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Jan. 2nd, 2005 Bad day!

A Bad day for driving. It was so foggy all you could see was the lights
on the cars- not see the cars themself. Luckily the red and green colors
showed on the traffic light, even though you couldn`t see the light itself.
Never knew it was that foggy till I was a few streets from my road. As
soon as I headed down the hill, it got worse. I haven`t driven in fog this
bad in years. We ususlly don`t get fog this bad in the winter. I had decided
to go to our local Hannaford to pick up a couple rolls of pictures. When I
took them there last Thursday I was told - one day- so pick them up tomorrow.
Well, the weather was bad the rest of the week, so I never went to get them
till today. Then I was told none had came back since Christmas. So, that was
a wasted trip.
So, as long as I was there I figured I might as well pick up
some more bird food. Got the reg food, some thistle seed and two suets. I try
to keep the feeders and suet holder filled.

I also picked up some ice cristles as the ice was forming in front of my
garage doors so one of them wouldn`t open enough to get my car out this
morning and I had to do some chopping. I hate using the crystals as they can
damage my driveway. But chopping the ice can also do damage. So, I just
poured some of the crystals in front of that one door. I guess they
built my driveway with a bit of a slope so the water would run off the left
side. The reason I figure it must slope a speck is because only one door
hits too close to the driveway and doesn`t open if there is any ice buildup.
The other door seems to get higher off the ground as it opens.
I know the doors are both identical and right angles, so that leaves the
ground to be a bit off. I thought of taking that door off and shaving a speck
off the bottom, but to do that I would also need to remove the support board
that goes along the very bottom and renail it up a bit higher. Doing all this
would propbably ruin the Mural I painted on the doors. So, I`ll just
keep using the ice melt crystals where that door opens. Hard keeping my
dog away from the doors till the ice has melted and I can remove any
left over crystals. I worry that it might get onto my dogs feet and burn them.
Seems like what ever you do, there is always something more to worry about.
I used to find an ice melt that ws considered safe for aphsalt, but haven`t
found it yet this year.

After doing that, my next job was to close up tighter around the shop door.
Had some trimming to do , then nailing boards up the open side on the casin
for the door to have something to snug up to. Got the worst side done today.
Too dark to try climbing on a ladder tonight, so over the top will need
to wait till tomorrow- if the weather is good enough. The electric heater
seemed to heat well even if I was constantly opening and closing the door.
So, once i get the door sealed better it should be warm enough to work out there.

Mr Haney, if you are reading this, I must tell you that I was pounding a
nail when the outside light over the garage went off. So, bet you can
figure out what happened next. Not my thumb, but my left middle finger. I
depend on that finger for typing, so now I am trying to use just the pointer
finger on that hand for typing. Not very fast now. It looks like the whole
end of the finger will be black tomorrow. Haven`t done this in years. I have
one of those outside double motion lights over the garage doors. Every few
minutes I had to stop and walk over near the garage to turn it back on.
The shop light lit up the inside casin, but not the outer edge. Should have
came in and ice packed the finger, but I wanted to finish that one side
before I quit for the day. From the tip to the first joint it is swollen
pretty good.

I better be more careful as I have a Dr apt on the 5th. The
last time I went there I had black and blue marks on my arm from carrying
some long boards and they asked me if someone was abusing me. I told them
there was noone home to abuse me as I lived alone since losing my husband.
Then they asked if some of my kids were doing it. I told them I don`t have
that kind of kids. Mine are the type who are grest at helping me. they would
never abuse me. So, can`t afford to go with any more marks on me. I tried
to tell the Dr about the kind of work I do at home, but then I gave up.

Oh Well, tomorrow is another day. I will need to push the lawn tractor
in further to open the ladder and the tractor has a flat tire on it. So, that
should be fun. I wanted to build a small shed for thr tractor to get it
out of my shop, but can`t figure a good place to put the shed. With Gods help,
Maybe next year I will do the shed.


Guess it was a bad day. I just noticed I put 2005 instead of 2006, does that mean I lost a whole year? But then how would I explain all I did last year? :):)
ouch ouch ouch!!!!!!
I hate the fog. Once while driving a friend home and the first day I got my NEW car I hit a section that was all foggy.
right in the middle of the pea soup I smashed into a cement barrier that had been put in to block traffic and had no reflectors or flashing lights.
The insurance paid for the damages but it could have been worse.
Happy New Year Dot and watch the fingers.
I don't think I know anyone your age that is as active and kick arse as you are around the place. You rock Dot!

And your doctor should know that too. Surely by now he knows how active you are and how much you seem to love making things. Doesn't he realise a hammer, nails and wood are a constant part of your life??

Sorry to hear about your finger, although with all the work you do, I'm surprised you aint black and blue from top to bottom. That just proves you know what you're doing lol

May the new year bring everything you wish for Dot. :)
thanks for all your wishes and your appreciation for my work....wishing you a very happy new year friend.
I wish we could see a picture of the mural on your garage doors. Are you able to post a photo, Dot?
Walker, I hope you weren`t hurt when you hit that cement barrier. Cars can be replaced, but injuries are sometimes harder to handle.
I do hate driving in fog when you can`t see the car ahead of you. I took my time in the store hoping it would clear up, but it was still just as bad when I drove home. I went the longer way where they had the street light as figured noone would be as apt to turn that corner like they might out from the other side roads.
Oh yes, the whole finger from the tip to the first joint is now the prettiest purple color. Glad it only took the first part, but I do miss it for typing and won`t be able to play the cords or keys on my organ with it for a while. Glad I am right handed.
Happy New year to you!!!
No Lisa, I have never told my Dr all that I do. Now, my dentist is another story. He used to ask me what I was up to now, so he knew.
I am sure my Dr will find out if my finger is still that cute purple when i see him on the 5th. I think any good Dr should recognize a finger hit with a hammer. HaaHaa.
Thanks Lisa. I hope all your dreams come true during the new year. Enjoy your company ( as if you weren`t already doing so).
Happy new year lisa.
Meetu, Thanks for dropping by and keep up the good work. I`m happy for you. Wishing you a wonderful year where all your dreams come true.
Kat, you can find some pictures of my Mural if you look on my blog under Oct, 05. Then go down till you get to Oct 29th, 05 and you will find it titled " My Garage Mural". It takes a few minutes for all the pictures to open. Under the first few pictures you will see one showing the whole farm scene. Took me 3 weeks to paint using one of those 1/4 inch brushes like you find in kids paint by nunber kits. I only had a few colors of paint so mixed them to make the other colors. This is what I did to keep my sanity when I first lost my husband Walt after 50 yrs of Marriage. Only time I ever painted a scene that large, but once I started my mind just kept thinking of other things to add. Hope you find it ok.
Thanks for stopping by and happy New year to you, may all your dreams come true.
Found the pictures. Wonderful! Well done.
Thanks Kat
Sorry about your fingers
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