Thursday, December 29, 2005


Thursday Dec. 29th, 05- More on Horse Collection

I can`t believe that I wrote in PolyEdit this morning and when company arrived, I clicked on save it in my Documents, or so I thought. But after they left I went thru my saved documents only to find it nowhere to be found. So guess it was sent off to no-mans land. I will probably find it some day in some strange place where it won`t ever open again.
Doesn`t it irritate when that happens? To answer myself- it sure does.
Rained most of the day and there must have been a lot of pollen of some sort because my alergy has my eyes and nose running and I
kept sneezing most of the morning. Almost as bad as walking thru the soap aisle in our grocery store. I skip that aisle unless I realy need something there. If I must get something from that aisle, I go down it when there isn`t many customers so I can go down it quickly. Nothing I hate worse than being in a grocery store and start sneezing. I buy the perfume free liquid detergent. Made a big mistake a while ago. I decided to use a coupon for a different kind of fabric sopftener dryer sheets. Instead of saving money, I ended up wasting money because the scent sent my alergy off. So, Thought the coupon might save me some money. Haahaa, joke was on me. At my age, I should know enough to stick to things that I know won`t affect my senses and send me off into teary land. Who knows, maybe I will live long enough to smarten up!!
Sure was nice seeing my older sister and her great hubby again. They live about 4 hours drive from me. My youngest sister was with them. So I received more Christmas gifts from them. Got another horse cup for my collection. This one is from the Appaloosa Horse Club-- their 2001 Awards Banquet cup. looks a lot like my brothers real Appaloosa horse. Also got a silver napkin holder with a Horse on it,looks like might be pewter, but not sure, plus got a winter scene floor mat. Oh, yes, they also gave me another Horse calendar for the coming year. That makes three new large horse calendars and none are alike. So, yesterday I spent time rearranging my steins so I could fit two more steins upon my shelves, now where do I fit this cup? No worry, as I always find a place. A neighbor gave me a upright horse statue that takes up 8" x 11" space on my Horse shelfs . It is brown with golden mane, hoofs and tail. I received two more horse blankets , one from a daughter, the other from a son and his wife. Just received a horse blanket in Sept. for my Birthday from the youngest daughter and her hubby. I Had a lighter one from a granddaughter a couple years ago and last christmas the neighbor gave me a second one like it. So I now have a total of 5 Horse blankets- different weights for different seasons. Want something to laugh about?? Years ago one of my grand daughters received a door poster from her step fathers Mom. Her bedroom door was too small to use it so she gave it to me. She said her Gram and Gramp agreed on giving it to me. So, to please her I put it on the outside of our bedroom door. It shows the horse in a stable with the top open and the large Horses head filling the top half. it has been there for 5 or 6 years at least and still looks pretty good. So, when you head for my bedroom you see the door looking like you are entering a barn. Last year the neighbor gave me a welcome sign with a horse that hangs from it. Over my garage is a large metal horsehead that a brother-in-law gave me years ago. He is gone now, but my house is filled with items he gave me for my collection. This year my youngest sister- was his wife- gave me an old Christmas post card with the post date North Pole 1900 on the back. She said she just found it and that he had bought it for me before his accident. Last year she gave me a horse head large workable stapler that her hubby had picked up for me. She told me that this would be the last gift from her hubby as now I had all he had bought to keep for my gifts. He will always be missed, especially his laughter and his fun nature. She lost her husband the year after I lost mine, only he was younger and healthier, but fell from a tree.
I have a large turkey cutting board that has a silver metal horses head on the top left and the silver tail off the top right. They used to find things noone else saw.
In my collection I have horse statues of all sizes and shapes and made from many things-- such as one from Pen.coal, blown glass, metal, leather, a plate with a horse made from St Helens ash, lamps, clocks, candles,wall pictures- couple of them I pained, Puzzles- one is shaped like a huge horse with 0ver 800 pieces. This one I used puzzle glue and hung it on the wall. It has the head, separate legs, tail etc all juting out- realy cut out like a real horse. -- I could go on and on. Have an expensive Bud 8 clysdale horse hitch with a large wagon, plus a cheeper one thats woth only $300. The expensive one is enclosed to protect it, but the other sits up on an open shelf. All too high for little hands to reach. I received more horse gifts, but think I have mentioned enough for you to get the idea of my collection that has been accumulated over many years. Even my organ is protected with a horse scene tapestry that once belonged to my youngest bro who we lost back in 1994. When I take that one off to wash, I replace it with another horse wall tapestry my Husband bought me years ago. My sister once told her friend that I had a house with a great tribute to horses. Of course I also resprayed the 8ft x 8 ft country farm scene that I painted on the doors to my garage. It has horses pulling a plow, pulling a surrey, couple in the barn amongst other country farm scene items. It has already made it thru two winters and hopefully thru this winter.
I am sure anyone reading this is already tired of hearing about Horses, and I only touched on a small part of my collection. But I do love horses.
I also got a set of minnie and micky mouse salt and peppers to add to that collection. Not sure how many sets I have now, was over 100 the last time I counted. When you have been married over 50 years, there were many years to get so much collected.
I sometimes wonder what my Kids will do with such a large horse collection-- they could give each child, plus grand and great grand child one to remember me by and still have more left. Oh well, let them worry about that. I`ll just contimue to collect and enjoy them for as long as I am able.
Well, think I should post this before it dissappears like the first written one did.

You would probably love the picture I have hanging on my wall. It is a print by Bev Doolittle called Hide and Seek, from a distance it looks like a picture of rocks but when you look close it is horses.

My mom had a huge elephant collection, all of the family members picked what ones they wanted to remember her by.

And me? I collect vintage salt and pepper shakers, and unusual ones.
You know what I collect ???
Empty oyster shells of a number of colours and types.

Jac from the wild. Ha Ha
Makes me want to keep an eye out for one for you.

I collect fossils and books.

I have some really old first editions... and all of the fossils are old of course.
deni, I sure would love your picture. Sound like a herd of wild horses up in the rocks.
My neighbor collects elephants and other safari type animals.
I would love to see your salt and pepper sets.
Jac, I have some seashells ( clam shells I believe) that I picked up off the shore when we went to NY City coast, but no oyster shells. Too bad there wasn`t oysters still in each one of them-- look at the money you would have!
Curious servant, does your house look like my bro`s. After our mother passed away my bro had the life use of the house. He removed the couch and much of the other furniture in the living room and filled the room with bookcases. he did the same in the smaller room. It looks more like a public library than a house. He has some first editions also. he also has some first edition comic books. If i had that many books to keep dusted I would go crazy. Books, books, everywhere you look. Since he has never married or had any kids, I don`t know what the family would ever do with them. Noone else in our family is a Book collector. This bro had osteomylitis at age 14 and spent almost 2 years in the hosp, then over a year at home in a wheelchair , then on crutches before he was able to walk again. So, he spent those yrs reading and thats how his interest in books started. Today he still collects books and watches out for more old ones to buy.
I not too educated on fossils. Where did you find them?
i too have lotsa sea shells
i collect them from the beaches tat i visit..
are u the dot who visited me??
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