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Oh! What a day, Jan 3, 2006

Oh! What a Day!

Jan 3rd, 20066666666666
Today started out like any other day. Got up, fed my dog, started to get
something for breakfast- can`t take the pills without food. Then I got
to thinking that myu ss cjheck arrives today. I had planned on having my
checks changed to direct deposit. Thats where the problem started.
To change things you need your ss #. I kept that in a little blackcase.
I checked my purse, rechecked it and finally dumped everything out of it-
- no little black case. This little case has always been kept in a small
zippered case along with all other cards. All the other cards were still
in the zippered case except for the little black case. To make matters
worse, along with the ss card was my epic card, my Dr apt cards and even
worse it held my drivers license. I started hunting everywhere- in my coat
pocket, slacks pockets, in my ski vest pocket, then I remembered I picked
up my pills on the 30th, but they never asked to see my card. I remember
taking out the zippered case in case they did ask. But I never checked
so I never knew it wasn`t there. So, just in case, i called our local
Hannaford Drug store to see if anyone might have turned it in. No!! So,
I again started hunting the house.
I remembered I had it out once when I was going to call SS to have my
check changed to Direct Deposit, but knew that was before I picked up
the pills, so I was sure I put the zippered case back in my purse without
opening it. Company had showed up and that was why I never ended up
calling ss office and since I never leave my cards laying around, I knew
I had put them away.
I just kept hunting and driving myself crazy, thinking am I starting to
forget things, didn`t I put it back in my purse?? Is my mind getting bad?
Scarry thought!!!
Suddenly I remembered going to the Grandmothers breakfast for a granddaughter.
I knew I would not need to carry my larger purse so I got out the small
one and just put in a few things I needed to have with me-- like my Drivers
Licence, etc..
This was the first time I had ever used the small purse since I received it.
Sure enough, that is where it still was. What a relief! I can finally breath
easy again. Guess I wasn`t getting forgetful afterall or I wouldn`t have
remembered using the small purse for the first time on Nov.30th. But, I sure
did a lot of driving last month without my License in my purse. Glad I didn`t
need to show it for any reason. Glad I have kept a clean driving record so
they had no reason to be watching me. Also glad they weren`t looking for
anyone who drives the same make car like mine. Would sure have been a mess
If I had needed to show my License, since I would have reached in my purse
after it and not found it there. Do you think the cops would have believed
I did have a Licence if they had asked and I couldn`t produce it?
After what I went thru to get my License I sure wouldn`t want to get
any marks on it. I got my License in 1963, just about 3 weeks before my
youngest son was born. Walt owned a 7 passenger station wagon which I had
never went practicing driving with. Have you ever tried parralel parking with
a 7 passenger wagon. You can`t line up your wheels by the wheels of the
parked car as your car is the size of 1 1/2 cars. But, somehow I managed to
park it without hitting anything. Even the three point turn , I managed. I
was surprised when I turned that monster around in the road without hitting
the curbs. I hated that monster. It hardly fit in a reg. parking spot. I
never missed it one bit when Walt decided to trade it in for a new car the
next year. Sure was hard fitting behind the wheel at over 8 Months along,
I wasn`t very small at that time, but still smaller than before the twins
were born. Thinking about it, i must have looked funny, being that hugs and
sitting in such a huge station wagon. After driving that monster, bet I
could have driven one of those Limo`s and made some money. HaaHaa.
Well, that worry is over. My case has been found and back where it belongs.
What a way to begin the new year.
Now I just hope no other crises appears till after I have had time to
recover from this one.

