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Lifecruiser, here goes. I`ll do my best.

First, I am Dot, live in upstate New York, USA., Widowed in 2002 after 50 + yrs with a great man whom I loved dearly. Live alone with my one pet- Sassy, a Border Collie- good watchdog. Mother to ours ( 3 D`s and 3 Sons -2 of which are are twins) and 2 step children from his first marriage ( a Girl and a Boy), grandmother to 22 and great grandmother to 19. This includes ours, the steps and the adopted-- which all became just ours. Big family. especiually at Christmas. I enjot wood working in my Shop, crocheting, knitting and sometimes painting. Enough about me.

As for Movies-- haven`t been to one in years. Mostly watch Tv Soaps, Upstairs/Downstairs, Sometimes Discovery channel, sometimes lifetime channel as I like true stories.

1. First was baby sitting all thru school from age 10 till I graduated.
2. Worked doing Nursing at our local G.F. Hospital- where I met my husband while he was an orderly. Since there was just the head nurse and I working that floor from 3-11pm, I was put in charge when she was off the floor for supper. Was just 18 at this time and even got stuck helping a special nurse when her patient died. My first time handling a death where I needed to help attending to one. I will never forget that evening. But, I truly loved working as a nurse. Met many wonderful people (patients) and lost some I got way too attached to. I quit and got married with a ready made family- a 4 yr old step daughter to raise. We had our first daughter the following year.
3. Walt and I ran a bike Shop for about 4 years . He worked evenings after he came home from his Mill job and I ran it all day. I learned how to build a bike from scratch, right down to spokes, rims, guts etc.and could line up a wheel to a T, much straighter than those that came on boughten bikes. People often brought in their new bikes for better wheel adjustments or better brake and gear adjustments.
4. Walt decided he wanted to own a grocery store, so we closed the Bike Shop, added on another front section to enlarge the store and ran it for many yrs. Again him running it evenings while people started knocking on my house door as early as 6am, even though the store hours statrted at 9am to give me time to get the kids off to school. After the youngest son was born ( my 3rd cessarrian) It became to hard for me
to do everything- Dr told me to quit for my own good. So we closed the store and Walt reopened the Bike shop doing repairs still but also selling new bikes. I still helped till Walt decided to close the shop..
4. Couple years later we were in need of more money so I took a job with a Dept. store , became head of my own dept after about three months. Worked there till was expecting the youngest daughter, had problems and Dr had me quit working again.
Had a great laugh one day, watching a man and a high school kid putting a bike together. Was in the storeroom making up new price tags at the time. They couldn`t see what I was laughing about till I told the lad to sit on the bike and try to peddle. I stood behind the bike to protect him as they had put the crankshaft on the wrong side so the bike would have peddle backwards.

Places visited-- never been out of the US. Been all over N.Y., to Penn., Vermont, Maine, Ill., N.C., N.J., Conn., N.H., Washington DC, thru other states we never stayed overnight in, plus into Canada thru niagara Falls. Would love to see many of the other countries.

Sites visit every day- Arca Max for health & RFitness part and the joke part,
Steve- for learning more Computer tips,
Puzzle Master for the Daily jigsaw puzzles,
Woodworkers journel for tips on doing things easier and easy jigs to make and use.
N.Y. Times- to keep up with current affairs.
Plus checking different blogs that I enjoy immensely and checking to see who sent me an e-mail .

Places lived- Only in New york State. Born in a Town called "Fort Edward" , after marriage- rented in Glens Falls, moved to "Hudson Falls", then on a farm in Fort Edward next to the home I grew up in, and finally in Queensbury every since we built our own home back in 1955.

Favorite food- BBQ spare ribs, mashed potatoes, stuffed peppers, most veggies .

Motto-treat others as you would like to be treated.

Favorite saying - That would be telling ( Easy answer to stay from taking sides and making enemies).

Places I would rather be right now- Can`t think of anyplace except close to where my kids, grandkids and great grandkids live, with the exception of visiting relatives in N. Carolina and Buffalo,Ny. plus would realy love to actually meet many of the wonderful friends I have made on the net in the past 5 or 6 yrs. Of course would like warmer weather till our winter is over.

lifecruiser, I hope I have answered everything you listed. Now Who can i Tag?????
Think I will try tagging ;
che sara

Nice answers buit I think you forgot the most important of all jobs and that was mother/wife.
I got the tag and I got dbl tagged because Mrh tagged me.
I guess I should be thanking Lifecruiser. Gonna have to find one to throw her way LOL
thanks a lot Walker. I would also have tagged mr haney, but I knew Mrs life Cruiser had already tagged him when she tagged me.
As for being a wife and mother, I guess I just never considered them a job as I loved being a wife and am still enjoying being a mother, gram and great gram. They are whats most important in my life and also what makes life worth living.
Sorry you got tagged twice-- see how important you have become!
hello dot.
well it looks like i messed up on this. lifecruiser tagged me and then i went and answered and then tagged you. now that i look back at lifecruisers site i noticed she tagged you when she tagged me. the rules are you can not tag a person twice. so for get my tag. i just got an e-mail from you so i will go and read it. i'm just going to have to pick another name. i'll be back.
Walker , I removed your name since Mr haney had already tagged you. I tagged Kat in your place. Thanks just the same.

Thanks Mr Haney for replacing my name on your tags.
Hi Dot
Saw those answers. nice and clean...a dedicted Mom and wife, a hard worker by all means.

I should be thinking so optomistic like you, Dot.
It's nice to learn new things about people. I will try and get to this as soon as I can.
hey Dot..i had done this tag sometime back
this is second time...
u want me to do it again??
Well done Dot! That is quite a achievement, your life! So many children and grandchildren and the jobs.

Mrs Lifecruiser:
hm.... I wonder what Walker can come up with to throw in my way... *waiting*
Sophia, Sorry, i didn`t know you had been tagged before. I must have missed that post. Thanks, I will try to name someone else in your place. Thanks again.
Sophia, I am going to try to tag Daniel and hope he accepts. Thanks again
Mr haney, don`t worry about the ddt, as it is hard to remember who has been tagged before. Thanks anyways for thinking of me.
thanks jac. Must say that I have never had a job that I didn`t enjoy doing. Think that is half of every job- liking what you are doing.
The biggest battle in anything is deciding you wish to accomplish what you set out to do, then it`s just doing the best that you can and never feeling you failed as long as you know you gave it your best. Noone has a right to expect more than what you are able to do.
I think we are our own worst critics and we often expect much more from ourself than others expect from us.
Thank a lot Deni. I know how busy you are and do appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. You are a true friend.
Thanks again. best of luck in your moving.
lifelessions, Wasn`t sure just what i was supposed to do, but I used your headings to help.

Mrs Lifecruiser, like you, I am also waiting to see what Walker will find.
Now Walker, be nice!!! :):):)
Hi Dot,
I'm not on your list but you asked me to do this on my blog. I've done this one before though. It can be viewed here. Your version also asks for a motto and a favourite saying. These are:
Motto - Hold Fast
Saying - Where there is a will, there is a way.
Kat, I tried you when I found out that Sophia ( che sara) had already done it before.
I also replaced Walker for Daniel as Walker had been tagged before. Hard finding who has and who hasn`t already done it in the past.
Hola Dot!
Thanks for the visit to my site...
This post is a great read!.
I'll be seeing you..
Mr GonSings, Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by. I just enjoyed reading your post about your Lady President.I learned a little about your country.
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