Friday, February 10, 2006


More Paper Basket Pictures

These pictures show the different sides and the difference in the liner cover flower designs on each side.

I love it, Dot! Especially the feature that keeps the bag in place :-)
good job dot.this is like a work of art. you could go in business making these. your always keeping busy doing one thing or another and that is a good thing.
Thanks Skye. Btter grade of plywood would have improved the look, but I decided to make it with what ever wood and plywood I had around. The plywood was left over from wjhen the sons redid my kitchen addition roof and the two different wallboard designs were left over from yrs ago when we removed the wallboard from the front room and from an upstairs bedroom. So, it gives it different woods for a different character look. Thanks for the kind words
Thanks Mr Haney. It holds a 30 gallon plastic bag for a liner and still doesn`t use more floor space than my old reg. size basket did. I downloaded a few pictures in the MULTIPLY site. Wanted to do more , but a Daughter asked me to go shopping with her, so maybe more later. Thanks for the nice words.
Wow, I love it!!! You have talent!
Thanks deni. I don`t know about talent, but I do have fun making things. It makes each day have a meaning, instead of being just another day. Between the shop and crocheting and knitting, it helps fill in the hours in the day. I am what my Dad used to called - a jack of many trades, but not a master of any of them. But they are still fun to do. The youngest son was here yesterday and he said it turned out nice. As they always say, we are our own worst critics and guess that is true. On each thing I do,I can always see places where I could have done better. You keep learning by doing.
Thanks, Dot
It is an excellent paper basket! And it is true about being your own worst critic. It is cool that it holds more than the old one, but takes up the same amount of space! Very innovative!
I don't have to say that it is cute.
Because everybody has already said that.
Itisi, actually the very bottom is a bit smaller than the other boughten one was and top of old one was 14 x 12, new one is 141/2 x12 without the liner holder, liner is about 14 x almost 16 because I wanted it easy to put on and off- could have been 14 x 15 and still work well. But the old one was 21 inches tall and this one is 31 inches tall, so it`s the height that allows it to hold so much more. So, since we can`t use the space over the basket, the height doesn`t matter- still shorter than the normal 36 inch cupboards. Saves using two bags, one for the reg. 13 ounce kitchen basket and one for the 30 gallon can on the side porch, as the larger bag is all I now need to buy.
Thanks for stopping by. Take care.
jac, thanks. I am now thinking of adding small handles on each side just under where the liner holder stops- to make it easier to move and dump. But a bit too cold out today- still below freezing, but snow has stopped and already starting to drop more in temperature. I`m sure in a rush for Spring to get here. Snow makes trees and bushes look pretty, but I`m not crazy for this very cold weather. thanks for dropping by again.
Wow, that must be the most beautiful paper basket we've ever seen. Both my daughter Mrs Lifecruiser and I think so. You are really talented.

I wish I could have done the same, but I doubt it even when my hands were not crooked...

PS. My daughter is writing this for me, she is my private secretary!
That looks more like a piece of furniture rather than a paper basket. You do great work.
Thanks Lifelessions, and also thanks to your wonderful daughter for posting for you. Having a private Secretary is great. Hope I have one if my arthritic crooked fingers get to be too much for me to write and do other things. I feel proud just having you for a friend. You give me courage to face the future, whatever it brings. I can`t hold small things, but so far can use my larger tools. Can`t do simple things like sew on a button with those small sewing needles, plus i use the pencil enlargers on my crochet hooks and knitting needles. Where there is a will, we can usually manage a way. Happy that you have your Daughter to post your thoughts for you. Thanks for dropping by.
Thanks Walker. It could be better, but my fingers get a little stiff when it is cold out. As you probably noticed it wasn`t better grade plywood- so has knots showing for a more rustic look. But, using the left over roofing plywood meant the basket cost me nothing to make- just time and work.
Thanks for dropping by.
You should also be knowing that the snow also makes some of the plants to disintegrate.

I Came looking for another post, dot!
Cant leave without writing. Can I ?
Take care.
yes Jac, snow and cold weather does destroy some plants, but I think it makes up for it by replentishing more water into the ground to help some plants start growing better in the spring. The more snow we have to melt later, the more water in the reservours and also the underground streams that supply the house wells.
The worst thing we have is the polution in the air. Lilacs used to stay in bloom for months when I was younger. Today we are lucky if the blossoms last 2 weeks. Sometimes less than a week to enjoy them, and they do make the house smell so nice. Usually they die after the first rain hits them and turns then rust colored. Such a loss of beauty and smell to enjoy
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