Saturday, December 24, 2005


Christmas Eve & Dec. 23rd, 05

Here it is Christmas Eve already. Soon we will be starting another new year. But, first we need to finish this year
Yesterday was my Anniversary date and I started the morning feeling a bit down. Then a granddaughter stopped in to give me a beautiful boquet of cut flowers-- she said to brighten up my day. Later two daughters plus this granddaughter stopped in carrying Mc Donalds food which everyone ate at my table with me. Later one of the Daughters invited me over for a big Christmas dinner with her and her Family- (my grandson and two great grandsons and their mom, a granddaughter and a great granddaughter and another great grandson,and her friend, plus one of Walt`s nieces ) well in all there actually were 11 of us. After eating there was a lot of gift exchanges.
I received a lot of nice things. Even an electric oil-filled radiator to heat up my shop so I can continue enjoying working out there in my wood shop during this cold winter. No Mother was ever treated better than the way my kids and their families treat me, and I`m not talking about the gifts. I am so blessed. More of my children and their families will show up today and I will see the rest of them tomorrow. Do have a grandson and his family living in Germany that I received a Christmas card from, another grandson and Family living in Florida that also sent me a card, then more family in N. Carolina that will phone me on Christmas- every year without fail. ones in germany, Florida and N. Carolina are from my step`s kids. All these grandchildren have stayed close. I also hear from most of them over the net. Wonderful how close we can stay with family and friends with the computer. The one who invented it deserves much thanks!!
Well, to get back to yesterday-- Later that evening after most of the neighbors were in bed, my dog started barking up a storm. She never barks without a good reason. So, I went out onto the porch to see what was upsetting her. I found her doing her best to dig out the frozen ground to get at something under the small building that sits beside my side porch. Not knowing what I would find there, I grabbed the long handled snow shovel and started sliding it around under the back of the building. Our on a run came a possum. Before I had time to grab my dogs chain, she was running around barking at the animal. My daughter next door heard me yelling at Sassy- my Border Collie. She came over on a run to see what was the matter.
I had finally got ahold of the end of Sassy`s chain and was dragging her towards the porch. I was holding my breath as the dog chain was wound around the possum and I feared I might also drag it to my porch along with my dog. Luckily with some shaking upward, the chain finally slid over top of the animal. Then my daughter helped me pull Sassy up the steps and onto the porch.She weighs over 50 pounds which is like 150 when she braces her body not to move. Used to just carry her when she refused, but getting to large now. Could lift the 50, but her body is too long to handle now. Finally put her inside and tried to get the animal to leave so Sassy could be rechained outside. My daughter asked what kind of animal it was- told her a possum. Then she asked- is it dead, told her no just playing possum- pretending to be dead for safety reasons. Sassy seems to prefer staying outside so far this winter. Well, the most that possum was willing to do was to open its eyes and stare at us, but not to unwind and take off. Nothing seemed to work. tried tossing water near it, snow at it, even a tiny board didn`t get her to move.
Then a neighbor drove in his driveway and came over to see if he could help. He also thought it was dead till I told him not to get close as it was just faking. After almost an hour, it finally left my driveway and the last we saw of it was it going around behind my garage. My neighbor used his flashlight and checkled all over my yard to be sure it was gone. So, I eventually was able to rechain up Sassy and head myself off to bed.
I always said there was never a boring time around here. Have had lots of wild animals around the past few years with most of the forests being cut down for building. Had a huge moose a few years ago and I got his picture laying in the small grove of trees across the road from my house,- he walked slowly down our road like he lived here. Couple months ago was the white turkey, another time was a small fawn, a snapping turtle, a long fat iguana, always too many squirrels trying to get to my bird feeders. So far I outwit them. Had a chipmunk in my cellar way last summer and am not lacking for having skunks every year. I finally closed up around my garage and shop to keep the skunks and wild cats from living under there any more. Am sure I am forgetting some of the wild animals that are showing up. Seems like we never know what might show up next. I live about 3 miles from the Adirondack mt. and I am sure the lit up ski center with all it`s commotion probably helps sending the animals our way, plus the trees on my empty lot and the ones across the road are some of the wooded areas left for them to hang in.
Well, guess i will go and check out my e-mails.
Hope everyone finds much to be happy about this holiday.
I have a cousin whose husband is critical and the Dr says it could be anytime. So know her Family won`t be as lucky. For them and all others in that position, I wish them a much happier new year.
Wishing the very best to all my wonderful blogger friends and Thank you to each and every one of you for visiting my blog and leaving your appreciated messages. Thank you and please visit often.

From a New Zealander's point of view, you certainly have some strange animals that come into your life. Besides the possum and the wild cats, I've never seen any of the others up close and personal like lol

I trust you a having a wonderful christmas day with your family right now Dot and hope all your wishes for the new year are everything you want them to be.
Thanks Lisa and I also hope all your Dreams come true in the New year. I don`t know if you celebrate Christmas in N. Zealand, but if you do, I hope you are having a very wonderful Christmas.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Won`t be long now before Walker will be there. Wishing you both the very best- loads of Happy days together.
PS, my wild cats were the house type cats that have lived wild so long that you can`t touch the grown ones. I did feed and pet some of the babies a few times, but they were to wild to actually pick up, especially with their mother standing a short ways off watching me. They would enter my home to eat as long as I left the door open.I finally closed up around the garage and shop so they couldn`t go under there to have more babies, so don`t see them as often now. You probably have the real larger wild cats where you live. This was the first possum I have seen where I live and I have lived here since 1955 when the Twins were babies. But we had lots of them in the woods where I grew up. All the best to you.
You know something.
You had much nicer Christmas than me.
Mine, as I told you, was spent on chasing those long legged beauties with deadly hind kicks.
I will keep away. LOL
Happy holidays, Dot.
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