Saturday, January 14, 2006


Jan.14, 05=Gone spending Money!!= Isn`t that what gift certificates are for???

Here I was just sitting and reading a few blogs, when my phone rang. I went off line to call my Daughter back. She wanted to see if I wanted to go to the Mall with her, her daughter and two grandchildren. So, I closed up everything and got ready to ride up with them. As we were riding together, it hit me that we had four generations riding togetrher in that car-- me, my daughter, my granddaughter and my great granddaughter and great grandson. We spent a couple hours just walking around the mall. I did end up spending-- bought a new Pocketbook, or purse or bag, It sure has a lot of names depending on who is naming it. it has been 4 or 5 years since I bought a new one, so I figured I deserved a new one. Besides I received a gift certificate from one of my sons to spend at any store in the mall and who doesn`t like to spend it. I also picked up some new jeans to wear in the shop. Jeans because they are warmer, but mostly because they don`t collect the sawdust as much as the dressier slacks do. Also picked up a pretty belt to dress up the jean look. From JCPenny, we went to Sears, but the only thing I bought there was 2 small bags of ice melt plus so I would be ready in case we did get the ice freeze tonight under the future snow. Have to keep my drivewat cleared so noone will fall and get hurt. When my Daughter saw me picking up e bags, she also bought 2 bage. She runs a child care in her Home and needs to keep the ice off the walk. Since I still own the other place, I went over last week with my ice scraper and removed the ice buildup off her walk and her driveway. I call it her place as it will be once I find a way to turn it over to her without either of us paying a lot of money exchange. I am trying to find a way to sell it to her for the amount of rent money she has already paid for many years. There must be a way and I hope to find it soon.
It has rained all day and is still raining. It is expected to start freezing on the roads before long and then it is supposed to change over to snow. So, the roads might be a mess by morning, but i am hoping not. I don`t need to drive anyplace tomorrow, but so many others do.
Girl Scouts are selling their cookies this weekend. I walked over to a neighbors with my granddaughter so she could ask them. When my son and his daughter first showed up at my house I was in the middle of stapling a double layer of heavy plastic over the large heavy shop door as it was made with boards and the plastic would seal any spaces between the boards. My son told me when he first say me out there working, he told his daughter " Look at Gramma, she shouldn`t be doing all that hard work". Actually it wouldn`t have been so hard if my electric stapler wasn`t acting up. I finally got tired of taking it apart to remove broken staples. So, back to the old hand stapler and the hard pressure it needed to work it. A little hard on my arthritic hands, but you do what you have to , to get things done. Have you ever tried to hold doubled plastic-- laying the top half over your head while you stapled on the lower half, then climb the small ladder to start reaching the top section of the door that was above my reach?? I remember when my mother would lay wallpaper over her head while climbing up a ladder to reach the top of the wall next to the ceiling. The shop door measures about 57" wide x 77 " high-- a lot of plastic needed to do it doubled. Hardest part was trying to hold the two sections together and staple it halfway straight-- would have been much easier to have had someone holding it straight while I was stapling it onto the door. Was almost 2/3rds done when they showed up, and my son finished it for me. You would think that after all these years the kids would be used to seeing Mom doing all kinds of work around my home, but I guess losing their Dad keeps them worrying they might lose their Mom. I try to tell them they should never feel guilty if anything happens to me while I am working as I would rather go working enjoying myself than go from sitting around doing nothing. My shop is getting warmer all the time. Soon I will stop doing repairs and start working on my next wood project.
Hope everyone else is enjoying the weekend.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?? I will just have to wait and see.

That is really cool having four generations together.

There are five living generations in my family, I would love for all us to be together, but we all live so far away from each other.

It's good that you stay active, it keeps you healthy. My grandmother is 86, and still lives by herself and does all the work she can around her place.

Have a great day and stay warm. :)
Hi Deni, Thanks for dropping by. You must be very proud of your Gram.
I hope I can do as good if I live to reach her age. My Mother lived to 4 days before her 91st Birthday. She was still on a bowling team in her early 80`s and did all her housework till she broke her hip a couple years before she died. While my Dad was just 72, but he was still reparing cars for friends and family-- just finished repairing a neighbors truck the day before. So, I am already 2 years older than he was.
I wish your gram many more useful years being able to keep caring for her home herself. Being active is probably what is helping to keep her body strong. Nice hearing of others older than myself who are still active. It gives me hope to keep trying.
I`ll try keeping warm. We had more snow overnight and the winds seem to have dies down. But it is still cold out.Hope you are having better weather.
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