Monday, February 27, 2006


Yet Another baby Shower

I wrote a long post this morning and when I had it almost ready to send my comp suddenly shut down and I lost everything. The report said it was caused by something in Windows. Doesn`t surprise me. Just hasn`t happened in a mighty long time.
So, here I go again.
It all started a few days ago when I received yet another invitation for another baby Shower. The biggest difference is that this one is for a future great grandson. I knew before i got the invitation that I was to have another great grandson, so I crocheted another sweater-- this time in Blue. Had it all finished except for the flowers, leaves and little kitten. I embroidered them on yesterday morning.
A Daughter phoned me yesterday asking if I would like to ride up to Wal*Mart with her. I ended up picking up some more little gifts to put with the sweater and the little blue outfit that I picked up a couple weeks ago. So, I got a box and gift wrapped the baby gift, signed the card and now it is already for the Baby Shower tomorrow night.

This morning I woke up wondering what this day would bring. I got up later than usual, after 6am. Must be all that walking around the store tired me enough to sleep longer. I always feed Sassy at 7am every morning. Then it`s the usual bringing in her water dish so I can loosen the frozen water from it.
I usually take the dish into the bathroom sink where I can run hot water onto the outside of the dish till the ice loosens. Then I usually go onto the back porch and toss that frozen ice over the railing into my backyard. I have been doing this all winter and somehow the ice keeps disappearing out of the yard. I toss out ice every few hours all day. By now there should be loads of ice chunks out there, but this morning there is just the one I just tossed there. I am left wondering where all those ice chunks disappeared to. Is the squirrel taking them, are the birds chipping them away, or what???
Next, I had some phone calls to get done.
I rememberred that I needed to call and order more fuel oil for the furnace. That done, next was to call Hannaford grocery to renew my prescription. Then it was time to start the washing.
Next, it was off to pick up the prescription for the Welchol pills for cholesterol. I used to take just one tiny pill every day till the statins started weakening my legs so bad it was getting hard to walk. I told the Dr, I felt I should stop them. So he prescribed the Welchol-- take 6 of these darn large pills a day instead of the 1 tiny pill before. Oh well, still better than not walking.
WOW, the wind just started blowing real hard. Weather report said the wind warning was over for my area. Thats funny since we never had the strong winds this morning, they just started blowing snow past my window so bad I couldn`t see out it for a minute or so. Glad I already did my car driving for today.
Guess I will add a picture of the new blue sweater when I post this onto my blog. That is, if I get time to post it before my comp has different ideas.
Wish me luck!!

all I can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwww

i answered your comment about the nightmare

also I will get you on my blogroll I am sorry I havent been busy on my other blog LOL
Thabnks November Rain. i have been to your blog, read your reply and left parts of two other dreams that I have never forgotten over the many years since they happened.
Thanks for stopping by.
Lifelessions: Oh, my the baby clothes are just soooo very cute!!! The parents must be thrilled over your gifts.

Mrs Lifecruiser: I can only agree, the cutiest thing really!
And thanks for the gardening tip, I will remember it, but for now I can't have any. We're kind of thinking of maybe move somewhere else and we've been doing a lot of travelling and will in the future too probably.
you always do a good job dot. i love it when you can post a picture of your work. you always stay busy and to tell you the truth some times you tire me out even though you are older than i. i worked outside today because it was nice. i had some leaves to pick up in the front and back yard. my wife is rearaging things in the house and hanging some of the pictures that she had is going to take some time to get every thing where she wants it. we are going to end up giving some things away and also donating some stuff. we have collected to many things through the years
well have a good one and i will talk to you soon.
I have lost and lost and lost posts and comments and dont you know it they are usually the best ones you write and can't get into the frame of mind again.
It normally happens to me only when I try to post pics.

Everything made ready and then wen I am uploading the pictures, the darn server just cuts off(an automatic action software does it for my server)the net is gone for a second and my picture is... gone with the wind.

The colour of the sweater is lovely.
Thank you Lifelessions and Lifecruiser. I do enjoy crocheting and still manage some knitting. Crocheting is easier on my hands, but I have knitted so many baby sweaters that some look for them. I`m also enjoy working in my shop.

