Monday, November 07, 2005


What a Run-Around Day- 7th,05

Boy! What a run-around day.
Decided I wanted to start having direct deposit for my SS check. So, checked out SS on line. It said your Bank could handle it. So when I went to the bank to deposit the check I asked them. They told me I needed to do it at the SS Office.
Also on line it mentioned changing the Direct Dep. I needed the Banks Routing #. Of course I didn`t read that till after coming back home and rechecking on line.
Shouldn`t the Bank have also known this? So, why didn`t they tell me I would need their Routing # inorder to have my check deposited in their bank? So, I came home , checked on line, read where I needed their #, and called the Bank and got their Routing # over the phone. Then I tried calling our local SS Office, line stayed busy. Gave up since they close in another 4 minutes. So, today was shot accomplishing nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing since when I left the Bank this morning I did stop at Hallmark to buy a couple Birthday cards for my 2 brothers, plus an Anniversary card for an Aunt and Uncle. If you ever thought Friday the 13th was unlucky, then you never met my oldest Brother. He was born on a Friday on the 13th of November. He quit High school and entered the Navy. He got married before he got out of the Navy and when he came home he got a job with a local Lace Factory. He took up Mechanical Drawing in High School same as I did. Well that subject landed him a job drawing lace designs for their lace machines. He learned all he could about running those machines to be sure his designs would work well on those huge monsters. A few years later he got an offer from a larger lace factory in New Jersey with better pay, so off he went with his wife and kids to live in NJ. After a number of years working-- drawing lace designs for them, he saw a larger lace factory for sale. So, he went into business in Partnership with another fellow, but he was smart enough to be sure he owned over 50% since he was putting more of his money into buying it. It was a huge success. Today, he is semi retired , I say semi, as he still takes part in how the Mill is run even though he has divided most of his percentages up amongst some of his boys who still work there. Sothe boys have as much say as the origional partner -as together they own a bigger share than the partner. Then he started using his earned money to buy other items, such as places all over called Wet Willies, you might have seen them in Georgia, Florida, Australia and other places. He bought few other places such as a Gas Station, until a few months ago he owned 4 houses plus his camp place on a Lake. He sold the home in NJ and last month sold one of the other homes to our Cousins daughter. WEll, maybe we all should have been born on a Friday the 13th. Even quitting school and no higher education didn`t hurt him any. But he did put all his kids thru college. It sure brought him good luck, but also have to give him credit for being a hard worker and having a good head for business. I know if I was ever desperate for money that he would help me, but that`s not my way. I like knowing I got here on my own, well that is Walt and I accomplished everything with no handouts from anyone. I have heard others ( who borrowed from him and never paid him back) saying they don`t worry about it -- he doesn`t need the money. That burns me to hear. Who cares if he needs the money or not, he was the one who worked to deserve it and therefore anyone who borrowes should be honest enough to pay back. To me, if you owe a debt and decide not to pay it back, then whats the diff between you and a thief. A debt owed must be paid back, even if it takes months paying a little at a time, as long as you intend doing it.
Why do some think they must pay their light bills, rent or if they own, then their home taxes, but don`t worry about what they owe to family members. Walt and I lost lots in the Grocery Store and also in the Bike Shop from trusting people who we thought as very honest people who never finished paying us, but the poorer ones who had little were the best at paying their bills. They appreciated the credit more.
From Hallmark, I stopped at the Hannaford Grocery Store and picked up some groceries. Hannaford has been remodeling their store for the past few months and everything is still in somewhat of a mess. Trying to find anything requires you to becomde a Detective of sorts. Seems like there was always some one asking me if I might know where some item was moved to. Oh Yes, there was also one older lady ( not sure why I called her an older lady- probably younger than me for all I know) well, she wanted a certain type of doughnut which she couldn`t reach. First she started to ask me for help, but decided to ask a taller woman. But the taller woman kept walking- probably never even knew she was being paged. So, she looked back at me with a questional look. I asked her what she was trying to reach and she pointed to the ones way up on the very top shelf in that Doughnut case. I took the paper she was holding, reached up and got her a Doughnut, then I asked her how many she wanted. She said just one more , so using the paper I reached up and got her one more. She was just a little shorter than I am, so she said, maybe I could have reached it, raised her arm to see, no not quite. I realize her first impression was that I wasn`t much taller and probably couldn`t reach either. To make her feel better, I told her that I didn`t have to see the doughnuts up there as I could feel where they were enough to get them dowm for her. Actually I could see them, but figured if I told her that I could feel into the shelf bin for them she wouldn`t feel so sensitive about her height. Even had a couple shoppers say Good Morning to me.

Well, I sure got off track from the SS check and direct deposit, but can`t do anymore today. There is a place where you can do Direct deposit online, but first you must get a special Password from SS. To get that, you need to register online asking for the password. That password will be mailed to your home in about 12 days. So, another 12 days this way waiting for the special password before you can register it online. Another run-around. Well, tomorrows another day, wonder what new thing will happen then.

Very thoughtful musings. You know something Dot, the on line banking has a risky factor for the banks, they can loose money by frauds and in the course you will also loose.
So the cumbersome delay is not an intentional one,though it will eat some of our time. It is to protect your money too.
well! you are a kind woman and that is wahat wana tell you, a very kind woman... so is your brother Walt.
Thanks Jac.
The Walt I mentioned was my Husband. He passed away 3 years ago, on July 19th, 2002 from Emphazema. We had been married a little over 50 years. Gone, but never forgotten.
Yes Walt was a great guy and so is Fred ( the oldest brother who accomplished so much thru hard work)
Yes the Banks need to be extra careful. I would never do any banking on line. But what I wanted to do was to have my SS check go straight to my bank instead of first coming to me thru the mail and my having to drive to the bank to deposit it. I figure it was better to have the Government deposit it straight into my account, insted of sending it to me. We get a lot of snow here in the winters and this way I wouldn`t need to make the trip to the bank every month if the weather got too bad.
thanks for your reply and your very nice compliment. It takes a very nice person to recognize the good in others. I am sure that you make friends easily.
well if it is not one thing it is another isn't it dot.
Yes Mr haney, there i9s alwayssomething. Our life seems to be always "Hurry up- Wait". I guess when we are used to accomplishing something we learn how to keep going till we finish what we started, that doesn`t teach us how to sit back and wait for someone else to get back to us. Some can sit and allow others to do everything for them, but doers like to get busy and get things done.Ambition and waiting are not as combatable as they sometimes need to be. Now there`s a topic for discussion. :)
People who want you to do things seem to forget to tell you all that you need to know.
Banks are bad for this.
My bank neglected to inform us that they puyt a $300 limit on withdraws from ATM. Imaging my surprize when I went to pay my air ticket and it said there was no money in my account.
I get my money on direwct deposit, its easier.

oh one more thing.

~ A Snowball ~

Let it snow! ~ You have just been hit with an snow ball! ~ It's the start of...a Snow Ball Fight.

One rule to this game .... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you! SO ha ha ha...I am so safe! he he he Now...go out there and get as many people as you can,before they get you!

I got you first! and you can't get me back! Nanee - Nanee - Nanee - Nah - Nah!

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing. Never Be The First To Get Old!!! Have fun with this!
have a nice day
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