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Thanksgiving Dinner- the night before-Nov. 23rd, 05

Thanksgiving Day, November24, 2005
Here I am again writing about my Thanksgiving Dinner with some Family
members that took place yesterday at D. "T"`s home. I wrote about it in Word Pad, and it was also being saved on the Polyedit board for extra secueioty. Then when I went to hit on Copy, my crockrd finger accidently hit on paste. Well it removed everything off both boards, so now I must write it all over again.
Well there were 15 Family members there- 2 Daughters, 4 grandkids( two are grown amnd parents themself, and 2 are still in High school), 3 great grand kids ( ages 8, just turned 3 and 3 months), one great Niece and her grown-up son and three others ( one an expected son-in-law, and 2 friends of two of the grand kids), plus myself. it was a huge Dinners with so many different foods and so very much of it. Lots of joking and laughter went on all evening.
Lots of picking on each other and noone getting mad-- just joking back -- all in good humor. One of the things said was by the daughter who did all that cooking while running her day care which has 7 kids from babies up to 4 years old. She has some great minding kids, with one exception. When the Mother stopped to pick up this little 3 yr old, I watched him climb up onto her car trunk and on to the top of the car in just the couple minuted it took her to open the door and get the car seat ready for him. The first time I met him, my D spelled out the word m-e-a-n. Then he held up both hands for me to take him. He is one who will grab and pinch your face if you don`t watch him.
Well, to get back to the dinner, T told her cousin that she better eat more than that one deviled egg as she wasn`t going to make them till she said it wouldn`t be thanksgiving to her without them. The Niece said she was getting full from all that delicious food she had eaten. T told her she better eat another one. I told the niece that if she didn`t eat more, then she better check her coat pockets before she put her coat on when she went home as her pockets might be filled with eggs. When her son called to say he would be over as soon as he headed home for a shower. my D told him to forget going home, to just get himself here while the food was still warm as it was already on the table. He got there a few minutes later. We all laughed at how he did as he was told. He works in a car place, but not under the car hoods.
Then one of the grandsons told his 3 yr old that he better eat if he wanted to have big muscles. The little grandson jumped out of his boosting chair , put both arms in the air and said " see I got big mus-cul-s ( his version of Muscles). The whole evening continued like this-- much kidding and lots of Laughter.
The oldest of the granddaughters was at my home with a friend the day before and I helped her with her crochet. Her friend watched us and said " Wow, I could never do that. I jumped out of my chair, went into the other room and came back with more yarn. In about 15 minutes i had taught her how to do plain chain, single crochet and double crochet. Last night after tht huge Dinner, the girls got out their yarn and needles. I then started showing the granddaughter how to do increases in making a hat. The friend showed me how her crocheting was working out. I told her " And you said you could never learn how". She asked if she was doing it right and I told her she was doing great. I told her to never say can`t until after you know you have given it your best try . And she added yes, "you told me there is no such word as can`t, just either I can or I won`t quit till after I have at least tried my best, and that most of the time I will end up finding a way to do it". I told her if she applies that same line to everything she faces she will have a much happier and much better future.
Then it was time for pie and Low and behold, the pies were still in my frig nxt door as "T" didn`t have room in her frig for everything. So, we sent a couple of the grandkids to fetch them. The niece was picking on me when she said 'Aunt Dot, don`t have my car towed away". I then knew her new car was parked in my driveway. I told her she had nothing to worry about as my car was at the garage getting the rust touched up-- so my Garage was empty, and so if your car turns up missing, don`t peek in my Garage. HaaHaa. As you can see we are a kidding Family, but all done in polite ways. She knew she didn`t need to ask to park in my driveway. I only have one rule, park it over on one side or the other leaving enough room for me to back my car out of the garage if I need to. Lots o f the family parks here when also visiting next door as her driveway only holds one vehicle with the 2 cycles still parked there.
When i came home i noticed that the daughter had filled another plate and sent it over into my frig when they came after the pies. So, my Thanksgiving Dinner sits waiting in the frig for me to eat today.
"T" always cooks her Holliday Dinners the night before. This started after her and her Husbamnd divorced many years ago, so their kids could spen that time with each parent- one the night before and one the next day-- except she kept the kids on Christmas morning letting them go to their fathers in time for dinner since she had hers the night beffore. She had full custody, but still met him half way for the kids sake.
It also made it easier for othetr members of our Familt to join us and still be home with their own Family on the special day.
Well, a good time was had by all along with lots of funtime laughter.

Snowed all night and still coming down, Glad I got my small snowblower out of the garage yesterday and put it onto my side porch .
Just watching the Parade in N.Y. Times square and the MnM float hit a street light and knocked the lamp part off and into the crowd. One person was hurt, but not seriously, but the ambulance is trying to get thru to her. Glad noone was seriouslt hurt. With such a large crowd it was luckt that more people weren`t hurt.
Well, My dog Sassy still is insisting on staying outside in her dogcoop. I added one of those materials onto tne doghouse floor to reflect her own body heat back to keep her warmer and the doorway is covered with a heavy piece of rug so no cold can blow in. But, I would still relax better if she came in the house where it is warmer. Was down in the teens for part of yesterday. I used to be able to get some hay for her coop, but they don`t get it anymore. Haven`t got another place around here that sells it. Of couse her heavy chain used to drag much of the hay back out all over that end of the driveway. But it was worth that extra work just to know she was watm enough. I felt of her nose a while ago and it is nice and cold so at least she hasn`t gotten sick thus far. Next month she needs to go back to the vets for her distemper shot which will be due.
I hope everyone is having a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day wherever they are. And if it isn`t Thanksgiving where you live, then still I wish you a nice day followed by a great weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving Dot :)
Thanks Walker. And a happy day to you.
hello dot.
i am so glad that you had such a great time. dorothy and i spent thanksgiving together alone with each other. we had bought a honey baked ham at the store and along with some mashed potatoes and some beans and apple pie for desert it was great. well have a wonderful day and i will talk with you soon.
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