Look! I found your blog again! It is funny when you change purses. Like me I don't change purses too often and when I do I don't always get all the important things back where they belong. Well, now that I found you again, I will visit more often!
glad you found your way back. thanks for stopping in.
sounds like you had a tough time but you finally found what you wanted. every time i loose some thing some one will say where did you have it last. if i knew that then i could find it. what a dumb question that is, well have a good one dot.
Hi Mr haney. Guess what, your short cut icon dissappeared off my desktop. I just used copy and paste to put it back. Have a couple other icons that I need to find and replace. This time I locked the icons so maybe they will stay put.
That is a dumb saying, but I used to try to remember what Walt did last so I could find a certain tool. Sometimes in the cellar, or shop, or car, or just laying in the driveway where he last worked on a bike, the tractor or something else. I got pretty good at finding them for him. Now, just hope I can start doing as well for myself.
Have you ever forgot what you were heding after, went back to where you first thought of it and suddenly you remember?
Went to the bank and store this morningand when I got home you wouldn`t have seen the purple in my finger as they all looked purple from the cold. They say it will be even colder later today.
have a good day.
I have one purse and I am particular so once I find one I like I stick with it

but I still have lost things by forgetting to put them in my purse when I had to show idea

like keys, cell phone etc

thanks for coming by my blog

I replied:
Hi Dotm and welcome ask away and I will be happy to tell you about Germany
I also have some info on my webpage
The keys are worst kind that can irritate you.
When ever you are dressed and about to go, you won't find them anywhere. LOL
November Rain, thanks I went to your blog and enjoyes seeing all your travel pictures. Also saw your family pics. Beautiful children!
I left you somehing to translate for me. I know very little German. My grandson is learning German now at nightschool while his dughter ( my great granddaughter) is learning it in school there. She learned English in N. Carolina school before they moved to Germany. I noticed you had also been in N. Carolina. I live in upstate NY.
Thanks for stopping here and for showing me your pictures of Germany and other places.
Jac, you reminded me of my middle daughter. She bought a new car 2 yrs ago while she worked at a car dealers as Custom Relations Manager. She was Manager for over 7 yrs and then decided she wanted a change. So she quit and started a Day care. When she bought the car, she gave me her second set of car keys and told me to use her car any time I wanted to. I only borrowed it a few times while I was waiting to get my own car fixed last summer. Two days ago she sent her grandson ( my Great Grandson) over to borrow her other set of keys as she can`t find her set. She thinks one of the kids she watches in her Day care might have taken them. She was over this afternoon and said she tore her house apart hunting and still hasn`t found them.
One day last year I was getting ready to leave when my daughter hollered to me. I had already locked the door, but hadn`t shut it yet and my purse I sat down on a chair by the door. Left it open while I was talking to my daughter and my dog jumped on the door shutting it. There I was on the porch, keys still in the house with my door locked. I had to break into my own house thru the back door. If it ever happened again, I couldn`t break in as I did too good a job of repairing it. I keep my side door key on a keyring hooked to the zipper on my purse so I can find it easier when I need it. Makes it easier to unlock when my hands are full. But, to be safe, I gave my daughter a set of keys for my front door. I ran to the bank this morning as it is supposed to turn icy and on top of the sleet we expect more snow.
I just looked outside and the sleet has stopped and it is now snowing. There goes my shoveled driveway, Will have to redo it again tomorrow. Hope we don`t get much snow.
why pills ??
Sophia, Nothing serious, just for high Colesterol. I can`t take any of the statins as they weaken my legs so much I had to hang on to the walls to walk. So the Dr changed me to Welchol , and instead of taking just one statin pill, I now take 3 welchol every morning and 3 more every night. But, I have to take them with food. So, now I have to eat breakfast and the evening meal. But, it`s worth it if they bring down the Colesterol. I see my Dr on the 17th and I think he will continue the Welchol since I am able to walk and work ok while taking them. So, nothing to worry about. Thanks for stopping by.
Just before leaving to NZ that very nigh as a matter of fact I couldn't find me wallet with everything in it, drivers license and health ard etc. 4 hours I hunted and searched but nithing.
It wasn't until I gave up and went to put away the clothes I wore on Xmas and I found it in my pant pocket.
Sometimes we just forget.
Walker, it sure can drive you crazy from hunting doesn`t it. Thats like my shop and garage lock key. Same one fits both locks, so sometimes they ( my car key is also on with the garage and shop key) are in my coat pocket that I wear away from home. Other times they are in my ski vest jacket that I wear while shoveling and to the shop. Actually when shoveling I keep them in my slacks pocket as it is deeper and less apt to lose them out. So, to find them I have to remember what I was wearing. Glad you found your wallet ok.
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