Monday, May 22, 2006


About Sassy

Suemamma, I hope you saw the pictures of Sassy, my Border Collie. I hadn`t forgotten that you asked me to post her picture, sorry it took me so long.

A grandson from Florida was up for a visit. My Granddaughter ( his sister) and her two children live not too far from me. So they all showed up Saturday to visit me. It was great. I hadn`t seen this grandson in quite a few years. Wouldn`t you know it, I was in the middle of putting new caulking on where the tub enclosure connects with the sheetrock above it. If you have ever used a caulking gun, then you know you can`t just lay it down someplace. You first need to push a nail into the tube opening or the caulk will continue to flow out all over. I also usually add some electrical tape to help keep the nail tight so the caulk won`t harden.

I really surprised the kids when I just opened the door and said come in- I will be with you in a minute. I had to put the caulking gun away first and wash my hands since I often use my fingers to spread the caulk out. Not seeing that grandson for so long, and not knowing he was arriving, they didn`t think I would recognize him. My Granddaughter told me it was so very hard keeping his secret as he wanted to surprise me. He came to the door first, thinking I wouldn`t recognize him alone. Later I showed him the pictures his wife had sent me back in 2000, and he realy hadn`t changed in looks since then. So, that`s how I knew it was him.

Well to get back to the pictures of Sassy. One picture was taken a few years ago when she had the sore leg which healed nicely. The other picture was taken because my great grandson asked me to take a picture of him with Sassy, and of course I did it for him.
I first saw Sassy on July19th 1996, when she was just 4 weeks old. She had belonged to my husbands Niece and nephew. They lived about 30 miles from us and we drove out to visit them. This little puppy was forever either biting the ears of their old cocker spaniel, or the small ears of their large cat. Neither the cat or the spaniel seemed to be bothered by it, but it was irritating me to see the puppy being allowed to do this. So, after a while I started tapping her nose every time and telling her "NO". Even with all my correcting her, she still started following me all over their trailer. When Walt and I were ready to leave, Sassy jumped into the car and up onto the back seat before I could get the car door closed. So, I got back out of the car and took her out. I carried her up and set her on their back porch. Then I hurried to the car, but Sassy beat me again and had squeezed behind my seat and onto the back seat again.
I got out of the car to get her back out when the neices hubby told me I had to take her home with me. Told him I could never take their dog home. He told me that I didn`t have a choice as Sassy had chosen me. He added that she had never followed either of them around like she was following me. Then the niece told me there was a little dog at the Mall Pet place that she wanted in the worst way, but already having 2 dogs, they really couldn`t afford a third. But if I would take Sassy home, then she could get her little dog. So, Sassy came home to live with us. So, Sassy will be 10 years old next month. We brought Sassy home on July 19th, 96 and my Husband passed away also on July 19th (2002). I never even thought about it being on the same date till I was writing about when we first saw Sassy and made her ours. Both on July19th. Guess you could say that July 19th has been both a date to receive my beloved Sassy and to lose my beloved husband. Both a happy day and a sad day for me.
We had lost our other dogs, a beagle and a Collie/German police mix and didn`t own a dog at this time. so Sassy was really wanted and she soon became an important member of our family.

Thanks Dot for the picture of Sassy. She doesn't look 10 years old in them at all.
hi Suemamma, She only looks older when you see the gray hairs that have showed up on her face the past couple years. But she is still very active. A year ago she was scaring me as she didn`t seem to have much energy and was mostly just laying around. Then last winter she refused to come inside and spent the whole winter out in her dog house. Guess she knew something I didn`t, because staying out in the fresh air, her hair stopped shedding and she became very lively. She acts more healthy after staying outside. Now, I`m waiting to see if she wants back inside when it gets hot outside. I`d feel lost without her. She is so loyal and protective.
It's funny how our pets choose us and not the other way around.
Sassy is a beautiful dog! My neighbor's have a Border collie Pup, named Cowboy, he is so cute!
Nan, they say that dogs are smarter, so guess they can tell who will be kind to them. First time I had a dog that determined to come home with me. My husband could stand in front of Sassy and tell her to back up and she would walk backwards just like a horse does. I love the way she will sit and wait when the kids have treats for her.
Deni, Cowboy is a great name for a Border Collie. I never got to name Sassy as that was her name when we got her. I could have changed it, but she was already responding to that name. She was a nipper, never left a mark. Her natural instinct was to nip as they would nip the heels of sheep to bring them back to the flock. She was nipping the cat and dog they had. That was why they named her Sassy, I think. It was real easy to teach her she couldn`t do that to people or other animals. She was always such an easy dog to train.
Sassy is beautiful but more important I love the story behind how she became yours.
She is very special, having chose you and the date she came to live with you.
I know she is very important to you now. Love her and continue to make special
memories with her.
Thanks Vickie. She is what makes me get up in the morning. Some days I feel like just laying there since there is noone to do things with. But, then I think- Sassy is used to eating by 7 or 7:30 at the latest, so I need to get out of bed and get my shower over in time to feed her.
She is so very lovable and very spoiled and is always laying on the porch in front of the door every morning waiting for me.
This morning my trash man tossed her more bones. She is so used to him giving her the dog bones that she starts barking as soon as she hears his truck-- even before it turns around the corner of my road. But still the fellow told me that she won`t let him pat her unless I am outside. I still haven`t figured that one out..
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