Thursday, January 05, 2006


Jan 5th, another shoveling Day.

OH No! There goes that darn snowplow again. I went out and shoveled my
large driveway early this morning. Then we got more snow, so after lunch I
reshoveled it. I just hope the plow didn`t leave a pile of snow across the end
of my driveway and mailbox again. weather report says might get more snow tonight.
Hope not. Good for my well next spring, but tiring to keep repeating shoveling. Not
much snow, just enough so I had to shovel. I only did a little over half the driveway
after the last storm as a D said to leave it and she would finish it after her day care kids left. She usually does what she says, but guess she figured we didn`t have enough to worry about. Leaving it was a big mistake on my part as it meant more to do today. What was left turned to ice from cars driving on it. Lots harder to remove it today. Glad I finished it all this time.
Then back to more draft filling on the shop. I used sealer around the windows and
casings, plus sealed the boards tighter that I added around the door framework .
It felt warmer in the shop afterwards and I didn`t even have the heater on. So I guess all my work is paying off.
Only problem is all this shoveling is tiring me so not getting anything made in the shop.
But there is sure to be a day soon that doesn`t require shoveling. Or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

But the fact remains that you have achieved something.
Yes Jac, I did seal the shop better and that should save on the electrical bill for the heater. Still have a small place to fill in where the bottom of the door doesn`t hit hits the floor boards right. Walt only made a fast heavy door and wasn`t as particulsr as I am. We only worked out there in the summer mostly so tightness wasn`t such a problem then. Plus if we should go there in colder weather, we used the Keroscene heater which required some fresh air so fumes wouldn`t build up, so those small drafts made using the keroscene heater safer. So, I never complained. Only now I have a safer heater thanks to my future son-in-law who bought it for me.
Thanks for stopping by.
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