Sunday, January 08, 2006


Not much today

Didn`t get much cutting done in the shop today.
Hi Jac, You asked "no post today", No, I didn`t post today. But here is a post telling how I spent today. I started to answer your post under comments, but since it was getting long, I decided to put your answer into this new post instead.

Today I spent the day out in the shop. I needed to add heavy plastic and insulation into the eaves to stop more draft. I also added the plastic and more insulation over top of the large door. The more work I do, the warmer the shop is getting. I still have two more small eave places to do, but I ran out of staples. So, can`t do more till after I drive to the wood place for more staples. I am also thinking of adding some heavy plastic ovrt the door itself.
Also want to buy more wood. Have a pattern for a wood paper bsket that I am thinking of trying to do. I cut out the boards for the two sides and then decided I needed more heat to work out there. So, I started working with the plastic and insulation.

I am finding out things I never knew before. It seems that Walt cut the eave boards to close them up, but he just pounded them in tight and never nailed them in. So, when summer comes I am hoping to nail them all in. Can`t do it now as there is too much snow on the ground so I can`t set up the ladder safely. So, another job waiting for next summer to do. But the 2 layers of heavy plastic and the insulation will keep any drafts from entering around those small boards.

I never even stopped to eat lunch, so was feeling a bit hungry when I quit at 5 pm.
Too lazy to do much cooking after all that work. Had to move the table with the saw, the Band Saw and the scroll saw, plus the router table to reach the eaves. I also cleaned off both benches. So, a lot of work before I could reach the eaves. I also had to move the large lawn tractor that spends the winters in my shop. Have a flat tire on the tractor, so it didn`t move very easy.
So, I just took a frozen stuffed pepper from the freezer to heat up for my supper.

I was tired enough to go to sleep at 7:30, but since I only sleep a few hours that would have been a bad idea. Woke up this morning at 4Am. It is almost 11 pm now, so I think I`ll sign off and go to bed and watch some Tv for a while and do a few more puzzles in the crossword puzzle book. I try to stay awake late so I won`t wake up quite so early. But with the sleep apnea,I feel safer sitting up in bed when I get too tired as I sometimes fall asleep and a bed is a better place to do that than in my computer chair.
Another day has passed, hope tomorrow is warmer. Don`t think I will go to the wood place tomorrow as I have a Dr Apt- just a checkup- on Tues. Last time I saw him I had some black and blue marks on my arm from carrying the boards and the Dr asked if someone was abusing me. Told him, noone lives with me I live with just my dog. Then I was asked if maybe one of my kids stopped by and abused me. When are they going to get it thru their heads that I work in a wood shop, plus do lots of repairs around my home and of course I black and blue more easily due to age. I told him that everyone should be as lucky as I am with such great helpful kids. I am Lucky.
Well, I`m off for tonight. Hope everyone else had or is having a great day.

Hi Dot, just wanted to stop and catch up and say Hi. I hope your Dr. Apt goes well. :)
Thanks Deni. Wishing you a wonderful day with some nice weather. Thanks for stopping by.
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Louis, I did go and read all your blog. Being a park ranger is doing a good service and I can tell you love your job. Maybe if we had had s park ranger checking our woods around here, then we might not have had the large town fire years ago. But, I don`t think the Town owned much of that wooded area. Most of that area has been tree cleared and today has homes or trailers situated on it. We do have a Ranger that checks our local mountain, plus a helicopter flies over the mt. all spring , summer and Fall. Not sure about winter.
I wanted to leave you a note on your site, but didn`t find a place for leaving a comment.
Keep up the good work. How many years have you been a Park Ranger?
So, you are thinking of getting married, wish you both all the best.
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You are obviously a hard worker and not intimidted by tools and how to use them.
I think all women should learn to use tools and put away the myth that its a mans job to fix things.
I do have a question though and maybe MrHaney can help answering this. Shouldn't the plasit be put in right after the evles to creat a vaour barrier.
I would thing the moister would buid up in between the walls because of the placing of the plastic as you are doing ot now.
Yes Walker, it can cause condensation. Thats why the top layer of plastic is not stapled tightly. Had to staple the outer plastic to keep the insulation from getting wet and use the inside plastic just enough to hold the insulation from falling out of the eaves for noe. . This is just temporary to get me thru to March when the snow will be gone and I can use a ladder to reach the eaves outside. Before I can do it properly, I first need to nail in the small pieces of boards that Walt pushed in to close up the eaves. One big problem is that I just found out he never nailed the boards in. So, I can`t just use sealer around them and put in the insulation next to the boards , then cover it with the plastic. as can`t staple onto the boards or I would push them out. So, I am just trying to keep the cold from coming thru the eaves for a couple months. I don`t think the condensation will do much harm in just 6 to 8 weeks as long as I keep the inside plastic loose for some heated air to enter between the top plastic and the insulation. As soon as spring arrives I intend on removing everything and nailing in the boards. Then I can seal them and safely put the insulation right next to the nailed sealed in boards. I won`t need the outside plastic then. Just can`t safely sit the ladder outside until the snow and ice is over. But, thanks. I do appreciate getting help from others who might know more than I have learned. My ears are always open reading to learn more.
Yhanks for stopping by.
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