Tuesday, December 27, 2005


tuesday, Dec. 27, 05- What

WOW, It has already been two days since christmas,
but since someone has showed up every day, it feels
like Christmas is still here.

4 more days and this year will be over.

Now, what did I accomplish this past year?
lets see,
I made the large 4 door cupboard for holding my yarn,
pictures and other items in the front room, then I
hit the dining room and there sits the long 3 shelf
( counting the top) case used for holding part of my
huge horse collection. Then off to the bathroom and
there sits the small sliding door cabinet plus the wood
standard that holds the paper, then there is the small
close-up table. Then I also lined all the bigger shelfs
on the tall plant holder to protect the varnish from
moisture. I also removed the two narrower shelfs that
were on each side of the shelf over
my kitchen window and made some wider ones to hold
more of my Bud Clysdale steins. Just received two more
this Christmas, plus the one I got on my Birthday- so
needed more shelf space. Oh, I forgot the carry case I
made for the floor steam cleaner and it`s attachments.
Then the steamer was defective and I had to send it back.
So, right now the case is filled with Comp Mags. and
woodworker for Women mags. I forgot the long hanging
planter with the bird house on each end. Gee, until I
started writing, I never realized I had done this much
this year. Thought I was done till next spring.

But a
daughter and her intended gave me an electric oil filled
radiator to heat my shop. So, now I can continue having
fun out there. Thought it was going to be a boring
winter- being stuck in the house for the next few months.
If I get good enough roads all winter to go pick up more
wood, I can continue to enjoy working in my shop.

I usually get a lot of crocheting done each year. But
just two hooded baby sweaters that zip down the back,
a stuffed toy, a baby blanket and a few other small items.
I did take time out to teach a couple girls how to crochet.
I usually make much more, but was enjoying my wood shop
to much this past year.

Now, wouldn`t have accomplished
so much if I wasn`t retired and living alone. But would
gladly have spent that time with someone, but it just wasn`t
in the cards. So, no sense just wasting away the rest of
my life doing nothing but sitting alone feeling sorry for
my self. That would only shorten my life from getting no

Now that I have a way to heat my shop, Oh what will I
find to make next. Suppose I could start making the
close-up tables for Christmas gifts next year. Or maybe
a new trellis for my flower garden. Or ????????
Can`t think what else might come in handy? Sitting around
doing nothing gives me too much time for thinking. Thinking
can feel lonesomeness much more. Keeping too busy to think
makes those long days seem shorter. Funny how days that seem
to hang on forever, suddenly seem to short when you have
a lot you want to get finished and wish you had more hours
in the day to finish them.

Last night after all the days with so much company, I felt
exhausted and went to bed around 9pm, got to sleep by ten pm
and awoke this morning at 2am and never could get back to sleep.
Hopefully I will sleep more tonight, but never get more than
4 hours a night. Was onlt 2 hours till the Dr put me on the
c-pap machine, now get up to four some nights. So, it has
helped me the past 1 1/2 years. I am still hoping to start
sleeping longer.
Well, guess I`ll go enjoy reading others blogs. There are so
many interesting writers in the blogs. Sometimes I leave a post
but some I just enjoy reading.

Wow! You sure are busy! Are you really 74? I guess 74 is the new 50!

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed taking a peek here.

Happy new year!
Hi Dot,

Thanks for popping by Thousand Wordsworth. Id love to see your clyde collection, sounds like quite a housefull of Gee-Gees. I had to laugh, I miss-read the sentance about crocheting at first as..." I crocheted two-headed baby sweaters"! I wondered about your two headed granchildren for a second or two! Silly me!
You have done a lot for this year, but then you have to keep on doing things that keeps you busy.

You know something ???
I am so happy that lot of visitors are here and I am happier to note that you enjoy blogging.

But don't be an addict like me. LOL
Thanks Curious servant. Sometimes I eel 90, but most of the time I act like I`m back in my 60`s. Can`t say 40`s or 50`s, because those years were spent still raising kids, and working in the bike shop or running our grocery
store, so no time or extra money back then to just play around. Once the last bike shop was closed, then I turned it into a wood shop and after retirement I bought more items to work with. After losing my husband over 3 yrs ago, I started spending more time in the shop just to keep from thinking. I enjoy making things.
Thanks for dropping by and happy New year .
Hi oopseedaisee, Wow , thats a long word. thanks for my laugh for today. Guess the two wasn`t explained very well- was 2 sweaters, one for a new greatgrandson and the other for the newest greatgranddaughter. The sweaters had connected hats or hoods on them. :)
But I did watch an operation a couple nights ago where they had to remove a second head from the top of a baby where the second baby never finished developing. So very sad as the second head was alive and could even drink a bottle
and open the eyes and watch you, plus it had it`s own working brain. If that baby had finished developing the Mother would have had triplets. The other baby was normal. I was releived when the op was over and the baby made it thru the op. as the blood vessels from that baby was also keeping the head alive. So very very sad.
Had to have been very heartbreaking for the parents.
I will take a picture of the clyd steins after I find time to rearrange them and find room for the two new ones I just received.
My home is loaded with my horse collection. Walt was wonderful about it and even bought me some of them. Christmas just added more!
Happy new year!
Gee Jac, think it`s already too late. :):):)
Have been on the net for 6 or 7 years now and would sure feel lost without all those wonderful friends that I have met. One of the last things Walt ever told me was to promise to stay on the net as he said he could see how much pleasure it was bringing me. That was over three years ago. Almost quit a few times that first year, then would remember what he said, and here I still am. Not sure how I would have kept going if it were not for my Wonderful friends.
And yes, I am enjoying everyones blogs. Sometimes I check out blogs before I even check out the sites that I have belonged to for years now. Do need to check into the other sites as they made me asst. manager in them when they started them. Had known the managers of each site from other sites we had once joined. When they started their own, they begged me to join them. So can`t let them down.
But, yes jac, I do enjoy reading your site along with others. Glad you are back posting again. Also thanks for dropping by again. I do enjoy reading everyones comments.
Happy New year! Now leave those strong Dames alone and don`t get behind them. :)
Hi Dot, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

Yes, it is rewarding work, and you did the right thing stopping and talking to that woman, I would have done the same. I am surprised they had her wheel chair locked, we are not allowed to lock them.

Come visit again, and I will be back again to visit you. :)
Ha ! Ha !
Do you know that my dames can attain 85 miles/hour speed in 40 seconds ?
Do you know that it can kiss me passionately on my lips and half of my face will be gone ??
hello dot. i just dropped by for a minute. dorothy and i are going to the thrift store. i was just looking at your side bar with your links. you have them all different colors. good for you. you learn quick. well , have a good day.
Jac, I sent you one Dame that you can safely kiss- the puzzle one. HaaHaa. I sure know who won the race. You lost, they are just way too fast. Lets tie a cart to them and we could go faster and save the gas ,money. :):).
Deni, the reason I figured the wheels were locked was that when the lady tried to push the wheels to follow us down the hall to the door, she couldn`t move the wheels. I figure they might have feared her wheeling outside behind some visitors.
thanks for stopping by.
thanks Mr haney. I don`t have many blogs listed yet, but soon i might add more. Thanks for showing me how to add them.
Tell Dorothy good luck with finding more of those pretty items at the thrift shop. She sure has found some pretty ones.
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