Friday, January 06, 2006


Fire co. Practice burning

The day the WGF Fire Dept. burnt the house behind my back Fence. They used the burning as a Fireman Practice burning session. This fire heated the paint right of the other side of our fence and the force of the water coming from their hoses cracked many of the boards. The firemen had to keep my fence real wet to keep it from catchinf fire since the house they were burning down sat just a few feet from our back fence. The long support boards that the upright boards were nailed to was also weakened so they soon rotten away. There was times when the smoke was so bad that my whole yard was blackened from the smoke making it impossible to see anything. Standing on my back porch I couldn`t even see the porch railings. It took days to remove the smoke odor from our home.
I hated breathing the smoke , But I didn`t dare stop watching incase the fire should come thru the fence onto our property. Our other building was just a few feet this side of the fence. A lot to worry about and a great relief once the fire was out.

Smoke ? Be careful there, dot!
Jac, These pics were taken a few years ago. The pics I took when the smoke was the worst didn`t come out as there was so much smoke you couldn`t see anything for the camera to pick up. Worst was the smoke smell and shutting the doors did no good as the odor still entered my home and as soon as the smoke was gone, I went around opening all the doors and some windows, plus put on the kitchen and bathroom fans to draw the odor out of my home.
Walt and I used to wish we had built our home further from the road out front. But that burning day, we were glad we didn`t build further back on our property.
I am just thankful there was no strong wind blowing and that our volinteer firemen take their job seriously even though they don`t get paid for their work.
sorry it took so long to reply
3 kings is like a final xmas but I am not sure of how it is celebrated
Frohe = Happy or Merry
Weihnachten is Christmas
und = and
ein gutes = a good
neues = New
and it is J ... Jahr = Year

Merry Xmas and Happy new year basically

thanks again :)
Thanks Loads November rain . I figured it was wishing me a Merry Christmas, but it is nice knowing the meanings of each word.
Thanks again.
no post ?
Jac, I just posted for you, but so far it hasn`t showed up on my blog. Hope it posts ok. Mr Haney said he had a problem posting to his blog today. Thanks for stopping by. If it doesn`t post, i will try again tomorrow. Have a great day, or evening whichever it is in Africa.
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