It would be quite hard to have a garden when traveling for more than a couple or three days at a time. You would need someone to keep the bottom water container from going dry, plus someone to keep picking the ripe crop.
Nice that you can still travel together.
thanks Mr haney. I know what you mean by collecting too many things over the year. Thats what makes my house so full, but hate tossing anything that the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have given me. Plus one room itmostly filled with the Horse Collection, and as you know, I have a lot of the collection up on wall shelfs in the kitchen, plus on the shelfs that divide the front room and kitchen to allow the heat to circulate into the kitchen better.
Raking leaves- much better than shoveling snow. :):)
You are so right Walker. The second post never consists with all that the first one did. If only our minds would copy our first post and we could just hit paste and have it reapear again. Does get irritating sometimes. Sometimes I do something else and rewrite the post later.
thanks Jac. I like that color better than the real light baby blues for baby sweaters.
I think it might have been the freecorder that acted up. When I opened it it locked up my whole machine and I couldn`t delete it or shut it down. Had to go off line and shut the comp down to remove it. So, I removed it off my machine. Now, hoping that was all it was.
I just noticed an error in my post. I said I crocheted the sweater, but this one wasn`t crocheted, it was knitted. Thought I should correct it.
That sure is a pretty baby sweater. She will love it for her new baby I am sure.

Nothing like hand made gifts with love.
Dot: The sweater is beautiful. The handmade ones are the best kindas they seem to last forever. And the color is great! Thanks for posting the pics so we can see your work.
thanks Deni.
After the shower when I went to hug my Granddaughter goodby, she said. " Gramma, I will cherish the sweater and always keep it. I love it when you make me things. I still have the other items you made for me
So nice when they truly love what you put so much time and energy into.
It is sooo frustrating when you lose a post. And of course, its never one that just had a few sentences. I hate computer problems. Computers are supposed to make our lives easier!

The sweater is so sweet -- and the fact that was made by your loving hands, will make it all the more special. I know when I had Ethan, the gifts that were made I have hung onto because they were made out of love.
Thanks Prairierose. I too kept sweaters made for my kids, one sweater made by an Aunt is now 50 yrs old. I also have the two I made in 1955 when the twins were born. Had one finished before going to the Hospital and made the one for the smaller baby while I spent the next two weeks in the Hosp.. It was done in time for them both to wear them home. I made a button one with the hat and booties for our youngest daughter and yrs later I gave it to her for her first daughter to wear. When her first daughter was grown, there she had a second daughter who also wore it. They sure do last longer than boughten ones.
knitted, crocheted, whatever!...that's sweater is lovely! (lucky boy who is getting it)

that ice chunks mistery is puzzling... I'm sure it won't let go off my head now... If I picture the answer, I'll let you know! ;)
Thank you Mr Gonsings. I usually make a larger size sweater, but I figured the larger size would probably fit the baby when the summer is the hotest so it might not get as much use out of it. Figured the smaller size would fit from the time it is born till it starts getting hot out. Hope i am right as you never can tell how fast any baby will grow.
This morning I noticed that the ice dumped last night was still there. Maybe that is because we now have snow on the ground for the animals to get water from. Just a thought I had. Ground was bare ( no snow) when the ice kept disappearing. Something more to puzzle over. thanks for dropping by.
I really enjoyed looking over your blog. I stumbled across it while I was looking for baby gift to compare to some of the baby gift I make. If you get a chance, go to and let me know what you think. I will be coming back to vist your blog often. Good Luck!
Thankyou Maverick. I did go to your site and those Diaper cakes are beautiful. They are all nice, but especially the one with the flowers on top. I loved the color of the flowers going down the side of the 3 layer diaper cake. That is the color of the flowers I put into the flower box for my Dad and my mother always loved them so much, that today I add 2 plants that color among the other flowers when I fill the container for them at the cementary. I think they are the prettiest colored flowers.
Again, I wish you the best luck with your beautiful 3 layer diaper Cakes. And, thanks for stopping by.
itisi, On reading Mavericks post, i noticed that I never thanked you for your nice words. I am sorry i didn`t thankyou before now. Thanks for stopping by.
Great sounds like your trying to get a handle on things and that is great! Gotta go, I'm looking for a diaper cake for a baby shower I'm going to and I don't know where I'm going to find it. Guess I'll check out www.diapergifts.comdiaper cake, I've heard that is a good place to start.
maverick, list your e-mail address so I can send you the directions
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