under mosquitto netting on the bed. The twins ( boys) were just a couple months old at the time. I yelled and my bro came over from my parents home and with a shovel and a broom him and I did our best to keep the fires from heading for the barn or farmhouse till the firemen arrived. When I got back into the house I found that a niece was using my mother`s record player when the lightning hit and it did something to the player. My Dad had just boughten it for my Mom. It took me hours working on it, but I was lucky and got it working ok.
Today I realize how lucky I was that time, being so close to where the lightning hit and then getting my sight back. I wouldn`t even have been outside if I had know a thunder storm was coming. Today I am a bit smarter. If it feels like rain and the air starts to heat up, I know a thunderstorm might happen, so I prepare for it.
Well, it is getting closer, so I better post this or I might lose it. I always shut off the comp, Tv and even unplug the telephone that connects to my comp when a bad storm is on its way.

mee too had a bad going-back-home last evening. started at 6 pm and reached by 10, due to heavy down pour.. drenched, hungry, sleepy ;)
Thunderstorms don't scare me, although I have never had a fright like you did.

I like watching them, I think they are magnificent, although I don't like driving in them, would rather be home.
I never used to tell anyone this because no one ever believed me when I was a kid. My mom's house is famous for getting struck by lightening. When I was seven my sis and I were watching cartoons and I decided the dog that was in the corner of the kitchen should come in and watch TV with us. Just as I was reaching down touching the dog, lightening struck and followed the wire down to the kitchen, thru the sink, me, the dog, and out the stove! There was a lot of screaming and howling. I had burn marks in the shape of lightening on my arm, front and back and a black mark where the lightening exited my body! The dog was okay as far as we could tell and the doc gave me salve for the burns. But what a panic it would be to lose your sight!! Even for 15 minutes! I am not as afraid of T-storms as I was when I was younger, but am cautious.
dewdrop, I hate driving when it is raining or snowing so hard you can`t see the road. I remember one time when we were driving up the steep hill in W.virginia when it snowed so hard we couldn`t see the road. I kept my head out the window in the snow so I could see the road right in front of our car where the headlights showed inorder to keep us from going over the side of the steep hill. Another time we were on our way home from our son`s Navy graduation in Illinoise when it rained so hard we couldn`t see the turn offs to take. Lucky we had a map so I could find another route to get us back to Buffalo NY.
Deni, I used to tell my kids that the noise was made by someone bowling in Heaven and the big crash was when they got a strike. Little ones aren`t scared if they have something to blame the noise on. So, none of my kids grew up being scared of a thunderstorm.
I still don`t like driving in them because if a sudden lightning happens to statrtle you, it could cause you to jump and it could affect your driving.
itisi, you sure went thru an awful scarry time. Did the salve heal the burns without leaving a scar? I hope so. Mighty lucky dog, and so were you very lucky. You must have touched the dog just as the lightening hit. So glad you weren`t more seriously hurt.
As for the old saying that lightning never strikes the same place twice, that is not true. It put a hole in the roof of the house next door twice, once when the former neighbors owned it and again a few years after we bought the property- in almost the exact same place. I just turned that property and house into a daughters name a couple months ago. She has paid us rent and lived there for almost 20 years and so Walt and I had decided to leave it to her in our will, then I decided to give it to her now instead of later. Hope the lightning never hits that house again.
I hope that you are safe and sound.
Take care please.

what a stories you have with Thunderstorms. I've been living in Kuwait,Palestine, and Jordan, and we didn't witness any Thunderstorm, so I don't know what It's just showed me the whole picture, thx :)

It's great that now ur more experienced with thunderstorms and you can take a better care of you and your family :)
Thanks Jac. Some places lost their power, but not where I live.
Todat it has cooled back off, Storms are over and we were in the high 80`s F the past few days, and today we are back in the 60`s F. Crazy weather.
Thanks for caring. Hope you are having better weather.
Thanks Jac. Thunder storms are over and today the weather has cooled down. Was in the high 80`sF the past few days. Today we are back down in the 60`s F. Much more comfortble out.
thanks for caring.
I posted earlier but I see it never posted to my site. So I decided to try again.
WOW, I see when I posted this time that both this post and the earlier post both appeared.
Now i am going to try and post again to Abed and see if my earlier post wlao shows up with this new one.
Hi Abed.Yes, thunderstorms can be dangerous, but most of the time the lightning just hits the ground and ends there. Yesterday lightning hit a house and set it on fire. Noone was hurt, but the house was destroyed. That happened in another town a ways from where I live. There have been people hit by lightning who are killed, but that doesn`t happen very often. The thunder noise is made when the lightning hits the ground or another object. It makes a very loud blasting noise on contact. You can hear the thunder noise for miles from where it hit. But there is no danger from the noise as by the time you hear it, the lightning is over. Hope thins helps you to better understorm what a thunder storm is like.
Thanks for reading my blog.
Its been raining here steady for the last little while not to heavy but the Tulip festival needs it.
Personally i likestorms and walk in them. I like the raw poer of the thinder and lightning

Have a nice weekend Dot :D
Dotm: Yeah, sure, I think I have a better view of the Thunderstorms...

by the way, Nice blog you have :)
No post ?
You are so right Waklker, if we want those pretty tulips and other flowers we do need the rain. Plus it helps my well. Can`t pump water from a well without having the rains to refill the underground streams that feed my well. I don`t mind the thunder and lightning as long as noone gets hurt.
I can remember when walking in the rain didn`t bother me as long as I had a rainproof jacket on. I never liked looking like a drowned rat. HaaHaa. Plus I never liked tracking someone elses floor.
It was raining hard when I awoke this morning and so far hasn`t even let up.This rain is a cold one today. I prefer those soft warm rains in the sunshine .
Thanks! Wishing you the same great week-end Walker.
Thanks for the nice words Abed. You are welcome to come back to my blog anytime.
Hey there Jac, Have you posted again yet? I will be looking to see. :):)
I didn't know that you had thunderstorms like that out there! We have bad thunderstorms and several times our cordless phones and once a TV have got damaged. Now, the first sign of thunder, wer run around unplugging everything. Keep safe.
Hello hillgrandmom, Some of our storms do get bad, and I also run around unpluging the telephone to connects to my computer to protect it, I unplug the Microwave and TV`s . I hate it when the phone rings and I answer it asking whos calling and tell them I will call them back when the thunderstorm is over. As they say, never stand out of the rain under a tree as it draws the lightning, if outside try to keep close to the ground as lightning usually strikes the tallest objects. There are lots more of these safety ideas.
Thanks for stopping by.
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