Sunday, December 18, 2005


Got up too too early!!

Here it is only 6:40 pm and I feel like it should be time for bed. Thats what happens when I get up so early. Awoke around 4:30 and couldn`t get back to sleep. So I removed my c-pap mask, turned on the TV, grabbed my Diagramless puzzle book and sat resting on the bed till about 6:30. Then decided to get up and feed my dog.
Today is one of those tired days when not much got accomplished. Sorted thru some things and carried all the extra wrapping paper and extra gifts back upstairs. Then my youngest son dropped by and I had him carry the heavy box that still had more of the heavy plastic in it. FirstI decided to pull out and make a couple smaller rolls off the large roll. That I rolled up on some of the empty cardboard rolls that used to hold Christmas Wrapping paper. That made the smaller rolls easier to carry up stairs. That will allow me to cary some down from the attic side whenever I need some. I had used some of the huge roll to cover one side of the side porch and part of the front of it. This helps to keep so much cold air from entering the house every time the door is opened. I also used some to completely cover the front of the log shed to keep out any snow or ice so the logs won`t get wet. A couple years ago I decided to remove the heavy log carrier off the back porch before the weight ruined the porch. So I built a small shed that has a high leg foundation under it made with the 4x4 outdoor treated boards. . I wanted it the same height off the ground as the porch and tight to the side of the porch so I could walk out onto the porch to retrieve the logs without ever leaving the porch.
I have a Ben Franklin in the living room that burns the logs. Even though I haven`t used it in a couple years, I still have the chimney and pipework cleaned and ready each fall in case the winter storms cause outages in our electric power. This way I can still keep warm even if the furnace can`t run. Furnace runs on oil, but needs electricity for the power to run it. The Ben Franklin has it`s own chimney separate from the furnace chimney. I feel safer that way. my son took my long heavy chain up onto the roof and used it to be sure my chimney was clean. Walt and I had added the chimney cover to the top of the chimney with the screening closing in the sides on it so no birds could ever build a nest in the chimney in the summer and also the squirrels can`t get near it.
Every summer I remove all the logs and check them good for any bad ones and remove them. They seem to keep well in the shed as they did in the large log holder.
Many times I almost removed the Ben Franklin as it is a large one and removing it would give me lots more room there. But, I always end up deciding to keep it there as it gives me security.
Won`t be long before I will be shutting off the Christmas lights on the side porch so they will have time to be cooled down before i go to bed. I never leave them burning when I am not home.
I think it seem harder removing the decorations than it does to put them up. Every year I decide not to put up a lot to take back down after Christmas, but then I think of all the grandkids and great grandkids and end up doing more work. Thats what being a Mom, Gram and Great Gram does to me. Does anyone ever do all that work for themselves? Don`t we usually do it for the pleasure of others? I put out the sleigh with Santa and all the raindeers- each has it`s own name on it, you know, Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Blitzen and so on. And each has a Christmas light on it. that was a few days ago. Then I moved it a bit yesterday and knocked one of the raindeers off the board. So, now I need to refix that one. I had already heated a nail ( using pliers to hold the nail while heating it over the kitchen gas stove flame) to make new holes thru the plastic on many of them and used the drill to drill new holes thru the wood for the screws and bolts to go thru. Now, I need to do more work on it. First year I have set it out in years as I needed to do the repairs.
Oh Well, at least the kids will enjoy it for at least this Christmas.
I`m trying to stay up later at night so I can wake up later. Wish I could sleep for more than 4 hours at night. But, shouldn`t complain as before the c-pap machine I was only getting 2 to 2 1/2 hours sleep every night for years. Funny how your body can keep operating on so little sleep. I have sleep apnea and used to scare Walt when I would stop breathing during the night, but the machine forces the air in while I sleep. Should have been tested before so I wouldn`t have scared Walt, but I never told the Doc as Walt never told me till shortly before he died. He used to shake me and I would catch my breath and start breathing again is what he told me. But this one night the shaking didn`t work so he started slapping me on the back thinking thats how Doctors get a newborn to breath. It did work, I awoke with him hitting me and he was never a hitter. I honestly thought it was from him getting less oxygen till he explained why he was hitting me. Then he got worse and I completely forgot about myself till over a year after I lost him. So, been on the c-pap machine now for about 2 years and it seems to be helping. Must be since I am still here, right! As they say, life could always be much worse, so I am still one of the lucky ones to be able to keep doing things I enjoy. Hope I can for many more years.

youra very strong woman dot. i bet you could handle any thing that came your way. if you ever get a chance how about taking a picture of that ben franklin so i could see it. well tomorrow is half price day at the thrift store and i am sure that my wife willwant to go. next week is xmas. that is hard to beleive. we are not exchanging gifts this year . i may go to krogers tomorraw and put in anorder for a cooked turkey. we had ham at thanksgiving. i am about due for some turkey. well have a good one.
You are very determined woman. Amazing is the right word.
Your a very busy lady and with all that you are doing, you should be getting more rest. The things you have to do will still be there later.
Thanks mr haney. Not sure how good i hanmdle things, but at least i keep on tryinmg.
Jac, thanks for the compiiment.
I grew up believing that the word can`t should never be used until you have tried your best. So, I keep trying.
Walker, I know you are right, but with the sleep apnea I just don`t stay asleep for more than a few hours at night. Thats why I don`t accomplish half as much as I used to be able to do before getting so tired. Who knows, maybe someday they will invent something that keeps the body breathing better while asleep. But, till then I will depend on the c-pap machine to keep pushing in the air while i sleep. Guess the machine took over Walts place in trying to protect my while I am sleeping.
Isn`t it great that so many useful inventions keep showing up?
Time is almost here!!
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