Wednesday, March 22, 2006


My Coffee mugs and cups in Cupboard, plus part of collection.

Have you ever been cleaning a kitchen cupboard and suddenly really noticed all the different coffee mugs you have.
1. I have one from the Designers Collection- American creations- this cup says:
Anyone can be a Father,
But it takes A
Special Man to be A
2. Then there`s another cup has a dancing cat and music notes that says:
2. A third cup has a picture of a Dad sitting in a comfortable chair eating a sub, with a red and white striped can on floor by his feet. Has a TV blaring on a stand in front of him. On this cup it says:
I`m a Dad
I can eat in front of the TV whenever i want.
4 & 5. Then there are the two cups shaped like Dungarees-- one says Dot, other one says Walt.
6. Then there is the one with sants clause, candy cane and Holly on it.
7 & 8. Two Christmas ones with the word Noel written on each one.
9. There is one with Gingerbread men and women on it. It plays " Jingle bells" and after about 20 years it still starts playing every time that cupboard door is opened and turns off when the door is shut.
10. There is another christmas one that shows Santa coming out of the chimney, a sleigh filled with toys and toys sitting all around thecup.
11. There is one with a rabbit and hearts that says:
MOM! Some Bunny loves you!
12. A Hallmark Smiley Happy Easter! and rabbits, flowers, easter-eggs and a patchwork border going around both the top and the bottom.
13. Another mug has a flower with a bow and lots of small hearts with a light green inside color-by Russ Co.. This one says:
Mom, I may have outgrown a lot of things, But, I`ll never outgrow your Love
14. One just has flowers and a bow with flower bordered top and bottom.
15. I have a larger mug- yellow colored with Dorothy written on it in large print made by the Clemens Pottery place.
16. Another one has a smily face and says : Have a Happy Day on the front and the cover is shaped like a cows head ( large eyes, small ears and horns) and a small open mouth. This one can be used with a straw for little kids, ot as a cream pitcher. With handle.
17-20. Have 4 tupperware stacking cups with covers.
21. Travel mug with cover and handle. One side shows a wide open mouth and My travel cup written on it, other side showa a huge hand woth "Hands Off" written on the palm of the hand.
22. & 23. these have Libra on one and Virgo on the other with long write-ups on each one.
24. Then there is that huge cup with the handle with opening for two fingers- one in each opening. Written on it is :
Official Dunkers Cup
( Floats a Whole Donut)
As you go thru Life Brother,
keep your eye on the Donut and not on the hole.

Also lists these rules-
1. Fingers only
2. No Elbows
3. No Splashing
4. No Slurping
25. & 26. 2 saying MONTREAL, CANADA - boughten in Canada but made in England.
27. One says " Bahamas" and pictures of sea life scene around it.
28. One says " Austin, texas" and shows wild Horses running around the cup.
29. One has red, white, and blue stripes on a slant all around it.
30. Then there is the one I bought when we went to New hampshire beach. it says new hampshire beach and dorothy written on it, plus has a beach scene.
31 & 32. Have two with Indian heads on them and says Mohican council over the Indian head and Boy Scouts of America under the head. Mohican council is our Scout Headquarters name. Bought one while working at summer camp. a son gave me the other one when he came home from 2 weeks at camp. We paid for his first week, but the camp allowed one boy a second free week, and my son was chosen. He eventually became an Eagle Scout. His bro had one more thing needed for Eagle when he ended up spending over a week in the hosp and couldn`t attend.

Then in my Horse collection there are 4 mugs with different horses on them, another cup with Clysdale Hitch- wagon with the Horses.

Couple have lust Horse heads on them.

Then there are 2 fancier ones. One has the whole shape of a brown clydesdale horse sticking out from the cup ( legs and all- just the back section attaches to the cup) and the extended head is the handle. The Horse is hand painted. On the other side of the cup is written in large print " World Famous Budweiser Clydesdales" Made exclusively for Amheuser Bush Inc. 1990.

Another cup has a farm scene with running horses in the field and the back half ( from center of horse to back legs and tail) is the handle.

Another cup has just a Horses head, another has a flock of wild horses running around it, still another has a Horses head and a horse shoe.

