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Jan 19th, The old paper basket!

Finally a nice day. After the snow storm last week, we had the ice storm this week followed by a day where it rained from early morning till late at night. Last evening and this afternoon I was able to spend time in the shop.Yesterday morning I spent scraping the ice from the driveway and the sidewalk that goes from the front porch to the road. The only ice left is right in front of my shop door. Some of the ice has melted and left a water puddle covering the ice, so a bit slippery. I can`t toss anything there to melt the ice as my dog would get it on her feet, and the ground is frozen too hard to remove the ice with the long handled metal ice scraper. If i can`t remove itsoon, i might just lay a piece of wood over the ice.
Well, to get back to the yellow basket-- I decided to make a wood paperbasket to replace it in my kitchen.
Have you ever found yourself looking at the same paper basket year after year? I have this tall yellow plastic paper basket in my kitchen. Have had it so long that I can`t even remember when or where we bought it. The cover has been gone for years. Last week when I was emptying it , I just looked at it and thought " I am so tired of looking at you-- old coverless and such a bland yellow color!!" It once was a pretty yellow, but age seems to have robbed it`s brightness. Never thought of a paperbasket getting old-- but this one sure is looking old.
So, yesterday when I was dumping it, I decided to make myself a new basket from wood. I cut out the four sides, tapering them from the wide top to a narrower bottom. Glued and lightly nailed with fine finishing nails all the sides together, using the right angle for all corners of course. Then I let it sit overnight for the glue to dry. Then this afternoon I cut the bottom board with all 4 sides cut on a 15 degree slant to better fit inside the sloped frame .
Now, I am trying to decide how I wish to finish it-- paint, varnished or make some designs to cover all four corners with some 1/4th board. Then if I do that, I need to decide whether I want to varnish the trim darker than the rest of the basket. Decisions, decisions, have to get my old mind working and deciding before I go to the shop again. Then there is still the cover to make, plus the top frame on the basket to hold the cover. I could just start making them and decide on trim or no trim later. Well, guess I will sleep on it and decide later.
I might just paint a design on it, but then I could just varnish it to match my cupboards. Biggest problem is whatever I decide I need to do the paint or stain early in the morning to give it time to start drying before I have to unplug the heater before going to bed. I would never leave the heater running over night while I slept. But, if I did the work real early in the morning then it would have many hours to dry in. I just worry that the dampness overnight in the shop might ruin the finish no matter how I finish it.
More decisions, always something to think about when building something. Well, no matter what finish I end up doing, I will cover it with a clear coat to make it washable.
I had a favorite saying when I was in High school " That would be telling". That line got me out of answering many questions and kept me from losing any friends or from getting anyone mad at me- a good way to keep from taking sides. That line even made it into my senior year book as being my favoeite saying. Gee, I wonder how the book publishers knew that one?? Guess I must have used it once to many times so it got remembered. Haven`t thought of that saying in years.
Back then, most High school kids had favorite sayings. Did you have a favorite saying and did it help you get out of siding with one friend or getting another friend mad at you?

I like your resoursfulness and the way that you just go out back and make what you need.
I have problems throwing some things out because the represent something of comfort. Its been with me for so long its hard to throw out and if I do then my space feels different without it.
Hi Walker, There are somethings I feel the same about. Sometimes I make a new cover for it so it looks better, sometimes I replace screws to tighten up rather than toss, sometimes I repaint it, or I might crochet a new cover for a chair to improve it`s looks. I usually find a way to improve on some of the old items I just can`t toss out. Memories can sure get us hooked tight to somethings. Or as you mentioned, we never want to part with someting that is comfortable. That`s why my house is a bit crowded, I hate to give up anything that means something to me. I often wonder what my kids will do when the time comes for them to clean out my home. I am an awful keeper. I have many things that my kids made for me when they were in school that mean lots to me. To me, those spotless uncrowded houses are just a show house not a home. I like neat looking, but keeping so much can make a house look crowded. I hate a house where you are afraid to walk in for fear of leaving a fingerprint someplace. So neat, everything in it`s place, with that unlived in look. As I once told a sister-in-law- my house is clean enough to eat in, but with the lived in look that makes you feel comfortable sitting down in.
Sending smiles to join in your great times togetherin NZ. Sending the best to both of you.
well dot it seems like i did say cool a lot. every thing was cool. i also said a lot of words that ended with ville, like hipsville. your mother wears combat boots comes to mind also.
Mr Haney, I bet you remember the old saying while walking down the sidewalks from school- Don`t step on the cracks or you will break your mothers back. Sounds stupid today, but I still remember kids jumping over the cracks where each section joined the next in the sidewalk. Funny how that one just came to mind when I haven`t heard it in years.
i have a daughter-in-law who still uses the word "Cool" when she hears something she thinks is nice. Thanks for stopping by.
That's pretty 'cool' that you can make things like that. :)
thanks Deni. The easiest part is done-- have the basket done with it`s sloping from larger top to smaller bottom. Now, it the frame cover that will hold the bag insert in place, and the actual cover. This requires work with the router to indent the outer edges part way in so it will stay in place on the basket. Yesterday I finished cutting out the top frame and cover pieces. Next will be the routing work. Then, still to decide on trim and finish. Easy part finished, now for the harder part. Wish me luck, I might need it.
"That would bre telling" Dot.
You will do it nice show us a pic of that, Won't you ?
Jac I will post it if I am satisfied with how it turns out. I took today off as my back said rest, but unless we get the expected snowstorm tomorrow, I might do more then. I did finish cutting out the part that slips over to hold the liner inplace. I glued it together and left it to dry. I may need to go buy a piece of pine to make the cover with. Haven`t found the thickness I want to use. I have thicker board, but don`t want a cover that heavy. And I would rather have a cover made with pine instead of from plywood as it would look much neater.
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