Friday, February 10, 2006


My 3 Piece Wood kitchen Paper Basket

My 3 piece wood kitchen paper basket. Think I might add small handles on each end for easier moving without takind apart.

No words !!!
Speachless I am !!

Simply beautiful, dot!
This isn't an object, it is a work of art! The most beautiful paper basket I have ever seen!
Thanks itisi, In the next post you will see the decorative flowers better. Of course you can also see the knots in the plywood as I just used some left over plywood from when the sons did my new addition roof, so it wasn`t first class plywood. The other wood was pieces from old wallboards that we removed yrs ago from both the front room and an upstairs bedroom. Better grade wood would have looked better. Thanks again.
Jac, you always give me more credit than I earn, but it was fun making it. Is an improvement over the old plastic yellow one that I have looked at for years. Wish Walt were here to see all i have accomplished in the past 3 years.
Thanks again Jac.
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