Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Feb. 14th, Valentines day

Tues. Feb. 14th- Valentines Day
Gee, it did it to me again. I had a post almost ready to send when suddenly my screen went pure black and the comp had to restart. Don`t you hate it when it tells you it was caused by some new item you added to your comp that was uncompatable with xp ? Especially when it has been ages since you added anything new onto your comp.
Well, there was a Full Moon last night. When I was growing up they used to say that a full moon was a Lovers moon. Very fitting for Valentines day.
But, since I had no lover to spend the day with, I decided to accomplish another task that was still waiting to be done. I needed a copy of my Income Tax return to take to the Town building inorder to apply for the Town reduction on my school taxes. Why they need it done before March 1`st is beyond me. Why not make it easier for seniors and wait till April or May for the deadline when weather and driving are better? That would still give them 4 or 5 months to figure the Tax credit since it isn`t sent to us till Sept.. Well, I did my Income Tax papers and took them up. That is one less thing on my mind. Does that mean there is a tiny empty space in my brain to fill with something else waiting to get done? :):):)

Met a Lady at the town building who mentioned she missed not having her husband there to handle things like this. I asked her when she lost him and she said 3 yrs ago. I told her it was 2 yrs 7 months for me and would be 3 yrs in July. Then she mentioned she was married 51 yrs. I told her mine was 50 yrs 7 months. The fellow behind the counter looked shocked at how close our times were. How often would you run into someone standing next to you in the town building so simular .
After leaving the County building, it was off to Hallmark for cards-- 11 of them to be exact. There was 4 sons Birthday s, 1 granddaughter B , one sister B, one sister-in-law B, one brother-in-law B, an Aunt`s B, a Baby shower card and an Anniversary one for an Aunt and Uncle. These 11 cover Feb. March and April. So, I won`t need more for a while. Used to print out all my own cards and write all my own verses for them, but lately I have gotten lazy as far as making cards.
From Hallmark I went to the Hannaford grocery store for more groceries. Then back home to put everything a way.
One of my Daughters and her intended just came over. D gave me a small box of Chocolates and he gave me a long stem rose that has an edible choc rose on top of the stem. So thoughtful of them. They are talking marriage, but no date has been decided on yet.
Got a little more done on the baby sweater, but still not sure if I can get it finished in time. Shower is the 19th, so not much time left. Wish I had known a couple weeks earlier.
Oh, have to tell you what I did last evening. My D-in-law phoned me from N.C. While talking, she asked me why I always sound so breathless when she called. I told her I seldom sit while talking on the phone. I usually get up and walk. It is 44 steps from my back door thru the kitchen and dining room and back to the door. I did this walking for about 2 hours while we talked. I don`t normally stay on the phone that long. I asked her to walk with me. So, there we were- her walking in her home in N.C. and me walking in my home in N.Y.. Think walking together might have kept us on the phone longer than usual, but then walking exercise is supposed to be good for you. Much warmer and safer inside in the winter.
Guess that`s all the news for today. So, Ibetter go get more knitting done.
Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Wow, nearly 50 years married to the same man. I am sorry he is no longer with you.

My hubby and I have been married 8 years, a second marriage for both of us, trying to get it right this time around. :) So far, so good, but being the ages we are, I don't think we will see 50 years. That's ok, I will celebrate if we make 20, after all, it's not really the quantity of time, it's the quality of it.

I walk when I am on the phone too, just can't sit still, or I will do chores, like the dishes or dusting, why waste the time sitting, work goes much faster when I am chatting with someone.
darn, that is a good idea dot. walking while you are on the phone. i never thought of that. you learn a lot from reading people"s blogs. i remember once when i was watching t.v. there was a company that had exercise machines for all their employees. they could exercise and work on their computers at the same time. it probably cost a fortune though but it is a good adea.
I hate that too, Dot. I had written this long comment to your previous post yesterday, even copied it before I hit send because I knew that blogger had been acting up all morning. I hit publish, and sure enough, it went nowhere. Hit back and nothing. Tried to paste what I had smartly copied, and the darn thing wasn't there...grrrrrr. I gave up. So, sorry, hope you had a wonderful day!

You must not be like the stereotype of a mother-in-law if your daughter-in-law stayed on the phone with you for 2 hours...WOWWWWWW. Good for you for walking the whole time. I need to get me one of those machines mrhaney mentioned for when I sit at this computer for hours at a time...lol.
whew...it actually went through
Wow... 11 cards...That's a lot. Glad to hear that you had such a lucky marriage for so long. It's useful for others to hear that too, I think. I get a feeling that people gives up to easy now.

The daughter, Mrs Lifecruisers comment (since you don't allow comments from others than bloggers here I can't somment on my own):
Then I understand that you don't make the cards yourself any more! I know how it is, I used to make them too. And with special nice handwriting inside. That made me ending up writing a lot of cards for other people too, family, friends and at work. Pheeww. It went too far, took away all the fun in it.

