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Winter indoor plants-Sunday , March 5, 06

Jac, you asked to see some of the plants still in bloom so I took a picture of some of them. They are nowhere as full now as they are in the summer when they are outside in the sun and fresh air.
I actually have 9 Impatience plants that keep blossoming year around. Every summer I use them to fill up my large railing flower box on the side porch. They grow so large and fill the box with flowers. Some times I add some flowering begonias scattered between them. But, once the furnace starts they don`t do as good.
Then there is one Rieger Begonia in blossom, only one of the Calla Lillies is still in bloom, only have the one African Violet left which blooms year around. I had a lot of African violets in many pretty colors till we were without power for a few days last winter and all but this one died from the cold. I will probably get more in the spring. The spider plants did have lots of tiny white flowers on them, but the flowers are gone now.
Then I have one Amerilla that is starting to blossom. But this time I am getting two separate stems - one on the back and one on the front of the same plant with a blossom on the tip of both stems. I won`t know how many blossoms will open from those two closed tops until they start to open. I usually get anywheres from two blossoms to four or one time had five on one stem. They are so large and so pretty. I have over 30 of these plants, but most are still to young to blossom. It will be a while before the blossoms open as the stems have to keep growing much taller first. As you can see, one stem is much taller than the other short one so it should open before the other one does. Would be great if they all opened at the same time.
I can`t think of the name of the tree/ vine that is in the background. it used to be so large that I had to tie it to a hook in the ceiling to keep it from falling over as it got very heavy and was so full it took up the whole corner. This past fall I cut it all down and started some new ones.
I have given away an awful lot of Aloe plants and I still have lots more than I need. I also gave away many spider plants. I had some that were getting real large, but they were taking up way to much room in that small room. This is only some of my plants. Most of the plants are kept on a table in front of the Laundry room window.
I`ll be glad when nice weather gets here so I can put them all outside and get my house back.
Jac, Not as pretty as those you post. But they are so much prettier when they are filled with blossoms. Have to admit that I haven`t taken as good care of them lately with doing so many other things.

Your plants are lovely.

I wish I could grow plants like that. Hmm, but then the cat would probably eat them.
Deni, I used to sit all the amerilla plants at the back of the house out of the direct sun for the summers. Had to move them over to the other end of the house where my dog couldn`t reach them. She also ruined 2 of the huge aloe plants I used to have. I caught her eating an aloe plant and thats when I realized what was damaging them. I was surprised it didn`t make her sick. So, I now keep all the plants out of her chains reach in the summer. She never seemed to bother any of the other plants in the house. But, most of them are either hanging , on a table or on the tall planter stand and in the 2 baskets that are up on legs.
Iused to bringin my outdoor plants but I found the didnt fare well inside and they were alot of trouble. I already have a houseful of plants I have year round and they are more than enough work.
You must have the toucj because I can see your blooming like they were outside in the summer.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and unfortunately cancer and heart disease do run in my family. My Grandmother, my mother, my brother and myself have all had cancer. Unfortunately my Grandmother will not win her battle. There are other memebers of the family as well who have lost their battle with cancer over the years. My Grandfather died of heart disease and my Uncle had a heart attack at the age of 40. He fortunately survived. Some families get hit really hard and sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming but I try to hang tough.
Walker, I don`t have a choice as they would all die from the snow and cold in the winter if I didn`t bring them in. Wish I could leave most of them outside. The amerillas need a resting time so i put them upstairs and just lightly water them during the winter. I only bring them down when they start to blossom. When weather warms up i will bring them all down and set them outside. Quite a job going up and down the stairs each time-- takes a lot of trips. I use a cat litter box so i can bring a few at a time.Takes about 5 trips up and down every winter and every spring. What kind of plants do you have? Yes, they can be a lot of work.
Nan, I am so sorry your Gram is so sick. I hope everyone else is doing well now. My Dad and mom both died of a heartattach as did my younger brother. I only knew one Gram and a step grampa. All my fathers family dies from heartproblems except for one bro who had Lung Cancer. Three of my Moms sisters died from cancer. One of my older bros had his Thyroide removed from cancer a few years ago. he constantly worries that it might come back.
I wish you and your family all the best. thanks for stopping by.
thanks for stopping by at my blog and for leaving me's been greatly appreciated..your plants looks so healthy..i bet you have a green thumb? ;;)
Thanks for remembering me on the post, that too surprisingly with a lot of blooming plants.
I know that it is cold there and it is snowing, so how come your plants are blooming now ???

Its so nice to see so many indoor plants blooming.

When you say Aloe, is it Aloe Vera the famous herb ?

Your post is prettier than mine in many ways, with words and lovely wonder that you have so many visiting you.
Yes Jac, it is the Aloe Vera plants. I use the liquid in the stalks for burns and scrapes. Very good healer.
To keep them bloomning is a lot of work. Some sit in front of the south window where they get sun all afternoon. Others need less sunlight or indirect sunlight so they sit near the west window where they get the late afternoon sun. A couple of them I bring into the kitchen in the mornings to get the early morning sun and then I sit them in the other room on the toolbox to get the late afternoon sun. Oh, by the way, under the flowered tablecloth sitting under some of the plants in the picture is realy my large tool box on wheels that I made the flowered cover for to hide it. It is one of those that has the long handle you can pull out for moving the toolbox.
It the plants that require much sunlight that I have trouble growing in the winter. The aloe vera and spiderplants seem to grow pretty good with just a little sun. I have one spider plant that stays alive but doesn`t grow real tall that is just sitting in plain water in a swan shaped ashtray. It has sit in the water for years now and never been planted in soil. All I do is keep adding water as the water gets low. it sits in a north window over my sink, so gets very little sun. I origionally put it into the water to root it, and after it rooted i just left it there. I also have another cactus that is growing in every direction from the planter, but I have never seen it flower and guess it isn`t supposed to. No soil to change, I just keep watering it when it looks dry. It`s in a crazy planter shaped like a man with just a small place where the origional plant started from. It is a messy looking, but I just haven`t wanted to clip it down.
Shine, Thanks loads for dropping by. I will be visiting your blog again real soon.
I have the green thumb for some plants, but not for some others. I can`t keep a rose bush growing in this sand. My wild ones grow fine, just not the boughten rose bushes.
I have Holly Hocks growing for two years now and am hoping when winter is over that they are still alive this summer. Took me years to get some living thru the winters. I finally found out that it isn`t the cold that killed them, it`s the cold wind they can`t stand. So I have been pileing high leaves around the Holly Hawks for the winter to protect them from the wind. Hope it worked again this winter.
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