Monday, January 30, 2006


What an awful Day!! Monday, Jan 30th, 06

I never want another day like today. Woke up at 3:30 am and couldn`t get back to sleep. Got up, took my shower and headed for the kitchen. It was chilly, so I plugged in the small heater, only to find out it wouldn`t work. So, I headed upstairs to the attic and brought down the long old heater which doesn`t heat the kitchen as good as the small one did. Then I tried to renew my pills, only to be told it was too early to renew. Was told that when i first called back on the 25th, and again yesterday. Well, today was the last of the pills, so i again tried to phone to renew, again told was to early. Well, I was getting so discouraged I decided to wait and try again later. Went out to do more stain on the basket.
Then I came in and was calmed down enough to try hannaford again. This time i hung on the line till they finally put a live person on the phone in place of that darn recording. The girl told me that my prescription had been filled and waiting since the 25th. Something- they have it refilled while telling me it was too early to refil it.
by now, it was suppertime and starting to get dark and foggy out. But I was out of the pills, so had to drive down after them.
If i thought things would start getting better now, i sure was wrong. I went into Hannaford and stood in line for 15 minutes just to pick up the already filled prescription. Then I went out and my car wouldn`t start . I pulled out my cell phone to see if Daughter Theresa`s intended was there . I had checked my cell phone yesterday to be sure it was still charged and it told me i had 63 minutes left to use. Well, when I tried to call my daughter, the phone told me I couldn`t make the call as i needed to add more minutes first. So, my 63 minutes left had expired overnight without my even using them.
So, I had to hune up 2 quarters and go back into the store to use the phone there. The friend was there and he came down and jumped me and said he would follow me home to be sure i got there. He is a tec at a major car place. He tightened up the alternator belt for me.I have replaced the alternator belt twice this year as we can`t figure out why it suddenly starts slipping every so often. Guess this time I will have the friend take my car to work with him and replace the alternator to see it that cures the problem.belt Everything is straight and in good shape and yet the belt loosens up after a while. It sure made an awful noise when i pulled into the Store parking lot.
The friend told me to forget everything and just go to bed and tomorrow would be better.
Told him guess i got up on the wrond side of the bed this morning, except if i got off the pther side i would fall onto all the clothes on hangers that is there.
Guess I better smile :):):) before I start screaming. What a day!!!

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Looks like you got some spam up there.

I had a car once that the alternator made an awful noise like that, here it blew apart on the inside of the casing where you couldn't see. I had it replaced and every thing was fine.

Hope you have a better day today.
Thanks Deni. I will have to check out to see if mine is apart under the casing. But each time the belt is tightened the car starts and works fine for a while.
As for the site mentioned above, when I checked I found a site in french which I can`t read anyways. Unless that is a diffrent site.
Today was better. No rain or fog so far. A favorite sister-in-law phoned me. Today would have been her Anniversary, but her hubby ( My bro) died back in 1994. He was my younger brother. Then an older bro stopped in so i fed him dinner- did that yesterday also. So I wasn`t able to work in my shop. Too late after he left to have enough hours for the heater to dry varnish before would bre time to shut it off for the night. I never leave the heater plugger in overnight while I am sleeping. Feel safer that way.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!
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