Monday, February 13, 2006


Hello Everyone

Well, here I am with little to talk about.
Woke up yesterday morning with my C-PAP machine beeping and not working.
Then this morning that darn machine woke me up at 4am- not working, just that constant beeping. So, I finally called the home Theraphy place and they were going to give me a loner and take mine to be repaired. It was going to cost me $102.93 for a months rental. They needed my Drs aproval to send to my ins. Co. They called The Lung Dr who said he couldn`t ok it because he hadn`t seen me lately. Funny thing was that it was his office that called me to cancel my appointment saying the Dr was going out of town. I told the lady who brought up the rental that they should be calling my own Dr as he has to give me a refurral inorder to see the lung Dr. So, she phoned the office for them to call my reg. Dr for the ok.
While the lady was here, she checked out the machine and found it was leaking air when it stopped working and started beeping. So, she did some adjustments and thinks she got it fixed. So, I didn`t need the rental machine. Well, I will know when I go to bed tonight. Hope she is right and the machine doesn`t start beeping again and stop working.
Going to have to wait a while before working in the shop. Just got invited to another baby Shower. So, I am busy trying to get a Baby sweater made before the 19th. Hope I can get it made. I managed to knit the hood today and should have the neck done soon. It is a hooded baby sweater that zips down the back. Three more rows to go and then I will need markers to divide off the stitches for making the front, the two sleaves, and the two back sections. Guess I should make this a short post and get back to knitting a little more before quitting for the night. You would probably laugh if you could see what I have to do to hold the two needles. The right needle I put between my knees so the top end of the needle hits the chair and my legs hold it tight so it stays put, while the left hand holds the other needle. This leaves my right hand free to do the winding around with the yarn. I have had to do it this way every since my fingers got too crocket to hold the needles still. But, over the years, I have learned to knit fast this way. Who ever said you had to hold a needle in each hand when knitting? I used to keep dropping stitches when trying to knit with both hands like you are supposed to do. This way works for me.
Hope everyone is having a good evening, ( or day) depending on where you live.

you are a fighter dot and that is what i admire about you. have a great day.
I agree with MrH you are a fighter and a smart cookie.
You are a woman that takes control of what needs doing and just does it.
My gramma always says "there is more than one way to skin a cat!" Glad you have found a way to be able to knit! See I told you that you were innovative! Those zip up the back sweaters are wonderful for babies! And the hand knitted kind are even better because they are full of love!
Mr Haney and Wal;ker-- Thanks for the encouragement. Seems we accomplish more when someone else notices. I have made many of these sweaters for many relatives and friends babies. Sometimes I also make an afghan to match, but this time i didn`t get an early enough invitation to finish that much.
itisi, My gram also used that expression. I like the back zip so there is no zipper hitting the neck or chin, plus the hood doesn`t need any ties for the baby to put in it`s mouth. I keep thinking that I should start making a few ahead for when I can no longer hold the needles and crochet hooks. I see my hand getting worse every year, but I`m just too stubborn to give in until I have to. I usually do knitting and crocheting in the winter, but have spent more time in the shop this winter thanks to the Daughters intended whose idea it was to buy the heater for me for Christmas. ( They are talking Marriage, but still waiting for a set date.HaaHaa).
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