Sunday, January 29, 2006


Sunday, Jan. 24th, 06

Hi friends:

Friends can live close,

Or very far away.

we may never meet them

Nor see them every day.

But, yet, we are pleased

To call them our friend,

As they often bring smiles

With every message they send.

Have a great day!! :):):)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another rainy day, more done in the shop.

Even though it is raining out, I still managed to get more done on the kitchen paper basket that I am making in my wood shop. It has slanted sides, so the bottom is smaller than the top opening. it has a framework that sits over the top of the basket to hold the bag liner in place. Then it also has a cover. Have it all made and glued and nailed together. Have the trim for the front and back sides already cut and glued in place.

Today I put the second coat of varnish on everything. Now I need to wait 12 hours before deciding if I need a third coat to get the stain color I want, or if the two coats will be enough.

Once the varnishing is done, then will be the poly coat to make the basket easy to keep clean.

Last I need to decide what kind of knob I want to put on the cover. I am thinking of maybe cutting a 4 sided, slanted side knob. If I do that, then it will also need to be varnished to match the basket.

I was getting tired of looking at the same light yellow plastic basket that we bought so many years ago I can`t even remember from where.

I am so thankful to my Daughter and her intended who gave me the new electric oil filled heater for Christmas so I can warm up my shop. This will be the first winter that I didn`t have to close up the shop due to the cold. I had to leave the heater running till the varnish dries, so must remember to go out and unplug it before going to bed tonight. That will give it at least 9 hours of drying time. So, Hope that is enough.

Tomorrows another day. I am hoping to get more done then.

That was some fantastic lines about friendship in the top. Your mind is expressed in pure love.

Thanks for sharing your mind.
thanks Jac. Actually I wrote it for a card I sent to an Internet friend. I used to make all my cards, but getting lazy and only make them once in a while now. I have loads of poems that I wrote, but most of them were written for Birthday, Anniversary, new baby, Graduations or other special times and with the person the card is for in mind . I like to make the card fit the person it is for. I notice that your poems have to fit the item you are thinking of. Mine just plain compared to yours .
Good Morning, Dot. That is a really nice poem. :)

Sounds like you have been busy on that basket and will be done soon.

I have one of those heaters in my kitchen, which is the coldest room in my house, I find that running that occasionally helps with my overall fuel bill.
Deni, I also run a heater in my kitchen as it is the coldest room in the house. We added this kitchen onto the house years after we built the house and it only has a crawl space under it while there is a full cellar under the rest of the house. I had to bring down the old base heater yesterday as the upright one stopped working. One of these days I will take it apart and see what is wrong with it. I miss the upright smaller heater as it took up little room and still warmed the whole room better. Added another coat of varnish this morning, but still wish I had used a darker stain color as think it would look better darker. Takes longer for the stain to dry with the rainy dampness.
you are always busy dot. send me a photo of the basketwhen you get finished.
Mr Haney, I wish I had chosen a darker stain, but the lighter matches my bottom cupboards. I added another coat of varnish hoping to darken it a bit. Have the heater running in the shop and waiting for the stain to dry.
Next will be to make the knob and varnish the other side of the cover.
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