Friday, January 06, 2006


WGF Fire Co. Practice burning

The day our local fire dept. burned down the house behind my back fence for a practice session. The smoke got so bad in my back yard that for a while I couldn`t see my back yard from my back porch and my whole house smelt like smoke.

that looks pretty bad to me dot. that fire could have gotten away from them i would think.
Mr Haney, Thats why i never dared to stop watching until the firemen were finished. Might have been good practice for our fireman, but didn`t ease my worries any. These firemen all live in our area and they are all volinteers, none are paid. They are great hard workers who take their job seriously. They also all have regular jobs besides being a Fireman. One of my twins belonged for many many years and left after his hand op where the VA removed one of his fingers due to a hand injury and that made it harder to hold the force of the hose with the water force when it is used. Many of these men once were in my Cub Scout Pack and Walt`s Boy Scout Troop. great kids- or should say great men.
thanks for stopping by.
By the way, your second floor is looking as great as your fisrt one did. Great Job!!
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