Then there is the one with a picture of an Appaloosa with " Applaloosa Horse club, 2001 Awards banquet, Oklahoma City, oklahoma" written on it.
Have a half cup size one with a prancing Horse, tree, pasture background and a thin gold line going down both sides of the handle

Oh, yes. I almost forgot these two--
One has a large rooster painter on it and says "I rule the roost".
The other one has a hen painted on it and says " I Rule the Rooster".
Guess That lists most of th mugs. But in my collection I have 4 larger horse mugs. 26 horse steins ( Bud clysdales for diff. years ), goblets, handleless mugs, shot glasses, plus lots more which all have to do with horses- mostly the Budweiser Cylsdale ones.
Guess I better give my mind a rest and also your eyes from readins all those i have listed. Bet you never thought it could take this long just listing coffee mugs and cups.

Check your cupboards- What does it say on some of your mugs or cups??

I have a set of cup and saucers, the cup when I lift out from the saucer, gives out music so sweet. It stops when I put the cup down.
Sounds like your cup works like that one I have with the gingerbread man and woman on it. this one also works when picked up and stops when put down, but it`s a mug style with no saucer.I leave it upside down in the cupboard and for some reason it plays every time the door opens and shuts off when the door is reopened. haven`t figured it out, but must be something due to leaving it upside down in the cupboard. Wish it played other music song because this way it usually only gets used at christmas time.
Have never seen those regular size cups and saucers where the cups play music.They would be great to own.

jJust noticed i have another real large cup I never mentioned-- has a bear head shape with the nozzle sticking out from the cup and a big pink bow around the neck, plus white hat brim and holey and pink and green stripes on the sants shaped hat. The handle is fromed by the bent section of the santa hat and it has a white round tip where it attaches to the cup.
Gee, it feels good to be able to make a long comment without feeling I should have kept it shorter- I often feel that way when posting to others sights.
wow, that list is impressive!
I've only got 5 mugs... 4 of them are transparent and the other one's got an old style pic, but no writting... I gues I need to put some action into my life, hahaha!
Nice and curious post!
mrgoslings, welcome to my site.
I used to have my cupboard filled with just the cups and saucers that match my plate sets. Then the kids and my sisters started giving me fancy mugs. Soon everyone was using the larger mugs and the reg. cups just sat there. Eventually, there were so many mugs that I just packed up the cups and saucers to make more room. A few of the cups were brought back by my kids from their vacations and a few Walt and I bought.I even put the cups with the gold trim up further in the cupboard our of the way. They go to the service for 8 English Garden design, fine China set that my mother bought for me years ago. Everything has the flowered design around the outer edge for about 1 1/2 inches wide with a gold line going on both sides of the pale blue and gold flowers. They mean a lot to me because my mother chose them and of course my Dad paid for them. They are both gone - Mom for 10 years, Dad for 30 years . I worry that one day one might get broken. But, I decided to start using them about 5 or 6 years ago. Got to thinking, what am I saving them for-- for the kids to fight over who gets them?? So, I started using them every day instead of just special occassions.
Hm.. I have no cups with text on them, throwed them away years ago.

LOVED to have been able to see your horse cups!!!!!

We hope you'll have a really nice weekend and that you're having better weather than over here. Its still cold and snowy.
i have a lot of cups and every thing else for that matter. i do not thnk i want to catalog them . mine are not as interesting as yours are though.
how are you doing today dot. what have you been working on lately? i know you probably have several projests going. well have a great weekend and i will talk with you soon.
I have more than a few coffee cups, hmm, off hand, one my son got with the high school name and mascot on it when he graduated, one with I love Dad written all over it, and another with world's greatest dad, I have an Auntie Anne's hand rolled pretzels mug from when I used to work for them, but my favorite is the one with 1 Chorinthians 13 on it that I recieved as a gift.

Interesting post. :)
I have way too many to list. Now that I read this and looked, I wonder where the hell they all came from and how I got so many.
I want to confide in you.

