Thursday, February 02, 2006


A slow Day

Accomplished very little today. A Bro stopped to visit and when he left I went over next door to my Daughters.
This Daughter runs a day care . One little 6 year old wishes to learn to knit so she can surprise her Gram who also knits. So my daughter bought a knitting kit for her to use to make a thin scarf. The yarn in the kit has other material along with the regular yarn which makes it very hard for a little one to work with. My Daughter had forgotten how to knit so she asked me to come over and teach the little one how. I had my Daughter give her some regular yarn to make the scarf with. The little one is real smart and a very good listener and learner. Didn`t take long for me to show her and she had a few rows finished by the time her Mother showed up to pick her up. When she comes back tomorrow after school she will do more work on her scarf.
After they left, I showed my daughter how to knit so she would be able to help the little one if she got stuck. Of course my daughter remembered how once I showed her again. I just hope she doesn`t drop any of the stitches or my D will need me to come over and show them how to pick them back up.
I wish the little girls Gam was a crocheter as it would be easier for her to crochet with less worry about dropping stitches. Much easier to pick up a dropped stitch in crochet than in knitting.
Then as I was getting ready to leave to come back home, a Niece showed up to use my Daughters new Laptop and she asked me to stay and help her look up some things. It was my first time using a Laptop, but we managed to find what she was looking for. Only problem I had was I couldn`t find how to go back to a previous page. No "Back" to click on. Must be a simple way to do it if I just had more Laptop knowledge .
So, today would have been a beautiful day to work in the shop-- warmest it has been in months- 40 degreesF and not a lot of moisture in the air so would be better drying weather.
But was too late by the time I got back home. Expecting rain or snow for the next few days. Hope next week brings back some dryer weather. I am anxious to finish the kitchen paper basket.
But, I did enjoy helping the little 6 yr old. Her eyes got so big and she looked so happy and was so excited while she was learning. I love seeing young ones enjoying learning. She made my day worthwhile. The shop will be still there another day.
Oh No, I just got a phone call on Callwave. It left a message from the step daughter that I haven`t heard from in over 15 or more years. She never even showed up for her own fathers funeral. I have mixed feeling about this call as over the years she never bothered with me unless she wanted a favor, or me to do something for her. Last time she simply wanted me to locate another half sister that her birth mother had many years ago. I had raised this girl since she was only 4 years of age. Her birth mother had visiting rights, but not once did she ever bother to have any contact with her daughter. In fact she kicked her son out when he was 14 and we took him in and finished raising him too. I was stupid to ever have found her birth mother for her as about three years later she dumped her father , me and all the brothers and sisters she was raised with. She even dumped her own two kids and has never seen her grandson. So, I keep asking myself " Why is she bothering to call me now after her father has been gone almost 3 years? What does she want?" I`m almost afraid to find out . She hurt her father and I so bad that I just don`t wish to go thru any more pain from her. I am going to have to take time and think about whether I could handle any more from her . Why didn`t she call while her father was alive? It would have meant a lot to him. Wish I could trust her, but I know I never could in the past and I doubt she has changed. I have heard from others who have seen her that she is still a big drinker.
Well, Guess I better stop thinking about it or it will wear me out and i won`t get any sleep tonight..
So today started out ok, but who knows how it will end.

You brought back memories of my grandmother teaching me how to crochet when I was little. :)

As for the step daughter, tread carefully, but you probably already know that. It's sad when families split apart. My step daughter hurt us bad, but we are more concerned with how she is hurting herself with drugs, and hurting her little one. She will not speak to us, and I just pray that she will get help before it's too late.
if she asks you for a favor dot i know you will end up trying to help her so if i was you i would not call her back. these people know who is an easy touch and that is just who they call.
well tomorrow is my birthday and i guess i will find out how it is to be 61. i guess it is just another day but after a while they add up don't they?
where are you dot? you stopped posting. are you on vacation?
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