Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A Sad Week

Tues. Feb. 7th, What a long sad week.
This has been one of the longest weeks in a long time. Last Thursday my neighbors son Died after finishing a sparing session at the Club where he was training for an upcoming Boxing match. They say that the Club owner called the Ambulance which took the lad to the hospital. I also heard that no one from the Club went with him- so he died alone. I would have thought the Club owner would have escorted him in the Ambulance since it happened in his place. The lad had just finished his sparing session when he felt dizzy and headed to the locker room where he laid down on a bench. We are still not certain whether he died at the club or on the way to the Hospital.
It took till yesterday to learn anything from the autopsy. The preliminary autopsy results say he died as the result of a Brain injury, but we are still waiting for further testing results to come back. They said it could be 3 weeks to get the final results back. The lad just turned 28 on Jan. 23rd. He was to graduate from College with a Law Degree in May, had just moved into a home he was buying, was painting a restaurant with plans on opening it soon and was planning his wedding for shortly after he finished College. He had his life all planned, and then this happened.
I am close with the Family as they have lived across the street from me for 20 years. He was just 8 yrs old when they moved in. He was their only son. He had one sister that he grew up with , plus 2 half sisters that live with their own mothers.
Due to the autopsy and then a Sunday, they couldn`t hold the Wake till yesterday and the Funeral was this morning. So, it Happened last Thurs. and it took 6 days of waiting.
I haven`t done much on the comp, mostly checked e-mails, but wasn`t feeling much like posting. He was such a kind caring person. He sure will be missed.

I haven`t quite finished the kitchen paper basket. I am not satisfied with the varnish stain color on it and should have waited till my nerves calmed down to work on it and I would have done a much better job. Would be too hard to darken the stain now as I already added the protective poly coating. Atually the color matches the bottom kitchen cupboards and that was why I chose it. But since I was using leftover plywood instead of buying the better grade, it has the plywood markings showing thru the lighter stain. Would have looked much better with a higher grade of plywood, but I already had the left over board from making the new roof over the kitchen addition area. Who knows, maybe I will make a better one when warmer weather gets here.
I ended up cutting out a wood knob for the handle on the cover and I think it turned out ok. I used the band saw to cut it out and also to slant the lower half of the sides the way I wanted it -to make it easy to hold on to. I also ended up painting some flowers and vine effect around the top lid part used to hold the basket liner in place. So, it is almost finished.
The weather was lots better all last week, but yesterday it went back into the 20`s and expecting it to be only 13 degrees at 7am in the morning and about 13 7AM Thursday morning, so the colder weather is back. It feels even colder with the chilly wind blowing. I had to turn the heater on in the kitchen inorder to sit here at the comp.
Well, guess I will end this off for tonight as I am feeling extra tired. I had hoped to check out some other blogs tonight, but I just feel too tired.It has been a very long day.

hello dot.
it looks like you have had one rough week. it may be best if you take a little time off and watch some t.v. we will be here when you return. take care of yourself.
Hi Dot
Sorry I missed some of your posts. I am back after the vaction.

Am so sorry about the lad in the club. Seeing him from his 8th year makes a lot of feelings to you.

On a personnel side, you are doing great...doing odd things. Don't plz tire yourself more in winter.
Stay away from cold, dot !!
Take care.
So sorry to hear of your loss. It is too sad when someone young dies suddenly, especially someone who has accomplished so much! My heart goes out to you and his family.
Thanks loads everyone. It helps a lot having such great friends. Such a hard tragedy for his parents and sisters to handle and of course there realy isn`t much one can do for them right now-- just be there for them. If only we could help people when they are going thru such pain, but time is the only help for this kind of pain. God Bless them and God Bless all of you for caring.
I will post pictures of the Kitchen paper basket soon as I did bring it in the house and started using it today. As I said, I am not realy satisfied with it, but today my youngest sister, one of her daughters and her grandson took me out to lunch with them and she told me she liked it and that she ought to have me make her one, so guess it must be better than I think. Boy, my English teacher sure wouldn`t like that last sentence. She would say it was a run on and on one and she would be correct.
Hope everyone is having a good day or evening considering where you live. God Bless and Thank you for being there for me.
Hi Dot, that is so sad about your neighbor's son. It must be hard for them, I can't imagine losing one of my children.

I will keep this family in my thoughts and prayers.
Hi Dot,
mrhaney sent us over here and he did right doing that :-)
We = My daughter Mrs Lifecruiser at http://www.lifecruiser.com and me. She is helping me with my blogging.
What an awful thing that happened your neighbours son. Horrible, and so young....
Hope you feeling better soon, we'll be coming back later to check up on you.
Take care.
Deni and lifelessions- Thanks for your kind thoughts.
There are such wonderful caring people that I have met here in the blogs. I am so grateful to you all and am glad to call you my friends.
Jac, hope your vacation was both restful and enjoyable. Glad to see you back and thanks for caring.
Thanks itisi for your kind words and for stopping by my blog again.
Mr haney, thanks for the new friends you sent to my blog. I am doing better today.
Hi Dot,

First off, thanks for stopping by my blog. I think that MrHaney is just trying to start a movement that will eventually wind up with everyone's lives being intertwined, possibly with the end result being world peace...or something like that...lol.

I am sorry to hear about your neighbor's son. It's so hard to understand how that can happen to someone who's just reaching such big milestones in his life. Makes you wonder sometimes if it's worth putting so much effort into things when they can be so quickly taken away.
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