Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My Lilac Bush

Why not tell us about the dog's snot that stuck in the pigs throat when he tried to swallow it ???
If you don`t like my blog, then why are you reading it?
Is it possible to cut back any surviving branches (after the first leaf node?)
I'd think it would come back fuller, although it would be akin to starting anew.
I do this with my hydrangeas.
Sierrabella, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the good advice. I was able to save some of the bent and broken branches with trimming them, but most of them broke too close to the ground to save. But this year a lot of new ones have started growing around the bottom of the bush, so with luck and a few years of growing taller, I might have a fuller brush in a few years.
I once had two nice hydrangeas growing on each side of my front porch, but a neighbors dog kept using them for a hydrant and finally killed them. When I first realized what was killing them, I added a chicken type fence around them, but it never bothered the dog, he just used the fence and still hit the bushes. Biggest problem was the dog belonged to a niece on my Husbands side and we didn`t want to cause waves in the family. Then the fall after the bushes died, her and her hubby broke up and she moved.
Thanks again for trying to help.
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