Somebody presented me a cup few years back that has picture of a woman in a beautiful coloured dress, but when I fill it with anything hot...the woman looks to be with out clothes.
Lifecruiser, when i get time i will take a picture of the horse mugs and cups and post them for you to see. between my dr, tests- nothing to worry about. and the two eye specialist apt- finally got the new glasses ordered- next trip there will be when they come in for me to pick them up, plus all the running with my bro to stores so he doesn`t have to travel alone, i haven`t had much time to play on the computer. Hoping after the birthday party on Sunday is over, things will calm down. It is my twins birthday sunday and one of their daughters is planning a serprise party for her Father and including his bro in it. Just bought my new tiles for my bathroom floor and can`t wait for enough free time to put them down. Guess feeling warmer has got everyone more active and they are keeping me busy, especially my bro. I am also wanting more time to check out others blogs.
Yes, Our weather has been better- supposed to hit 60 F here todat.
have a great week-end.
Mr haney,i just bought enough floor tiles to redo my bathroom. Now, just hoping to find enough free time to put them down. Did manage to turn some of the compost bins this morning as they are starting to thaw our some more.
Deni, I have never seen a pretzel mug or the chorinthians one either. That must be a nice one. most of mine were gifts from our kids or my sisters. So they have meaning with them. I am hoping to get back to reading your blog and all the others soon.
Nan, were yours like mine- either gifts or reminders of vacations.
I know what you mean, until I was cleaning out the cupboard I never realized there were so many. But, they do come in handy at times like Christmas with such a large family. thanks for stopping by.
Jac, I have heard of those cups, but thank goodness noone bought one for Walt as we have way too many little one showing up here all the time. I do have one planter I never mentioned. It was given to Walt years ago. A few days back one son told me the cactus needed trimming. I told him it could keep growing as many new prickly shoots and as long as the shoots will grow. I have even started bending the long picky shoots so they grow around the man planter. If I trimmed them, then I would remove the entire planter. As crowded as it is, it now looks like a big pocket filled with the cactus growing off in all directions and coverint the bottom half of the planter. I would probably have tossed it the first day if it had been given to me, but it was given to Walt and I just got the job of caring for it. Personally, think the reason I got the job was because Walt wasn`t crazy over it either and was just trying to be polite. I felt he could toss it, but I didn`t have the right since it wasn`t mine to toss. By the time I lost Walt the cactus had gotten so large with so very many offshoots that noone could tell what it once looked like. The planter is a man with a weird expression on his face- wearing work pants with the bib type top with shoulder straps and wearing a tophat. The man stands about 8 inches tall. Thats all the explanation you are getting.
have a nice day.
Dot, I am using one today that my sister bought me um, a few years ago, it says, "Lots of people over 30 lead happy useful lives". Nice of her, huh? :)
yes deni, your sister was thinking of you. Isn`t it nice having a sister to give you thoughtful gifts. My youngest sister is like that.
I just wanted to say that you came up on my search to find a mug replacement. We received these mugs as a matching wedding gift last April that said "i rule the roost" and "i rule the rooster" and tonight I found my broken on the floor. Do yours have MOM and DAD on the handles? I would sure like to find a replacement if you remember where you got yours.
Kim,I am sorry I took so long to answer you. I have been looking thru all the small magazines I still get such as "Carol Wright,
" Harriet Carter" and "Signatures". I know there used to be another of these cheaper style places I received from, but I can`t recall more names. I believe I ordered them years ago from one of those small places that send out their sale books thru the mail. It might have been from " Harriet Carter", but I looked thru all the new and older ones I still have and it wasn`t in any of them.
Sorry I couldn`t be more help to you. Yes they do say Mom and Dad on the handles. Good Luck in finding them.
Dot: For years I've been searching for the mug which says, "Mom, I may have outgrown many things, but I will never outgrow your Love." My son bought me one, and I'm trying to replace it as it cracked. Do you have an extra that I can buy from you; or tell me where I can find one? Thanks. Joan
Sorry Joan. One of my daughters bought it for me years ago. I have no idea where she found it, might even have been from the Hallmark card place , as I know she has bought things from there in the past. Or she might have bought it on one of her vacations. Too many years ago to remember.
Joan, Wish I could be more helpful.I only have the one and I wouldn`t sell it as it has meaning for me. Good luck, I hope you are able to find one.
years ago, when my brother was small, he had an official dunker mug and it was his favorite. I have been looking all over for quite a long time now and have not found one. Is it really special to you? Would you be interested in selling it? Or would you know anyone who has one in really nice shape as I would love to give him one for Christmas one year. Thank you for any assistance.
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