Tuesday, January 10, 2006


My Lilac Bush

Jan. 10th, just remembering my Lilac Bush

I once had a lilac Bush that was huge and beautiful when in full blossom.
It took me many many years of growing to get it that large.
It used to also be so pretty in the winter frosted by the ice and snow.
For many years I was able to enjoy both the summer blossoms and the Winter
coating. The bush used to be so thick that you couldn`t see thru it. Today there are sections so thin that i can look thru and see the fence .
Then along came one winter with a horrible storm that destroyed it`s beauty.
It weighed the branches down so heavy with it`s icy coating that many of the branches broke off. As you will see in one of the pictures, that storm also had the power to break large branches of the tree out back. That tree is in the neighbors back yard. When it broke off it fell over into my yard with the top landing on my shop /garage roof. Luckily it laid on the roof missing the large window in the back of the building. I went out and removed as much of the snow and ice weight as I could and was able to save and lift some of the branches back up where they belonged, but so many of them were broken and had to be removed. The lilac bush still is pretty when it is filled with blossoms, but it is only half as thick as it used to be. The Lilac bush used to be so large that it almost touched the shop. Now I have about 4 or 5 feet to walk between the bush and the shop.
It took so many years to grow it, but just a few hours to destroy it. This happaned a few yrs ago.
The section of the building with the lower slanted roof is my wood shop. The larger roof section is over my garage. The fence in the background is where my property ends and that tree was on the other side of the fence, but was so tall that it spanned over my backyard reaching the top of the garage and shop.

I see the pictures didn`t post. It said they posted , but I see they didn`t, unless they show up later.:) Guess I will need to try adding the pictures again, but too tired to try again tonight.
I added a casing down the open side of the shop door to seal it tighter when closed. Getting warmer every time I add more work.
I love lilacs, the way they smell remind me of my grandmother. I have a small bush in my backyard, I will miss it if I have to move.
Deni, have you thought of maybe getting a large deep planter and digging up just part of the bush so you can take some with you? That way you could replant some in your new yard if you move? Even though the bush would be small , like starting over to grow it bigger, you would be taking your memories of your Grandma with you.
Just a thought.
Deni. thanks for dropping by.
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