Monday, January 23, 2006


Monday, Jan.23, 06,another snowy -shop day!

Finally spent some more time in the shop. But first I had to shovel part of the driveway to get to the shop. I shoveled from my porch to the garage and shop. Then my dog`s chain dragged back lots ot the snow from out back and left it on the driveway as she headed for her dog house. The snow she dragged looked like clumps of clouds dropped here and there. The area I had finished was about large enough to park two cars in. And Sassy undid almost every spot of it.
I decided to let the snow sit a while and work in the shop. I added narrow boards along the top section of the four sides of the liner holder. These boards will sit onto the top sides of the basket and hold the liner holder in place.
Then I found some thin plywood that I could use for a cover. Got that cut to size and then I decided to add thin boards on the under side of the cover to fit the inside opening in the liner holder . This will keep the cover in place so it can`t slide off.
I glued all the narrower board on so I wouldn`t need to use many finishing nails putting it together. Now that I have finished the bag liner holder and the cover, I still need to decide what kind of knob to put onto the cover . I am thinking it will look better if I make a wooden knob for it, but haven`t decided for sure.
Next is to decide on what trim or decoration I would like to see in my kitchen. It has to be one I won`t get tired of easily as I plan on using the basket for a long time. This basket is a little taller than my old yellow one was, but it won`t take up any more floor space. Boy, does it ever feel good to have heat in the shop so I don`t have to close it up again this winter.
Won`t be able to work in the shop tomorrow as I will be accompaning a brother to see his Dr over in Vermont. It`a quite a ride just to see a Dr, but this Dr just might have saved his life a few yrs ago. Local Drs couldn`t find what his problem was, so a friend suggested he see this Dr in Vermont. Turned out he had throat cancer and this Dr operated in the Vermont Hosp and removed the thyroid gland. After all the treatments following his op., so far he is doing good. Been three yrs since the op. My bro still has checkups with that dr every year. So far, all good reports, hoping tomorrows checkup says the same. It is between two to three hours drive to get there. I don`t like him going alone so I take the long ride with him.
Well, I did redo the part of the driveway that Sassy`s chain undid. When I started to finish the other part of the driveway, my daughter yelled over and said her and her intended would finish shoveling it for me. He also shoveled the front sidewalk that goes from the front porch to the mailbox by the road. So, I got out of doing more shoveling. It is so great to have such great kids. I sure am lucky.
One of my granddaughters stopped by for a few minutes. She just wanted to tell her gram about getting a High mark on her tests. She went back to school to earn her Cosmatology certificate. She will finish the course next month. It`s been about 10 years since she graduated from High school. She has two kids, and a job,and still went back for her certificate so she can get a better job. Today after her test grading, her Teacher told her she could go looking for a job as she would definitely get her certificate next month and that if anyone called her she would give a great report on how great she has done. Granddaughter told me she knew I would be proud of her and she was right. I am proud of her.
Well, guess I better stop writing and get things ready for tomorrow since we will be leaving rather early. Supposed to be foggy in the morning, hope not like last week when I couldn`t see only a little ways ahead of me. Glad the snow has stopped.

Gad the snow stopped for you. We only ended up with a little snow, although they were calling for a lot more. We ended up getting mostly freezing rain instead. Joy.
Deni, we ended up with about 6 inches that day, while about 10 miles from us they got rain and less snow.
thanks for stopping by.
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