Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My latest project finished- a small Collapsible table

Here I was freezing in my shop when I should have been working on Christmas presents with so little time left to do them.
But I had asked my uncle for plans to make the table like he made for my brother and his wife. He had no pattern, but they gave me the table my Aunt was using to paint her pictures on. They told me I could take it apart to make a pattern if I wanted to. I did remove 4 screws, but none of the nails. Above is the result of my project. One picture - in front of my frig/freezer - shows the table closed up-- takes very little room to store it when not in use. Closed it is only 2 inches thick. The other picture shows my table in the open position. The table top splits in the center and each side drops down- one half onto one side and the other half drops down on the other side. Larger ones could be made using the same pattern idea. I made sure to cut out one extra of each piece to keep for a pattern . I am hoping to be able to make more next spring and summer to use for Xmas gifts next year. Need to get playing the organ more this winter to help keep my arthritic hands moving better. Exercise is the best thing to keep them bending. They are getting to be quite crooked, but as long as they work, I won`t complain.
Beside it is my computer chair with the coverlet that I crocheted quite a few years ago. The head is a pillow. It has arms, hands are like mittens so you can put your hands in them for warmth. Has legs and shoes hanging from the bottom. The coverlet is large enough to wrap around me on those chilly nights in this kitchen. Actually there is a neck between the wrap around and the head, but there was no way to keep the head upward to picture without it falling down, so I dropped it down a ways. Excuse the blue pillow in the chair, should have removed it so the whole colors would show, lots of different colors all thru it. Good way to use up lots of those small balls of yarn left over from other projects. Broke off the tail-bone years ago and need a pillow with the center on the back removed so my spine doesn`t touch. A specialist told me not to have the bone pieces removed unless the pain became unbearable as I could lose way too much spinal fluid and not be able to walk again. So, I have put up and gotten somewhat accustomed to the pain as it is worth it to be able to get around and do things I enjoy. After 0ver 15 years, I am used to it. It`s a pain having to carry a pillow to sit on every where you go, but the alternate would be much worse.
No9w that this table is finished, guess i better get more done inside the house. Must admit that the housework gets done, but not as good as in the winter. I do so much better in the fresh air outside.
The home Theraphy phoned me a while ago, letting me know that the 6 months are up and I am eligible to buy another new face mask for my c-pap machine. Ins. will only help pay for it every 6 months. Getting one before the 6 months is up each time I would need to cover the entire cost-- much too expensive that way. Thats good as the present one is starting to make my nose sore. Should have it in about a week. One of these days I should call to have the machine checked out as haven`t done that in over a year now. My Doc asked me if I was still using it every night like I should. Told him yes, unless we have a bad thunder storm. He asked why I didn`t use it then. I told him I didn`t want to be asleep with a full face mask if the power went off during the storm and the machine stopped working. He said, he had never even thought of something like that happening. So, guess he learned something new.
Well, it is only 4pm now and getting so dark I need to turn on a light to see my keyboard. Guess thats a sign that I should getup, go empty both the washer and dryer and finish moving things around here in the kitchen if I intend on getting the tree and decorations up before it is time to take them down. I`m off!!!!

that is a good looking table you made there dot. keep up the good work.
Thanks Mr haney. I do love making things in my wood shop. Wish it was heated so I could work there year around. But then when would I get time to do the crocheted things done for Chritmas gifts.
The table still needs a second varnish and the poly coat, but can`t do the poly in the house as it needs good ventilation. So, I can`t finish the varnishing or poly till next spring. I just didn`t want to wait till next spring to see if I could make one by looking at the one my Uncle made.
Thanks again.
WoW you did a great job
You have a talent for working with your hands.
I can see where they would make great gifts too. I was at home depot and saw some wooden boxes they sell for potatoes and onions and the sell them for $30. They look so simple to make. I think I will go in one day and look at them more carefully so I could make some for myself.
thanks Walker.
I once saw an item in a mag. that had three connected sections with each one holding a drawer that tipped outward when opened. The front of all three inside boxes had a thin weaved look inserted in the front of the boxes - with openings to allow air to curculate thru. They were for potatoes, onions, etc. The front section resembled rattan, but must have been something stronger to hold the weight of the potatoes , etc., when the drawer was tipped open. They weren`t pull out drawers, but when you pulled it open, it must have had a rounded top to allow it to open that way. If i ever see it again, I will pay more attention to how it was put together.
yes, you probably could make those you saw at home Depot and being homemade, they probably would last longer, plus you could paint a design on them to blend in with where it sat in the kitchen. Usually those boughten ones are made from compressed wood which doesn`t keep a good appearance like real wood does.
I also have a huge cupboard that I made a month ago to hold all my see thru plastic cases filled with yarn, plus some other items. That one required me gluing two sections of wood together to make each of the 4 doors-- two smaller one on top and two larger ones on the bottom. I made my own clamps to hold them together till the glue dried. I just finished the door design a couple days ago. So, it if also finally finished. It measures 49" long. x 43 inches high x 2 feet deep, has 4 doors and right now there sits over 100 salt and pepper shakers on the top of it, plus I added casters to make it easier for me to move.
Before that was a smaller cupboard with a sliding door for my bathroom plus a wooden standard to hold the toilet paper. So, you can see I love my wood shop.
If you do get plans made for the vegetable bins, I would love to see them. But, I am sure you will be too busy getting everything set for your NZ trip to be making them now.
You are incredible Dot!!!
Great work you have done there !!!

Hey !!! Am back in time to wish you a merry X'mas and to see a pic of your decorated tree.
I just came from Walker's site to say hello! And Merry Christmas! I just viewed the Christmas lights that guy did, WOW! What a show! It is beautiful to see but I am glad it is not across the street from me!
That was a beautiful little table you made! You have talent that is for sure!
itisi, thanks and a very merry Christmas to you . Thanks for dropping in. The Town ( or City) where the lights were located made the owner pull the plug on all his lights. They said it was drawing too much traffic and had already caused car accidents. It must have been something to be able to hear the music from that place on a radio station as you rode by. One very intelligent fellow to be able to time everything down to the second to keep it workintg s0 smoothly. Think of the light bill he would have gotten if he had been allowed to keep it running thru Christmas. itisi, feel free to add my blod to your site if you wish to. I also use either Mr Haneys or Walkers blogs to get to others. A while ago, I was having trouble getting to your blog, but finally managed thru where you had posted in Fred`s blog.
thanks jac. Guess you are out of luck as i stopped putting up the large tree after i lost walt. The past couple years I just set up a small one onto a cardtable- table covered with a Christmas table cloth like those used under the trees- then i sit the wrapped gifts under the table. This year I am working way too slow with getting up the decorations. Been so busy trying to get everything finished and bought for everyone. my family keeps growing every year and now there are over 50 to buy for, plus I still do my bros and sisters and their mates. Added on two more great grandkids this year. Started wrapping some more gifts this morning, then took off with my youngest sister to buy more gifts.
Have a very Merry Christmas!!
Thanks for dropping by. Glad to see you back.
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