From us both: Hope you have a wonderful day.
Good idea to walk and talk at the same time! Good for the circulation. I have been using my exercise machine for walking, but I can't help but think it isn't doing my dog any good. Today, it is supposed to be in the 40's, so maybe I will take her out for some exercise later.
And if you are going to knit anything for that wedding in the future you could start after the baby sweater is done, then it will be already and by that time mayber the weather will be warm enough for you to be in the shop everyday.
Deni, while it was my first, it was his second marriage. I raised two kids from his first marriage, one was 4 when we married and the other we took in at age 14 when his mother kicked him out. Plus 6 of ours.We had ups and downs like everyone does, but our marriage lasted 50 years , 7 months- we were happy together.
I also dust and pick up while walking with the phone. Guess raising kids never gave much sitting time, so I never learned how to just sit and do nothing, ( except when watchiong Tv on the couch with Walt- he had a nice soft shoulder to lay my head on). I could stay sitting then. :):):)
Mr Haney, I had never heard of those machines, bet they would be nice to own. But you are probably right, anything that helps usually costs more.
Skye, I am the lucky one to have such great daughters-in-law ( still in close contact with an ex- daughter-in-law who lives in Texas), the daughter-in-law I was talking to lives in N.C. . Another daughter-in-law lives near me. She gave me her cell no. and told me to use it if I ever needed her help for anything. Only had one who never got along with any of the family and my son would tell you how hard I tried. They broke up, but not Divorced. I also have a great son-in law. And just a few hours ago another great guy called to ask my permission to marry my other daughter. Woopie!!!, I have been waiting a long time for this. They werew in another state skiing when they called me. He was already calling me mom, so I knew it was just a matter of time. They plan on waiting about a year.
Mrs Lifecruiser, Sorry you have trouble leaving a comment. Heres a suggestion, maybe you could sign up for a free blogger. You wouldn`t need to write in it. You might be able to just leave a forwarding on it to your own site where you do post. I am glad you were able to post here.
Sounds like you did all the fancy writting like i did before getting the computer, then I still wrote my own lines, but let the comp print them for me. The Family just got so large that there were too many. Had a Aunt once tell me that the card I made for my Uncle was the only card he ever kept over the years. I should start making them again as they sure are getting expensive to buy. Walt would say I take a long time picking out just the right card-- it has to fit the person I am giving it to.
Lifelessions, I sometimes think the meaning of marriage is different today than it was when we were younger. Today, I think there is less give and take and more one trying to be the head power player. My parents never fought over little things and knew how to talk over the bigger problems. So, I had good teachers. There was never abuse allowed under their roof. That showed me what to expect from a man before I got Married. I ignored little things, but stood my ground if it was something important. we respected each others feelings and opinions. Here I sit when I have a baby sweater to finish knitting before the Shower this Sunday. Sure hope I have enough time to finish it. Wish I had been asked earlier so I would have more time to make it in. I have to keep stopping as my hands get tired and the arthritis starts causing pain in my fingers. Could have just bought the gift, but I have made gifts for so many others in the past and now people look forward to see what i will be making this time and I do enjoy making things. Know I will have to quit eventually, but not just yet.
Itisi, you just reminded me of what i had planned on doing yesterday and never got to. My old exercise machine is a walker with thelong bars for swinging the arms. Well, the narrow board has come loose off the bottom under the walking area and needs to be reglued as it protects the floor. Oh well, it will just have to wait till another day when I have less to get done. It has no motor, just an older model that has the foot sections and works manually. I usually use the senior aerobic tape, but been too busy lately. Tried having a couple daughter and a couple granddaughters workout with me, but none of them want to after their first time as they say it is too hard. Ever heard of Leslie Sansone`s Walk aerobics for Seniors- live at the club tape? I bought it years ago. Well, I better get back to more knitting before it gets too late.
Walking exercise is the best of the a syou can do it anywhere with out any risk.

I like it outdoors.

Two years ago, when it was raining cats and dogs for 2 days with out a break, I missed my dear jogging and decided to buy a mechine to do the jogging and or walking indoors.
I might have used it 10 times during the whole two years.
I hate to use it now because I miss my outdoors and nature.

Very expensive one two. LOL

Hey! sorry, I am disturbing your knitting, dot ! haha
yes jac, I too would rather be outdoors. I bought the electric start push lawnmower just for the exercise. Problem it takes longer to start it than to do my yard plus the 2 lots next door. Last year i took it back to sears for better adjustment and it still works the same way. I have an antiquer push one that i started sharpening the cutters on it, but I never did finish sharpening it.
As for my knitting, the hood and body of the sweater is finished. I have one sleeve almost done - just the one inch cuff left to do there. Then another sleeve, the edging around the whole back opening and sewing on the zipper left to do. So far, so good. Two days left to finish it, so unless company shows up, I just might get it done. A Bro stopped in this moprning and stayed for lunch. But I was glad he showed up as I had baked Potato Au Gratin and chicken and there was no way I would eat that much potatoes. I only cook a little chicken. Wish they sold the potato boxes half that size for us who live alone. well, time to do some more knitting. :):):) thanks for stopping by.
Dot, I ended up here following a link which led me to another link which ... well, you get the drift. Anyway ... I just wanted to say hi. I have enjoyed my visit here, and have added you to my daily reading list. A lot of the blogger links I have are of young moms, most who homeschool. They are great women, but I have decided to see if I can find more ladies closer to my age -- moms and grandmas. Which led me to you:)

And then when I read your last entry about your C-PAP, I knew I was in the right place. I'm a C-PAP user as well.

You only take Blogger URLS -- and I did set up an account here -- but it just has one entry ... which leds you to where my actual blog is. That URL is: http://www.myprairierose.com/PrairieView

Hope you have a good weekend. Stay warm!
Prairierose, Thanks for stopping by. Yes I use the c-pap- I need the full face mask as when i was in my 30`s a Dr broke my nose when he removed my tonsils and adnoids. Left me with one side of the nose that closes when i take a deep breath. Was sure glad yesterday when the power was returned here. A son living further north in the state is still without power- was told might be monday before they can get to his area.
Thanks for setting up the blog site that leads on to your site. I have already read some of your posts. I added your site so i could get there easier.
Sure is cold out today. Just a dusting of snow this morning, than dropped to 14 F, was 20F at 7am this morning.
Have a nice day!!
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Tim, thanks for dropping by and feel welcome to come back and read more. I would check out your blog, but it seems you don`t have one. Thanks for the kind words.
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