Saturday, February 18, 2006


Baby sweater

Finally finished the knitted hooded baby sweater for a nephews daughter who`s baby shower is tomorrow. Still not sure if I will make the shower, but at least I do have the gift wrapped and ready. Bought the card a few days ago, plus the cutest rattle/teething ring . It is shaped like a teddybear and the ears light up each time it is moved, plus it also has the rattle noise. Also picked up a teddybear night light that is about 4 inches tall and real cute. From the colors of the sweater, I am sure you can tell this time the sweater was made for a girl.
Boy, what crazy weather we are having. Yesterday the wind was so strong that it took down trees- some on houses, one tree hit a car and killed the driver and some places even telephone poles were toppled from the great force of the wind -leaving everyone in many cities and towns without power and no working traffic streetlights. Where I live we were only without power for a couple hours, but many places are still withoutpower. Where my son lives- about 40 miles further north he is still without power and they told him it might be Monday before the power is back on.
Got just a dusting of snow this morning, and then it started getting lots colder. It was about 16 degrees F at 7am this morning, by noon it was down to 14, and now it reads 4 degrees above 0 F. They say it might get to 5 below, but wouldn`t surprise me if it goes even lower where I live. They list the wind temp as 25 below for tonight. I just heated the ice out from my dogs water dish for about the 7th time today and I know it will be frozen again in just a few minutes. Crazy weather we are having this winter. I am anxious for Spring to arrive. Hope you are getting much better weather. Way too cold here, but way too hot (I am told) in Australia.

Wow, what a pretty sweater. I can crochet but can't knit for the life of me.

My friend, Fizzy, (who is on my links) knitted two beautiful sweaters for my granddaughter and sent them all the way from the UK. It was such a lovely gesture on her part and so appreciated.
So very cute the sweater is and how practical with the hood!

Just stopped by to wish you a nice weekend from me and my daughter. Hope the weather is getting better soon, we have just about the same weather here in Sweden now.
That is pretty colourful !!

Thank God I have no snow.
You should be indoors if the wind speed increases.
thanks Deni. I also crochet, actually i do much more crocheting than knitting.
Such a great Friend Fizzy is to make the sweaters and mail them so far to you. A couple friend and I held an Internet baby Shower for a Friend who lives in Australia. It was fun. Another Australian Friend held it in her home and kept sending pictures over the net and we were all in a chat together while the shower was going on. That happened back in 2002.
I taught my granddaughter and a friend of hers how to crochet last month, and a 7 yr old that my daughter Theresa watches wanted to learn so she could knit with her Grandmother. She was a quick learner. That was about a week or so ago.
I now need to knit another sweater- this time for a boy, for a granddaughter who is expecting.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hi Lifelessions and Lifecruiser,
Thanks for the compliment. I have to admit that I know little about Sweden weather. Is it winter now in Sweden? When do your seasons change?
Thanks for dropping by and I hope your weekend has been a good one. Are you ahead of us or behind us in time. I know it is already Monday in Australia, but not how our time compares to yours in Sweden. I would love to hear about your country.
Thanks Jac. The strong winds are over for now and my son just called to say his power just came back on. So, he had no power for almost three days. I am glad he has it back. My youngst sister called me today and her power was still off and she only lives about a 20 minute drive from me. So I was lucky getting mine back so quick.
What is your weather like now?
i like the looks of that sweater. there are not to many people that can do that any more. my mother is very good at it and my grandmother was. she is gone now though. my grandmother would knit slippers and she would call them pshoes.
sounds like your weather is a lot worse than atlanta. you are use to it though.
my cold is some better but it is not gone yet. thanks for the e-mail though.
Mr haney, Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.
My Gram used to knit also. I taught myself to knit to earn a Girl Scout Badge. My first item was a green pair of mittens with a rose and dark green leaves knitted and added to the back of the finished mittens. My gram started me on a bedspread that used those skinny #0 needles. Was a beautiful pattern, but I never got enough material to finish it. I still have her needles today.
I taught my Mother to crochet. An Aunt taught me.
Still chilly today. Went to the wood place and bought a new weather stripping kit (door jam with the strip) to redo my back door as when we had those strong winds I noticed some air leakage on one side. I also bought some vinyl Door Gasket. Now, just have to find the energy to put the door jam kit on. Funny, as that door used to be so tight that it was a bit hard to shut, and now there is a space between the door and the frame. Confusing in the least.
Take care and get well. Now, thats an order. :):):)
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