Thursday, January 26, 2006


Another day???, Thursday, Jan. 26th, 2006

Yesterday was such a day. Had to go get blood tests done, so I called the place to see what time the lab part opened up. Was told the lab opened at 6:30 am. So, I left home in time to be there as soon as they opened with hopes of getting back home before the snow started. It was still pitch dark out when I drove down.
When I arrived I found the doors to the building locked. After waiting around for about 10 minutes in the icy cold, I decided to get back to the warm car to wait. Finally at 6:45 I decided to phone to see when the doors were being unlocked. Glad i had the cell phone with me. First I was told to knock and someone should come to the door. I told the girl that there were no lights in the front half of the building. So, she asked me to hang on the phone while she tried to reach someone in the building. She finally came back on line and told me that they don`t unlock the doors till 7am, which was when they finally put the lights on and unlocked the door.
I did manage to be back home with the car back in the garage before it snowed. Then we only got about an inch of snow, not enough to have to shovel.
Hours later after getting some work done, I decided to check my e-mail. I was sitting here reading some of the e-mails when suddenly I could feel something crawling up my right arm. Didn`t take me long to find out what was going up my sleeve as my arm moved. It turned out to be the gauze and tape bandage they had put on my arm after taking the blood. Nothing but the rumpled gauze that had come loose from my arm. What a weird feeling that rumpled up stringy gauze caused. It actually felt just like something was crawling up my arm inside my sleeve. I had forgotten all about it. I usually remove it as soon as I get home. Boy, if Walt had been here, he sure would have gotten a good laugh out of that one. :):):)
Was hoping to work in the shop today, but it was way too cold- only 9 degrees F. and the shop still needs more insulation in the ceiling for the heater to warm it when it`s that cold. But, it is supposed to warm up into the low thirty`s tomorrow, so I might be able to warm the shop enough then. I am getting impatient waiting to finish the kitchen paper basket. I like finishing anything once I start making it.
Well, at least I got all the washings done today and picked up around the house so I did accomplish something. Yesterday I was too tired to do much. Was still tired from the long ride the day before with my bro to his Dr in the next state. We made a full day of it and stopped to visit some friends on the way home. Had a nice visit. We only get to see these friends a few times a year.
The wind make it feel like way below zero out. Sure wish my dog would come inside tonight, but she has a mind of her own. I still keep hay in her doghouse, but still I worry when it gets this cold at night. But staying outside she has built herself a heavy coat of thicker hair. Every winter I add a piece of heavy piled carpet over the doorway to keep out the wind. As soon as warmer weather appears If I don`t remove the rug piece, my dog will pull it off her doorway. She will also drag out the hay if she feels it is getting too warm to need it. Dogs sure are smart. i remember one time when Walt and I had taken her to the vets for her shots. Someone came in with another large dog. Sassy went crazy wanting to get to that dog. She growled and Walt and I had to hold her real tight to keep her on the side of the room across from the other dog. It surprised us as she usually wanted to play with any dog she sees. A few minutes later the vet came out after the other dog and that dog almost bit him. They had to put a muzzle on that dog to take it into the examing room. So, then we realized that Sassy was just warning the other dog to stay away from us. We have taken Sassy to this same place for ten years and that was the only time she ever growled at any animal that was there. I never had a dog before that loved going to the vets. She loves the people there and practically pulls us along to go in faster. She loves to ride in the car. Since I lost walt, one of my sons and his adopted son accompany me as I couldn`t drive alone with her. She would jump in the front if noone was holding her in the back seat. We once took her to the vetscloser home where my son takes his dogs, but Sassy was hard to handle there. She just liked the people better where we had always taken her.
Well guess I will go check her water dish again. It freezes up so fast this type of weather. I usually give her fresh water every few hours in the winter. After I dump the frozen water, I run the dish under hot water to take the chill out of the dish before filling it with fresh water so Sassy won`t have her face touching the icy dish when she drinkls.
That reminds me of something I saw a couple days ago when my bro and I were turning my corner onto the main road. One of the little boys was licking the wooden light pole and his tongue got stuck to it. I was about to have my bro go back so I could check when I saw another boy pull him free and the school bus was almost there to pick them up. I had that happen here once when the step daughter started licking the ice on an inside window. I heard her whinning and came out to see what was wrong, then I ran and got some lukewarm water and started pouring it down the window to melt the ice and free her tongue without damage. What a water mess I had to clean up off my floor. I had never seen it happen before that time. I sure hope the little boys tongue wasn`t injured when his friend pulled him loose.
Well, I better go check the gods water before it gets any later as it is already almost 9:30 pm.

I have two dogs outside, Springer Spaniels. We also keep straw in their pen and they push it out when they get too hot. Of course, my hubby's friend built the pen, it has three inches of insulation in the walls, and with the two of them they get hot in there. Their coats are really thick too from being outside. As for the water freezing, that is a problem, I was trying to find a batter operated heating water dish as there is no electric out there, but it seems they don't make battery operated ones.
Deni, it was only 4 degrees F this morning, but Sassy still came out of her house in a rush to eat. I don`t have insulation , but I did add plastic lining on the inside and black paper under the roof shingles, plus black paper and siding over the frame boards. I used to have an addition off the doorway, but she got too large to keep using it to enter her doghouse, so I removed it. Not enough room between the house and the driveway to add a larger entry addition off her doorway. Had it so she went into the entry and turned to enter the doghouse to prevent drafts before she got too large for it.
have a nice day.
hello dot.
how are you today. it sounds cold there. i have been away from ma. so long i forget how cold it can get. your dog sounds very smart and very protective which is good. they know when they are to cold and they will come inside if they need to.
well it is saturday and i thought my son was comming over today to work off some of his loan but he called and left us a message and he will be here tomorrow. we are about to go to the thrift store. well actually i am going with dorothy but i will drop her off like usual and go to an electronics store some where to browse around.
well have a good one and i will talk with you later.
Its to bad that the building managers can't accomidate their tenants. You'd think the right hand would know what the left hand was doing.
I remember getting my togue stuck on a metal fence at school when younger and have to pul it off . You can just imagune the burning sensation I had on the end of my tongue for about a week.
Mr Haney, it is a bit warmer today. Expecting rain this afternoon so maybe it will wash away some of the snow. Did dorothy find some more of her pretty glassworks? What I saw before were so pretty and expensive looking. Did you find anything new in electronics that you wish you had ? Got the trim cut out and glued onto the paper basket, plus the first coat of varnish done. Now hoping to do the second coat today.
have a great day.
yes walker, you would think people who run a business, especially a Drs office and Lab would want to have a co. handling their appointments and info station that had a written list of their hours in front of them at all times. Amazes me that they don`t make up some info to give the Co. to help them do things better.
Never had that problem happen to me, but I can imagine how pulling a tongue off something cold would leave it raw . Bet it hurt eating and drinking any spicy or hot foods. Has to be bad for any child to handle. Poor kids, we warn them of so many dangers and never think to warn then not to lick anything cold. If we did, then they would probably ask why their tongue never gets frozen to icecream or frozen pops. Have you got a good answer ready for that question?
Have fun and give my best to your wonderful host.
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