Sunday, December 11, 2005


Another busy day, Dec. 11, 05

Where did last month go and how did the first 11 days of Dec. start passing me by? Seems like I am not getting anything done, yet I can`t remember even one day when I just sat and loafed.
yesterday I had planned on wrapping more gifts and start getting some of the decorations up. Then my youngest sister called. She asked what I was doing. Told her I was running around like a chicken with it`s head cut off and going crazyand accomplishimg little. She said OH, No, I was going to ask you to go out for to a restaurant for lunch with me and then I had a few stores I wanted to hit. She sounded a bit disappointed, but told me we could do it another day. So, I told her I could also do with time away from the house for a while and asked what time. She said whenever it was convienient for me-- told her any time- she said how about in about an hour so you can finish what you are doing. So, we left my home about 11:30 and never got home till almost 5pm. She told me " I`m a rotten sister with all the stores I want to hit". Told her thats fine with me as she often hits some stores that I don`t see except with her. First place she hit had lots of sweets and other gift items-- so I ended up getting a pkg. of 6 different sugar-free jelly and jams, plus some sugar-free caramel topping for my brother to finish up his Christmas gifts. Sis bought him some sugar-free candy and the choc topping- also sugar-free. Then since her van was parked in front of another store, we decided to go in and browse around, both came out with a couple warm pj`s. At first sis looked at them and thought-- how warm those would be, then she decided they might be too warm for sleeping. Then dummy me said" Bet they would be nice and warm at night while sitting at the computer". Hers is in her bedroom. Well, that clinched it and we both ended up spending in that store also. Then she went to a large department store for kitty litter. Well, you probably already guessed it!! More money spent. I ended up finishing the grand children and great grand cjhildren`s gifts. Plus I bought myself a new glue gun, plus a bunch of foam brushes as I always need them for something it seems. Was just looking for 2" wooden rings which they didn`t have and ended up with the rest. Then I picked up some of those Russell Stover choc. covered marshmellow santas. I just can`t resist them. But I did take 4 of them over next door to my D and her intended. Needed to go over anyways to thank him for all his snowblowing while I was gone. A family friend showed up earlier yesterday morning with his truck and plow. I had already used my small snowblower and did from the side porch to the garage , plus an area out back for my dog to travel. Well the friend did the rest of my driveway plus D`s nxt door. problem is with his plow, he always ends up with some packed back in front of the garage which I later redid. And the snow ended up covering my first three steps on my porch. Had to shovel to get off my porch. But, he sure saved me a lot as I have a large driveway. He just does enough for me to get my car out, then my D`s friend widened it the rest of the way. I am so lucky to have such nice helpers.
By the time I got back from shopping with Sis, I was tired. Actually I was tired after the earlier snow blowing and the front path and in front of the mailbox that I shoveled out. I really didn`t accomplish much last evening.
So, this morning I awoke about 5:30 and spent the next 4 hours just wrapping gifts. WOW, my family keeps getting bigger every year-- 2 more new great grandkids this year. After bending so long over the bed wrapping, plus all the carrying gifts down from upstairs to wrap, I needed a rest.
That never lasted for long. Just long enough to get my comp warmed up, check all the e-mail that came in-- all 42 of them ( some from going off so early last night). Then was feeling chilly, so thought it was a good time to do more cookie baking to warm up the kitchen without running the electric heater so much. . Ended up making two more batches-- one was sugar cookies, other was peanut butter cookies. Already had 2 batches of double choc ones--- 1 batch with pecans, one without any nuts as have a grandson who doesn`t care for nuts, and better for some of the littleer ones. Seemed like the kitchen cooled of and got chilly in no time after the oven was turned off. Then a bro showed up and he was in the argumentative mood. he has this old friend who got mad at him and all the family and became a big pain to everyone. Luckily she lives in Texas. She got mad at me when I refused to do what she asked. I was to tell my bro to stop calling her and a lot of other things. I told her I don`t tell others what to do or think, except when was raising my kids and then it was necessary. She told me I had better do as she said. Walt said she was one who had to control everyone and would cause trouble for anyone who didn`t obey her wishes. Oh, How right he was. Well, I still told her I was not going to tell my bro what to say or what to do and if she had a problem it was up to her to tell him, not me.
Well, that was over 3 yrs ago and suddenly my Bro told me she phoned him and wanted his home address so she could send him her picture with her daughter and little granddaughter. Personally, I think she is just trying to get back in good with him for a place to stay next summer. Two years ago she stayed at my sister-in-laws home, but my sister-in-law told me never again. Then she used to stay at another friends home, till her husband kicked her out and told her to get back to Texas. He had good reasons. So, after all her rudeness and even borrowing something from me and instead of returning it she shipped it to her home in texas. i can do without her type. Now, my bro got mad because I told him i wasn`t interested in taking any more hurt from her. He will do whatever makes her happy and eventually she will want him again out of her life. only thing this time, she won`t be able to involve me, so he will be on his own. She will be nice till she gets what she wants from him, then she will toss him out of her life again. he is a glutton for punishment, but I can`t let him drag me down with him again. Took too much out of me the last time. She is also a great one for telling lies when she gets mad. I used to tell my kids " Don`t lie to me, yes you might get into trouble by telling me the truth, but that is nothing compared to the trouble you will be in if I later find out you lied to me. Truth is very important to me. I think it is an important character to have. I am not talking about those half truths someone might tell to keep from hurting someone, but those out and out lies said just to cause trouble for others.
Well, Guess I had better stop yapping and fix something for supper as can`t take those darn cholesterol pills without food. Can`t take the statins as they make my legs get so weak I can `t walk without hanging onto walls. So, Doc put me on Welchol-- 6 of those huge pills a day-- 3 breakfast time , 3 at supper time. So, Now I have to eat breakfast and my evening meals whether I am hungry or not.
Think I will just take one of those small Italian tiny sub rolls, add some tomato, lettuce, thin sliced ham, and cheese and top it with submarine dressing- a seasoned oil. That should be enough.
So, I`m off to eat. Finished adding the decorations to the kitchen window and door glass, rest will need to wait till I feel like climbing upstairs into the attic side. Maybe tomorrow.
well, here I am back again. I kept the post on the "everNote" to post later and was getting ready to go on line to post when my phone rang. It was my daughter-in-law from N. Carolina and she always talks at least a half hour or more. She just hung up a few minutes ago. So, Now I am about to eat that tiny sub so i can take my pills, but wanted to post this first. Earlier i had stopped to chat in messenger with a friend from Washington. Guess i better post fast before someone else either phones or shows up. Don`t think anyone will show up now as it is almost 10pm. Tomorrow is another day. Hope to finish the decorations then.

you are very busy dot. i amusing evernote right now to type this to you. i like to hit that little square at the right of the note where it increases the page to full size before i write my replies or my post for my blog site. the good thing about the program is when you x out of it it will automatically save your letters. it has a lot of features and it also has a help file which is always good. well have a good day and i will talk with you soon.
Hi Dot
Shopping and wrapping gifts seems to be your weak points. Read this comment before somebody phones you up.
A very merry x'mas to you Dot.
For someone who doesn't do much I get tired of reading about all that you can do.
Well you got most of your shopping done at least and will get some rest time soon enough .
Well you may think that time is going by fast but I'll tell you its going damn awful slow for me.
Thanks Mr haney. Your evernote has come in handy. Thanks again. Hope your floor is almost finished. I am sure you are trying to finish it before Christmas. Good luck.
Jac, I start buying gifts all year long. Whenever I see something I think others will like, I buy it and store it upstairs. When you buy for over 50, almost 60 this year, it`s a lot . Just counted up all that I buy for and there is 67 this year. now you can see why I get tired when I start wrapping them. My back starts aching long before i am finished. Had 6 kids ( 2 are twins), add their mates, plus 21 grandkids ( 5 are from the step kids I raised), 16 great Grand kids ( 5 from the steps), plus 5 sisters & brothers and their 3 mates, plus 2 friends. think that covers them all if haven`t missed any. I probably did miss someone.
As for someone phoning me, I need to hurry and finish and call my bro back. He just phoned, left me a message-- he needs an area code for our youngest sister for his Christmas card to mail.
A very merry Christmas right back to you Jac. Thank you.
Walker, i am sure time must feel like it is standing still now that the travel date is getting closer. But, it will all be worth the wait once you get there. have one heck opf a great time while you are there. Merry Christmas to both of you. Finish wrapping and started putting up more of the decorations yesterday. Still more to do.
Well, guess i better get off line and call my bro back. He will be getting tired of waiting if I don`t. He never married or had kids, so he never learned the big word " wait a minute." :)
With so much of gifts to be send to the big battallion, you can go for the 'Guinness book of world records'. LOL
Happy holidays Dot.
Thanks Jac. Happy holidays to you too. Have a merry Christmas followed by a wonderful new Year.
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